Flame-Proof Missives

I know a lot of people are looking for SotC increases right now, and a great way of doing that is getting letters from Correspondents!

Correspondents and others, drop your info here :)

I’m a Licentiate on my main account (Nerissa Hyde), and I’m free for basically all social actions as a thank-you.

Greeting and salutations!
My name is Lady Krakel of the Fifth Descent. While no longer a part of the Department of REDACTED I still have a good understanding of the celestial language and is willing to send notes on it to anyone who asks.
If you are interested, it is just for you to send me a letter asking. (DM on the forums or on here, add contact details if not otherwise apparent). All I ask in return is a bit of interaction if you are so inclined. (I do love RP:ing)
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I am also seeking Correspondence from…Correspondents, for the sake of increasing my SotC. Correspondence.

IGN: The Fraudulent Ingenue

Any flame-proof missives would be greatly appreciated as I’m working towards becoming a correspondent myself. I’m happy to repay in kind just let me know whatever you want.

Is it still possible to send flame-proof missives? I cannot find that option?

Kind Regards,
Desmond Jordan, P.I.
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I received one just a few days ago, so yes.

The character comes up as &quotneeds qualities&quot.

[quote=DerGreif]Is it still possible to send flame-proof missives? I cannot find that option?

Kind Regards,
Desmond Jordan, P.I.
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[quote=Meradine Heidenreich]The character comes up as &quotneeds qualities&quot.

[quote=DerGreif]Is it still possible to send flame-proof missives? I cannot find that option?

Kind Regards,
Desmond Jordan, P.I.
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Sorry for the late reply. I have now figured out, why I cannot send flame-proof missives. I am not a correspondent.

I still need them myself, though. I am at level 20 and cannot get the last level via the university, even with a mood. So I would greatly appreciate it, if someone send me some letters each week. You can contact me here or in Fallen London.

Kind regards,
Desmond Jordan, P.I.

I am working to become a correspondent myself. I’ve just gotten to SotC 9 so I’m pretty close to becoming a correspondent, at which point I’d be more than happy to swap flame-proof missives back and forth.

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Dear correspondents,

I want to thank those who send me fiery missives! I have achieved what I have sought, so no further letters are necessary!

Kind regards,
Desmond Jordan, P.I.

On the SotC path here… flame-proof missives would be welcomed!

Double difficult as I am not a Correspondent by trade.

Please let me know in-game what other social actions we can trade with.
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I would very much appreciate a few Missives, seeing as I shall need knowledge of the language for the examination of lacre at Christmas.

I’ll send whatever social actions you want in exchange, including Christmas cards when the time comes.
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I have completed my study of the correspondence, but am available for some time to provide flame-proof missives.
Name: Gangvann
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Update: SotC10: achieved
Correspondent: achieved
My gratitude to this helping community! Further exchange of flame-proof missives are welcome.

Vellamo.G. here.
Fallen London.
Newly POSI, working towards correspondent and seeking to expand their knowledge on the language of the stars.

Flame-proof missives are especially appreciated. However I won’t be able to write flame-proof missives myself, at least for some time, but I can provide other letters, help with menance reduction as well as send you some delicious Christmas cards. Do let me know what you’d prefer with in-game messages. Drop me a calling card, thx everyone!
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Correspondent here, willing to trade Flame-Proof Missives. Send me one and I’ll send you one back.
Send your calling cards here:


A Crooked Cross on a path of SotC because I want to treat Furnace well. Can visit your salon or send a Cristmas card in return

I’m at SotC 8, and I’d very much appreciate a Missive or two to get me 10! Once I become a Correspondent, I’d be happy to send some in return.

I would also appreciate the chance to further my knowledge of this fascinating, if somewhat cursed language.

Requesting some missives, willing and able to reciprocate.

I am Alexander Hemsworth

I would like to deepen my knowledge of the Correspondence as well - I’m very happy to compare notes and missives of this subject as well, perhaps even send a (far more harmless) christmas card as well.
I should be able to be found here: