Flame-Proof Missives

No problem pal! Just let me know when you get there and I’ll set aside some time to send you a good starter set of missives!

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Fairly certain this is not the case - I’ve sent missives to friends with very low SotC before, and double-checking the requirements here, SotC 10 isn’t listed:


So, the things that might be causing the issue:

  • Hasn’t accepted a calling card from you
  • Doesn’t have Dangerous or Watchful 50
  • Has 5 Flame-Proof Missives in their inventory

@anidiot - giving you a ping for this too!

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First-thank you for pinging me!

Second: I certainly do have my watchful and dangerous above 50 and don’t have any burning missives currently, so the only option left is that I/hex haven’t yet sent a calling card-and yet I remember us sending gifts during this year’s mask of the rose. It is weird, certainly-but the game is probably just miss-functioning a little bit. Regardless, I’ll try to send hex a calling card shortly.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and have an excellent day!

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That’s definitely very curious. Report back if it turns out you’ve already sent the calling card? I can also attempt to send you a card + missive, for science.

Please do! For science!

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Sweet! Drop me a line: Lukas Ashveil

Update: Seems like I was able to send it without any issue!


How curious-me and hex are not, on fact, aquinted! @HexBeloved, would you mind fixing this issue?

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Sure thing, drop your profile link in my dms and I’ll do it when I’m back in London :>

I’m looking to train SotC and am a Correspondent, so I’m happy to help and be helped!

Profile: Fallen London


I’ll send you a calling card when back in London. Want to just do tradesies for a while? I’m trying to go for SotC 21 in the next few weeks, so just DM me if you want to train it up together!

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