Find Friends for sparring, dinners, chess & theft

Can anyone send an eyeless skull to my alt mira239?

you can invite to your salon and to your orphanage. Each of them and mira239 can help you with the menaces.

I could use friends of all types I guess since I haven’t tried playing this part of the game before. Closing in on Posi but not there yet. Want to try out all the social stuff if possible.

Artem Pickman, working through pre-PoSI content. Looking for social actions of just about any sort, but mainly looking to send letters, and loiter.
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Brand-new player also looking for friends for social interactions. I have almost no idea what I’m doing :sweat_smile: so tips on early gameplay are welcome as well.

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Hello potential friends and enemies,

Just like many of you, I too am looking for acquaintances to correspond with for social interactions.
I look forward to hearing from your eminences at my address.


ford-prefect @ Fallen London

Hello earthlings! :earth_africa: My name is Ford Prefect aka ford-prefect [IGN]. I somehow got stranded in New Newgate Prison during my glorious travels through the infinite expanses of space. :rocket: Through a ruse, however, I managed to escape. And since then I’ve been roaming the many branching alleys of Fallen London in search of a way home. :satellite: During the working days I do my mischief as a Monster-Hunter and on the weekend I seek the company of like-minded people in The Medusa’s Head or The Blind Helmsman. I would be happy to meet you over a cold beer. :beers: Or just drop me a line. :writing_hand: Sometime I’m also seen in The Singing Mandrake.

Looking to correspond and spend time with any and all gentlemen and ladies of this tomb of ours!

Feel free to contact Fallen London

John Schmit, Legendary Charisma, professional Master shill, and Red Artisan extraordinaire! I’m open to menace reductions, letters (I am a Midnightsr so I can help with Watchful/Shadowy or orphanages) and any other social actions. (Except Patronage, I am currently full on Protegès.) However, a warning. I will give you unsolicited musings on the peculiarities of the Neath and my ever present guilt at selling my child for London’s future (why is Southwark cathedral the same as on the surface but not Saint Fiacres? It doesn’t make any sense!)

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Returning player, back after many years on the surface. I enjoy exchanging pleasantries, role-playing and generally interacting with people. Hörs!

Playing since I found Fallen London as Echo Bazaar in 2011. Looking forward for any social activity as well as any betrayal or other cunning unpleasantries. I am always melancholic and ready to be victimized.

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I am particularly interested in Loitering. In exchange, I can offer refreshing Tea at Beatrice or private lessons in Watchful / Persuasive or Dangerous / Shadowy.

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I am always prepared to help a delicious friend in need! I’m available for grinding second chances/ MW, embarking on a particular heist for anyone pursuing their Heart’s Desire, and am even willing to undergo damage to my good name, provided that it benefits the perpetrator and they do not mind being pursued by the Gloomy Guttersnipe. One must maintain one’s hard-earned reputation.

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Link to profile please!

Same as username: Fallen London

Good morning lovelies. I’m recently returned to the Neath after a long absence. Most if my previous acquaintances are vanished and I’m somewhat alone at present.

I’m happy to receive invitations to any social engagements as well as general correspondence.

“Be good … but if you can’t be good, be dreadful.”

Alice Aforethought

UPDATE APR 2024 - I’ve recently become a Legendary Charisma and I’m in quite the state. I’d welcome anything to reduce Nightmares, Suspicion or Scandal.

I’m not sure how this works, but in the game I’m

Do Chel Denmha

and I’m open to most social interactions in the game.

Greetings @Do_Chel_Denmha! And welcome to Fallen London. :wave: I could not find you by your name “Do Chel Denmha” or “Do_Chel_Denmha” in the address book :face_with_monocle: of Fallen London.
But you can write a short presentation/bio about you here and post a link to your profile.
You can find the profile behind Myself :arrow_right: under Mantelpiece and Scrapbook there is a button View Profile. Of course you have to uncheck Private if it is activated.él%20Dénmha

I hope this works. I’m still new at the social aspect of the game.

Ummm, hi. I really don’t know how to ask but I’d appreciate anyone who’d add me for social actions? I just started playing a few days ago.

I should be findable as Averdeen ingame.

Join me for tea?

Wait shite I forgot the riddle uhhhh-

I am one, and I am three,
And millions more, across land and zee
I am the Rat that moves to bite,
I am the sting of a sharpened knife,
I am the echo of the dawn of life,
Harnessing you and thunders might,
Though this be true, I bring mystery to light,
I am all, but what am I?