Find Friends for sparring, dinners, chess & theft

I’m a brand new player (just a few days) and I would love some contacts!
I’m still learning my way around Fallen London, so I’m not even familiar with all the possible actions yet!
As such I’m not really sure what limits to set- be reasonable,I guess? And I’m totally willing to help other players out!
I would also love some friends to exchange messages with!
Name: TheBlazingWorld

Hopefully this link to my profile works! Fallen London

I’ve been in town for a week now. Looking for Friends to coordinate Social Events.

Drop me a Calling Card?

  • Shoetop

Anything to help. Anything to hurt. Suffering is a sacra- no, no, no…

Need to expand my social circle (significantly) on my way to Paramount Presence. Any calling cards or proteges will be repaid with whatever social action you fancy as well!

[quote=Askebaske]Need to expand my social circle (significantly) on my way to Paramount Presence. Any calling cards or proteges will be repaid with whatever social action you fancy as well![/quote]
I tried, but I am too lowly for you. The game tells me that anyone I send a calling card to must have influence no more than 90.

Greetings, everyone. I am a Zee Captain, that finally decided to settle in London. Unfortunatley I’ve never been far from the docs and my ship, so I need some help to get around. I’m looking for some friendly faces in this great city. I hope there are people (or not, i’m not prejudiced) who will endure my company and could help me a bit. I wish you all a great day. Glory to the Empress
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Hello everyone, I’ve been playing the game for a while and I would be happy to interact with other fellows in London!

Here is my profile.
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Good evening everyone,

I’m Vodahn and I’ve been causing trouble in London for about a week now. Naturally not knowing my way around I’ve ran into a few…menaces. It’s nothing crazy right now as I am a rather lucky fellow. But I wouldn’t mind any help more experienced players can provide. I’m not sure about common courtesy with social actions so just let me know how to behave and return favors and I’ll learn quickly.

Here’s a link to my profile:

[color=#ffffff]Dear friend,

Although the Seasons have not harrowed London for some time, it seems the neath and its appetite always grow colder past this time of year. As such, letters from strangers are more apt to fill a fireplace than a mailbox, so I thank you for taking the time to open mine. As a scholar, I hope to experience more of what London has to offer, although that aspiration seems to be quite dangerous when undertaken alone. In truth I am not a person of any real importance or means, but I would be glad to render whatever assistance I can that might be of value to your endeavors. Thank you for donating your time to these words, and if you should like to include me in your activities then I look forward to receiving your [/color][color=#ffffcc]Correspondence [/color][color=#ffffff]at the address provided post script.

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[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Edit: My crisis has passed. It would appear that calling upon help here carries some magical property that seems to summon the Amanuensis forthwith. [/color]

If anyone would be so kind as to introduce me to my first point of Notability, it would be of great help. I’m trying to get everything together for a lodgings upgrade, but without one point to begin with I can’t summon Slowcake’s b______d to make use of my Waves.

I’ll see to it you won’t go unrewarded.

I live over here: Fallen London
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I would be glad to help whosoever needs aid in their endeavours, as long as it’s reasonable of course. A maximum of two requests at a time is all I ask, and I do of course hold the right to ignore those who prove to have unscrupulous intentions.
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Sir Jedidiah, I too am looking for others to send requests back and forth with. My name in Fallen London is the same as my name here. I will send you a request the next time the opportunity arises. I will keep in mind your desire for no more than two requests at a time. If you need to send requests as well, feel free to send them my way. My only request is that you please warn me if there is going to be a negative effect.

Jean Rowley, and her frustrating protégé Isaac, would both be delighted to make the acquaintance of other Londoners. Anything that helps with Making Waves is especially welcome. Isaac is willing to help with menace reductions, and Jean can take protégés!

Please send a calling card.

Accepting social actions.

Looking friends for Sparring, dinners, chess & theft.

My name is Igor Lemon Kachinkiy
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I’d be glad to find some friends gor social actions. My name in FL is Шая. You can coppy it. Please add me!

As I have now returned to London, please let it be known that I am open to social interactions and delicious conversations

I’m looking for someone to help me with wounds menace reduction, as I need both the decrease in wounds and the hard-earned lesson for changing my profession.

Good evening, fellow citizens,

I’m open and interested in engaging in social actions, menace reduction (it’s hard to get rid of scandal) and, should you be inclined to, letter exchanging.

I don’t have experience in role-playing, but I’d tell you, in-character, about the things Sarandi has done lately in the Neath. I’d also love to hear your stories and experiences.

With a new face and under a new name I’ve returned to the Neath after three long years of absence.
I would be eternally grateful for invitations to all and any social interactions. Here’s my correspondence address: Ordo
Good evening.