Hallowmas 2022: Confession Trading!

Here’s your thread for arranging confession trades with other players! For the full information about Hallowmas, see the main thread.

Currently I have 2x Curiosity, 3x Guile, 1x Impropriety, 1x Pride.

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I have curiosity, willing to trade for guile

I have five confessions left.

1x Curiosity, 3x Guile, 1x Pride

I need Violence, Whimsy, Impropriety. If you can take my excess Guile confessions, that’ll be good. I am inclined to keep Curiosity and Pride, but might let them go depending on what comes in.

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Send me trade or profile link


I have an extra Confession of Curiosity which I have deduced to be totally unnecessary for any future companion redemptions.

Please send me the trade, I am deep inside a ‘dungeon’ now.

Anyone else who wants Curiosity can also trade with me. I’m okay with any of the other five types of confessions.

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I can afford Violence,please send me profile link

I need Guile,if you still have one plz send me

I have used all seven of my confessions this week and obtained three companions.

What I need next week: 2x Whimsy, 2x Impropriety, 1 each of Pride, Guile, Violence.

Hope the RNG gods are kind so I can minimize the need for trading or carousel conversion grinding…

Thanks guys! I’m all set!

I have need of Whimsy and Curiosity. I am willing to trade 2 Guiles. Any takers? (I edited this because I accidentally hit one of the trade options while grinding in one of the Masques.)

Fallen London

I sadly don’t have any confessions of curiosity but I do have a confession of whimsy I can trade for one guile if you’re all right with that. my profile/account is linked below:


Hello! I’d like to trade Impropriety for Curiosity. Pls, send me a link if its still relevant!

Looking to trade for an impropriety - have an extra of curiousity, pride, and violence!

Hello, i have an impropriety to trade. Do you still have a curiosity? sorry for repeat meant as a reply (new to the forum)

Sent a trade request your way!

It is done. Thank you.

What I can trade: 4 Curiosity, 1 Impropriety