Flame-Proof Missives

why, I, THE GREAT JACK WALKER, have recently begun the study of the correspondence, and would be glad to receive any help with deciphering the damnd thing from any professional friends-and would be equally as glad to help them back with any sort of monstrous creature they’re having a hard time with, or with hunting in parabola(if that’s how you say or write it).

Hello! I’m currently on the SoTC grind as an aspiring Correspondent, I’ve worked my Prismatic Squidling half to death in the pursuit of points via symphonies and nearly gone mad in the process. If anyone would be willing to send my soul a few missives to help get to 10 to advance my profession, it would be greatly appreciated! I would be more than happy to assist with what all might be needed after, as once my profession is to where I aspire it I will continue my notability grind to advance towards a paramount presence!

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I also am looking to trade correspondence.

You’re currently missing qualities to send you any on my end.

If you maybe have Woesel equipped that would stop them being sent.

I’m looking to boost my SotC to 10 for correspondent. Lamil would love any letters of this sort.

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hey, my character elyran is looking to boost SotC to 10. I can’t send missives yet (not a Correspondent), but I’d be happy to return missives to anyone who sends me one the moment I can

Hello! I’m looking to raise SotC from 13 to 15. Fallen London

I’ve sent you a calling card!

(in character) “well hello, darlings! What a nice group you here here, helping each other study! Could you perhaps add another member to it? Perhaps a gentleman of utmost Beauty and grace like the fine specimen that is myself? I can assure you, I am close to becoming a master of the correspondence, but there aren’t many ways left for me to expand my knowledge on this subject, so one or more of you could be a dear and send me a massive-well, I wouldn’t mind!”

(OOC): sorry for the in-charcter rant, but I thought that would be a fine opportunity to practice talking in character. Thanks in advance to any who send me flaming missives, but I can’t send you some-not a correspondent, I’m afraid, and I’m not switching professions any time soon.

What can you offer? I’m pretty sure every profession has a social action, if yours is helpful and you’d be willing to trade I can put you into my letter rotation!

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I’m a monster hunter, mate, and frankly I haven’t found any social action linked to that so far. If there is I’ll be happy to trade it to you in exchange for the missive, of course.

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Hello!! Apparently I can send these! Which I wouldn’t mind doing! Perhaps in exchange for missives as well! (I also enjoy literally any social action, from assassinations to spilling wine or going to plays!) This is me!: Lilith Luxemburg!

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calling card: SENT! hope i can do a lil something for you.

Hello! Queen Jones, regent of London, paramount presence, I ground SotC to 21 before the epistolary changes and I take great pride in making sure no one else ever has to. There are few things I love more than sending flaming missives, please feel free to send me a CC at any time, and ask for any amount, and I will send them, there is no limit.


Appears there isn’t; I’ll toss you into my rotation

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Well than sorry for having nothing to offer and thank you for helping anyway!

It’s not giving me the option to send to you. You DID get your email reconfirmed right? And are at SotC 10?

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I did get my email confirmed as far as I can understand, and I’m SotC 7.

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Oh, you need to raise it to 10 before anyone can send you missives!

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Why, I did not know that! Thanks buddy!