First Point of Notability Request

[EDITED: Never mind! Literally the one way to guarantee drawing the Amaneusis card is by posting a request on the forum after you’re persuaded it won’t show up.] I just overcapped my Shadowy at 215 and got London’s Marrow, then spent all 12 Notability to switch out of Shadowy…[and no longer need the Notability point.]
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Aaaaahhhhhh, after reseting specialization, i thought, oh card will come soon, no need to get addition not.point. And now 10 days later, still no anuensis card. Any good soul(less) out there who can give me 1 notability point?

I’ve stuffed up and used up my notability in exchange for exceptional circumstances. Please, could someone send me a point of notability?

Edit: it’s been sorted out, thanks everyone!
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@ navchaa

I’m assuming someone else has dealt with this? I get the message that you are not eligible (lacks qualities).

[quote=Meradine Heidenreich]@ navchaa

I’m assuming someone else has dealt with this? I get the message that you are not eligible (lacks qualities).[/quote]

Yes, indeed. I drew the Amanuensis card, finally! Thank you so much!

if anybody is keen on sending me a point of notability, a series of unfortunate vents have transpired and left me with none.


I misclicked and discarded the Amanuensis card, and now he is ignoring me completely… I’d be grateful if anyone could help me with the first point of notability. Thanks!

It appears you are not eligible for this invitation, so I assume it has been sorted.

No. I don’t know what’s wrong on my side, still no notabilty at all. Thanks for trying though!

Edit: Oh, I suppose we have to be acquainted! I’ll send you a calling card. Thank you!
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You probably found I was away from home – parties, you know. Back now and have sent you a card. We will manage this at some point.

I have been away too long and am back to zero notability so if there’s any kind citizen who might be willing to send me a point for my main acc, please drop a calling card and I’d be very grateful!

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Hello all,[/color]

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]I am trying to rush Paramount Presence before the rework (which is in 2 weeks). I currently only have blood, and humbly request some calling cards and a single point of notability (now, and two more times after). I am offering sips/whatever else in return, although requests may be delayed as grinding for waves/notability is taking up the vast majority of my actions.[/color]

I’ll try – though it’s always dependent on the card draw, of course. And good luck with the PP – cutting it fine, mate!

Trying to build up notability for railway. If anyone reading could kindly refer me to Mr. Slowcake, I would be most appreciative.
UPDATE: No longer requesting a referral.
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You’re coming up as not eligible.

I think you have to be acquainted with me first.

If anyone needs notability, I’m happy to send a point over. I’m not currently using it for anything. Just send me an invitation for Coffee at Caligua’s.

This offer will remain open indefinitely – I’ll update this post when I start using notability again.

Edit: I am once again using my notability, so I’m afraid I can no longer offer notability points.
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Could someone send me a point over, I want to just finished capping my watchful in the lab and I want to become a tier two POSI, but I no longer have any notability to do it any more.

Edit: It’s been another two weeks and the Amanuensis is still avoiding me. Meanwhile I have acquired an Eyeless skull - because what is one to do in melancholy but wander the Forgotten Quarter - which I’d be willing to send in exchange if you happen to need one. Or surprise gifts. Or something else that I could do.

Would someone, perhaps, have a point of Notability to share with me? I’m back after a long hiatus, and Amanuensis apparently hasn’t heard of it yet, so he isn’t stopping by. I’ll be happy to send a Surprise package once I get one (those don’t seem to have heard that I’m back either).
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