Hallowmas 2023: Confession Trading

Here’s a thread for trading confessions with other players for Hallowmas 2023!

I have: Violence and Curosity.
Want to trade for: Pride.

Date: Nov 2

Handle is maukei.


Hello fellow londoners !

I can offer : Curiosity.
And want to trade for: Pride

I have the feeling that this year requires a bit of Pride !

Modification : Impropriety offer is gone.

Handle is Engar

Hi folks! I’ve got 4 whimsy, and would love to trade that for curiosity and/or pride , my handle is wyrmtime (Fallen London)

EDIT: I’m good, thanks.



I’ve got seven Confessions of Guile, and would be happy to trade some of them for Pride, Impropriety, and (especially) Whimsy.

I will trade a confession of pride for a confession of impropriety.

I will trade you a Confession of Whimsy for one of your Confessions of Guile.

Have 2 Violences, seeking 1 Curiosity and 1 Impropriety- message Alizon Alacran if interested

I have two (competing) offers waiting from you all, but I can’t accept them because, I assume, you’re not in London. Still taking new ones from people who can actually deliver.

Pride I need, don’t have. But guile I can supply.

Edit: Done deal. Now bartering:



Done and out of confession. Thank everyone!

Edit: All set now thanks

I’ve only got one Confession left, and I figure one is as good as any other for end-of-season turnins, so if anyone needs a Confession of Violence for anything, lemme know.

Willing to swap a Confession of Guile for a Confession of Pride.

Contact Kurtzy45 with an offer.

It is now a Confession of Guile.

All done for this year, thank you!

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looking for a confession of whimsy! i have guile, pride, and impropriety, and i can obtain a confession of violence to trade if needed. my handle is khismer!