First Point of Notability Request

Edit: My crisis has passed. It would appear that calling upon help here carries some magical property that seems to summon the Amanuensis forthwith. Once I have a small margin of safety I shall endeavor to assist my less lucky fellows.

Edit 2: Oh dear. It takes 20 waves to summon him again? That margin will a bit of work then…

I’m a new PoSI and would really appreciate a first point of notability. I’ll happily reward anyone feeling charitable.
edited by Ferel on 10/22/2021
edited by Ferel on 10/22/2021

I have quite a bit of Making Waves myself, but after accidentally spending all my notability I’m finding it difficult to track down Slowcake’s oily little amaneusis. I would love any assistance some kind person might be able to offer me.

I would also appreciate a point of notability if anyone has one to spare! Getting the first is difficult.

I will give away two points of notability to whoever gives me my first one back.

I will give away two points of notability to whoever gives me my first one back.
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Came back after a long break, realised it was Hallowmas and I could potentially get a 5-card lodging… if I hadn’t lost all my notability. T_T
Any help would be appreciated for that first point, and I swear to return it!

Would anyone be able to spare me a point of notability? Happy to return the favor. Fallen London

Whoever needs a first point of notability send a calling card to Fallen London
I will probably answer your request within a day

Hello all! I’ve been away from the game for a while. I am going a bit mad tracking down the Amanuensis. Any aide would be greatly appreciated. I will gladly return the favor.