Hallowmas idea: get your poison here!

My alt, August, has already used up his six confession requests, and is reduced to hoping he’ll be sent offers instead. But that’s no reason to leave him sitting idle in the holiday season! So here’s an idea.

Anyone with 3 Wounds is eligible to receive the &quotPoison an acquaintance&quot social action, which grants ~10CP of wounds for a single action on the receiver’s part. This could be quite helpful for anyone minding their actions at this busy time. If anyone would like a nice poisoning, courtesy of August, leave a message here (or contact him directly). He’s more than happy to shell out for the poison, and he doesn’t require any compensation (although if anyone wanted to send him a starveling cat to keep, he certainly wouldn’t turn it away!)

There is no limit to the number of times you can ask for poisoning. Go ahead; it’ll weigh heavy on his conscience, but suffering builds moral character!

EDIT: Thanks to Vopel, we now have a handy google doc where you can register your poison/duping needs. FIRE AT WILL, WE’RE READY FOR YOU.
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That’s a very kind offer. Colin Sapherson, Lord President of the Council, would be delighted (at Hallowmas only) to be repeatedly poisoned. I will repay you - not directly - at the end of the Feast.

I’d love to, but apparently your username does not exist? Is there a trick to locating you?

EDIT: Found, and poisoned!
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Strange, I can locate his lordship without a problem. Since I am in similar case to August, I’d be enchanted to poison a few new acquaintances.

– Mal
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I’d love to, but apparently your username does not exist? Is there a trick to locating you?[/quote]

For manual typing, make sure you keep in the comma between Sapherson and Lord. Alternatively, just follow the link in my signature.

Thank you kindly for this thoughtful and generous offer. My character Speethling could greatly use a bit of poison in their system. I will repay you after Confessions in whatever way I can.

Ah! This is most generous. Could I be a greedy b*stard and ask for SIX of those? In repay, I will send one box of mystery and one “two second chances of each kind” through the gifting card. This will take some time to do, since I have to draw that card twice (one for each present) but a debt is a debt.
What do you say? Am I too greedy or will you accept this trade?
Thank you for your kind thought, anyhow!

I certainly have nothing much better to do at present than poison POSIs. Gives me a reputation for ruthlessness, too, and here I am motivated by nothing but the purest feelings of charity… (and if you believe that, I have a lovely bridge to sell you)
– Mal

Malthaussen has sent a small box full of ointments which smells pretty acidy. Thank you very much for that! Prizes will arrive when least accepted

I could definitely use some poisoning to help things along. I would certainly be willing to repay such assistance with gifts or even mentorship.

@Kaigen: Done, although I’m running out of Salts. Fortunately, I have almost 1000 candles to make more.
What’s your speciality? I already have a Watchful mentor.
Ah, good, I have over 100 Salts now. I may make this an industry.
– Mal
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I would love to get repeatedly poisoned during this week, the poisoners are welcome to leave their calling card if they are in search of an invisible eminence patron, I’ll aim to repay you as I can
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I accept your generous offer of poison.

My dear Miss Davidson, I would happily comply, but your signature link points to this post.:)
I will oblige M Brito directly.
– Mal

I’ve just sent you a cat (Lord knows why you want it). A few poisonings would be lovely when you can get around to it.

@Zantumall: A Starveling Cat is useful in this season to keep menaces up. I borrowed one myself from 8 for the same reason.
– Mal

My alt, Catherine Raymond, would appreciate being poisoned (once she gets her Wounds above 3 again). My main, cathyr19355, doesn’t need poison as she has a Starveling Cat.

[quote=malthaussen]My dear Miss Davidson, I would happily comply, but your signature link points to this post.:)
I will oblige M Brito directly.
– Mal[/quote]

I’m not sure why it’s doing that, I’m looking into it. Here is my profile.

@malthaussen My specialization is Watchful, so it looks like I can’t help you there. I suppose I will have to repay your curious kindness with gifts and sociability.

In the meanwhile, Miss Davidson, have a little drinkie-poo.
And Mr Kaigen: sociability is always welcome, please don’t feel otherwise obliged.

– Mal
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