Find Friends for sparring, dinners, chess & theft

Can anyone send an eyeless skull to my alt mira239?

you can invite to your salon and to your orphanage. Each of them and mira239 can help you with the menaces.

I could use friends of all types I guess since I haven’t tried playing this part of the game before. Closing in on Posi but not there yet. Want to try out all the social stuff if possible.

Artem Pickman, working through pre-PoSI content. Looking for social actions of just about any sort, but mainly looking to send letters, and loiter.
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Brand-new player also looking for friends for social interactions. I have almost no idea what I’m doing :sweat_smile: so tips on early gameplay are welcome as well.

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Hello potential friends and enemies,

Just like many of you, I too am looking for acquaintances to correspond with for social interactions.
I look forward to hearing from your eminences at my address.