Hallowmas idea: get your poison here!

Poisonings have just been sent out to Kaigen, Gonen, Speethling and Zantumall (thank you for the cat!!) Malthaussen, thanks for helping out! We should start a business!
Note: I’ll send poisonings to everyone who applies, but I don’t have access to FL while at work, and I run off Japan time, whatever that is. So you might have to wait a few hours! But all poisonings will be delivered, as requested.

Since I’m on Zone +5 time, we potentially have 24-hour coverage, Miss Neverwinter,
– Mal

[quote=malthaussen]Since I’m on Zone +5 time, we potentially have 24-hour coverage, Miss Neverwinter,
– Mal[/quote]

I vote we call our new business, &quotReave and Mal’s Excellent ‘Chicken Soup’ Dispensary&quot.

Mal and Kivrin (well, August)–thank you both for your poisons! I shan’t be cashing in on them til after Confessions, of course, but they are sitting there in my inbox as a pleasing &quotmemento tentari&quot. If I need more, I might pop by the thread again, but I am certainly set for the mo.\

(Happy Hallowmas!)
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Thank you both for all the poisonings. Between this and my stockpile of Giggling Mandrakes, I’m generating the menaces for confessions of Pride in one or two actions. I suppose it is rather prideful to believe that I can swallow poison and lose blood without ill effect. I wish I could send you foxfire candles/abominable salts so you can keep up the good work.

[quote=Kivrin Neverwinter][quote=malthaussen]Since I’m on Zone +5 time, we potentially have 24-hour coverage, Miss Neverwinter,
– Mal[/quote]

I vote we call our new business, &quotReave and Mal’s Excellent ‘Chicken Soup’ Dispensary&quot.[/quote]

This should be canonized. I want to be able to go to Spite and patronize &quotReave and Malthaussen’s Most Excellent Charitable Soup Dispensary&quot!

So ordered and sealed, this 28/29th October (depending on time zone) 2015.

– Mal

I might want to get poisoned, if it does not bother you. Unfortunately, I do not have much to offer in return, other than the promise to remember it the next time I have an opportunity card concerning the mysteries of the Neath. I am not rich, and I need the rodents for the Labyrinth.

Tsyld is poisoned (no need for payment, we’re a charity!) And now I’m off to work; any requests outstanding will be filled later this afternoon!

Well, thank you !

“Reave and Malthaussen’s Excellent Soup: What doesn’t kill you only gives you an inflated sense of invulnerability.”

I wonder if there are other Menaces that can be passed on to other players. I sent a Cat in the Box to a friend, but that’s dependent on a card draw, and there’s no guarantee it will cause wounds (a good probability, though). Ought to be a way to give Scandal, at least. Stand outside your Lodgings and sing bawdy songs, maybe.
Oh, I see there is a way to do this. Hmmm, my Scandal is only 4 at the moment, but I can surely find a way to raise it.

– Mal
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Poisonings would be much appreciated! I will send you surprise packages or jewels after Hallowmas has ended!

Your gift is not necessary, Reave and Mal’s Soup is a charity operation. But the sentiment is appreciated!
Appreciated so much, that we shall poison you forthwith!
Well, thanks for the books. I’ll be sure to put them to good use.

– Mal
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&quotThe pellet with the poison’s in the vessel with the pestle. The chalice from the palace has the brew that is true.&quot - The Court Jester
May I please have one of the vessels with the pestle?

Flagon with the dragon, indeed! Thank you!
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You’re in luck, Nepeta! I was just about to go to bed, but I have an action to spare, so Danny Kaye is on his way.

– Mal

If anyone’s answering Pride confessions and needs a wounds boost, August will be around to provide his famous chicken/arsenic soup for the next five hours or so!

As a public service accouncement, the ‘Use someone as your dupe’ action in the Society and Scandal storylet unlocks at 2 scandal, and so can be repeated indefinitely using both scandal items. It gives 6 CP scandal, and a point of MW as a bonus.

Yes, I need to buy a pair of those Stockings soon.

– Mal

In addition to scandal betrayals, you can offer to share black wings absinthe with them, though getting it is probably too expensive for you.