Weekly Fallen London Questions, 19/09/2022

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

Once your base stat is up to 5, a new research project should show up in the Laboratory. Your base stat will eventually be able to rise to 7.

You can also look into acquiring equipment with the help of the wiki. Aside from Ambition and Profession items, it seems the only one within easy access is F.F.'s headlamp which can be purchased inside the new Museum in Veilgarden; depending on your patience, Hallowmas will be around in a few weeks and there could be new options available at that time.

Question from a (somewhat) new player: is there any way to force the A visit from Slowcake’s Amanuensis card without notability? I’ve been drawing cards for 3 weeks and hadn’t gotten it and I’m going a bit mad.

How many making waves do you have, and are you a “person of some importance” yet?

Starting from 0 Notability, you cannot summon the Amanuensis on your own. You can, however, beg a single point of Notability from another player.

I did a while ago; I’m in the process of trying to unlock the railroad but that card hasn’t shown up yet.

Is that a social action?

When I’ve done it in the past, I’ve checked here (in the dedicated thread which is – somewhere) to see who needs one. It does depend on the person offering to either draw or force-draw the card. If I can, I’ll sort it for you today.

Okay. I drew the card and tried to do this. But This character does not exist. Which, sorry, is not pleasing.

Hmm, that’s disquieting. I have a link to my profile here: Fallen London

Since I’m new to the forum, is there a way to search for that dedicated thread?

Ah, I think the problem lies with the version of the name you use on here being different from the one in the game. Since I do that myself, I can’t really complain…

The search function is the magnifying glass top right. Try a search for “point of Notability”. This is the most recent and longest request thread I could find, though it’s pretty ancient. I can’t believe I can remember that far back

Ah, I see. Thank you so much! This has helped me immensely.

No worries. I tried again last night, and by then you existed, but weren’t eligible, so I take it you have your point of Notability by now. Good luck!

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