First Point of Notability Request

I’ve just came back to the game after a couple of years, and needless to say all my Notability is gone. And since the Notability gifting option is back… May I ask if someone has a spare cheap point? I’ll send you a bunch of cards!

Merry Christmas (Sacksmas? Ratsmas?)
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I tried to do this, but you “lack qualities”. Not sure what qualities, but once you fix that, feel free to drop me a line. (The game calls you Lumi for some reason…)

You need to be acquainted to be able to gift Notability. Try sending a calling card first and it should work.

Thank you! I’ve sent you a calling card. I’m not sure when my Time comes anymore, but I have a old alt just for sending cards and things
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And I’m back to Notability 6 in no time! Thank you sooo much Ragnar!!!

It was my pleasure – and thank you for the goodies despite my involuntary impoliteness.

If someone can send my alt Lord George a point of notability, it would be most appreciated. Kindly send him a calling card if you are not acquainted, as I believe that’s a prerequisite for sending notability. Profile is in my signature below. Many thanks to whoever responds.
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Would anyone be interested in helping me with my making waves/notability? I’ve been trying to raise my notability for 3 months now in order to get Legendary Charisma and all I need is my notability.
I am willing to spend echoes for it via the Dante’s Grill card. It states: “This will reduce their Wounds and Suspicion, and allow you to drain a substantial amount of their Making Waves, like a particularly friendly vampire. Consider using it on players who are not yet Persons of Some Importance and who aren’t using Making Waves. You may wish to search for suitable players to send Calling Cards to, using the Send a Calling Card action”

[quote=LostLegion]Would anyone be interested in helping me with my making waves/notability? I’ve been trying to raise my notability for 3 months now in order to get Legendary Charisma and all I need is my notability. [/quote]So, judging by your equipment, I’m estimating that you have around 11 BDR. For that, it will take 90 CP to reach Notability 2 after the conversion and 150 CP to reach Notability 3 after that. A fairly reliable MW grind is the Tier 3 side-conversion, which gives ~1.62 MW per action on average. That means, once you have your first point of Notability, it would take under a week playing only 40 actions per day (playing once at the beginning of the day and once at the end) to reach Notability 3.

Outside of that, I also recommend finding a +4 BDR affiliation. For comparison, at 11 BDR, it would take 240 CP total to raise from Notability 1 to 3, whereas with 15 BDR, it would take 132 CP. The Iron Republic is also a good place to visit for the Iron Republic Journal (+2 BDR), which would decrease it further to 90 CP. Marginal increases in BDR can have a very substantial effect on the time it takes to raise Notability.

In process of agreement
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Drop me a line.

I have had a very good start of 1897. This week I capped my first stat, became an Invisable Eminence, and ascended to a Spire Emporium. This did however cost me all my Notability. (a small oversight) Could someone help me out, please?

Edit: Never mind, the Emanuensis already paid me a visit.
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I grew careless in my attainment of a notable dwelling, and seem to have vanished from public eye. To complete my collection of luxurious abodes, I merely need the assistance of someone who’s name is known. Could anyone here lend me a hand?

Edit: A most gracious individual has come to my aid.
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I recently submitted my reputation to the Glass Door in exchange, and returned to the public eye! As my modest current standing is easy to maintain, I would be happy to take the time to draw the Amanuensis’ attentions to those who desire to be Notable.

All I ask in return is a game of chess, or a sanguine sparring bout. Please send a calling card if you are interested!

I’m currently in a position to give out free Notability to anyone who wants it. I’m only going to wait for a few hours before getting more Notability, though, which would make it much more expensive.

I’ve been struggling to get any notability so feel free to drop me a calling card!

I recently became a POSI, and just got a lot of MW from finishing storylines, but am having trouble drawing the Slowcake card. Time, the healer, is due to come tomorrow, so can someone spare me a point?
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Just tried, but got the message “they are not eligible for this request” – so I take it someone else has already obliged.

I just returned to the game after a hiatus, and Amanuensis seems to be bent on avoiding me. If somebody has a notability point to spare, I’d be very grateful for sending it my way

Sending it your way, had to send a calling card first :)