First Point of Notability Request

I have been away too long and am back to zero notability so if there’s any kind citizen who might be willing to send me a point for my main acc, please drop a calling card and I’d be very grateful!

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Hello all,[/color]

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]I am trying to rush Paramount Presence before the rework (which is in 2 weeks). I currently only have blood, and humbly request some calling cards and a single point of notability (now, and two more times after). I am offering sips/whatever else in return, although requests may be delayed as grinding for waves/notability is taking up the vast majority of my actions.[/color]

I’ll try – though it’s always dependent on the card draw, of course. And good luck with the PP – cutting it fine, mate!

Trying to build up notability for railway. If anyone reading could kindly refer me to Mr. Slowcake, I would be most appreciative.
UPDATE: No longer requesting a referral.
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You’re coming up as not eligible.

I think you have to be acquainted with me first.

If anyone needs notability, I’m happy to send a point over. I’m not currently using it for anything. Just send me an invitation for Coffee at Caligua’s.

This offer will remain open indefinitely – I’ll update this post when I start using notability again.

Edit: I am once again using my notability, so I’m afraid I can no longer offer notability points.
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Could someone send me a point over, I want to just finished capping my watchful in the lab and I want to become a tier two POSI, but I no longer have any notability to do it any more.

Edit: It’s been another two weeks and the Amanuensis is still avoiding me. Meanwhile I have acquired an Eyeless skull - because what is one to do in melancholy but wander the Forgotten Quarter - which I’d be willing to send in exchange if you happen to need one. Or surprise gifts. Or something else that I could do.

Would someone, perhaps, have a point of Notability to share with me? I’m back after a long hiatus, and Amanuensis apparently hasn’t heard of it yet, so he isn’t stopping by. I’ll be happy to send a Surprise package once I get one (those don’t seem to have heard that I’m back either).
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Edit: My crisis has passed. It would appear that calling upon help here carries some magical property that seems to summon the Amanuensis forthwith. Once I have a small margin of safety I shall endeavor to assist my less lucky fellows.

Edit 2: Oh dear. It takes 20 waves to summon him again? That margin will a bit of work then…

I’m a new PoSI and would really appreciate a first point of notability. I’ll happily reward anyone feeling charitable.
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I have quite a bit of Making Waves myself, but after accidentally spending all my notability I’m finding it difficult to track down Slowcake’s oily little amaneusis. I would love any assistance some kind person might be able to offer me.

I would also appreciate a point of notability if anyone has one to spare! Getting the first is difficult.

I will give away two points of notability to whoever gives me my first one back.

I will give away two points of notability to whoever gives me my first one back.
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Came back after a long break, realised it was Hallowmas and I could potentially get a 5-card lodging… if I hadn’t lost all my notability. T_T
Any help would be appreciated for that first point, and I swear to return it!

Would anyone be able to spare me a point of notability? Happy to return the favor. Fallen London

Whoever needs a first point of notability send a calling card to Fallen London
I will probably answer your request within a day

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Hello all! I’ve been away from the game for a while. I am going a bit mad tracking down the Amanuensis. Any aide would be greatly appreciated. I will gladly return the favor.

Hello. I have not played the game in several years. My username is Skymaw. I will gladly return the favor in any currency you require. Send a note with your calling card.

Hello there. My username is DeserterKalak, and I would very much appreciate a point of Notability if anyone has one to spare :slight_smile: