Feast of the Rose 2024

The false-stars are orbiting a little closer to the city; Bohemians have put on their suits without holes in them; the smell of lacre on the streets has very nearly dissipated. Love is in the air, and the Feast of the Exceptional Rose begins once again.

Discover all the festival has to offer through ‘Celebrate the Feast of the Exceptional Rose’, available throughout London.

Join the Revels!

Take part in the festivities to gain Masquing, which can be later spent on rewards. Exchange gifts of love (or scorn, or mysterious yet enticing indifference) with other players. Keep your gifts – or trade them for Masquing!

A new gift is available this year – Lovingly Be-Ribboned Kittens! Send your Parabolan Kittens to your friends during the Feast, and they’ll gain a little Masquing to go with their new pet.

As always, additional Masquing can be obtained with Fate, which unlocks further options.

The Lady in Lilac

“You are desired,” she says. “Give me the proof of it, and I’ll make arrangements.”

Also, starting on February 8th, the mysterious ‘Lady in Lilac’ card will appear, allowing you to exchange your Feast gifts for Masquing.

Meet New Faces

Every year, the Feast brings new companions to Fallen London. Starting next week, on February 8th, you will be able to spend your Masquing to attract companions from Feasts past, as well as four new companions:

  • Accompany the Codebreaking Courier upon her rounds
  • Explore unsettling portraiture with the Diptych Painter
  • Aid the Smouldering Lexicographer in their scorching life’s work
  • Meet The Overworked Commodore on a rare afternoon of leisure

Those last two can be unlocked with Fate.


This year we’ve added upgrades to two more spouses: the Soothing Palaeontologist and the Philosophically Perfect Union. Support the Palaeontologist as they investigate the archaeological ideology of the Upper River, or mediate a ‘friendly’ academic contest within your Philosophically Perfect Partnership, in order to make your spouses more powerful.

These small storylines cost 20 Fate, and can be found in Your Lodgings once you are married.

Skin-bound Memories and Nuptial Phantasies!

How better to prove your devotion than through permanent ink? High time for a visit to Clathermont’s Tattoo Parlour! Make your way to Ladybones Road to complete the story of the Clathermont family, as long as you have reached level 4 or higher in A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets. Tattoos will become available in the second week of the Feast, from the 8th.

Also available during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose: Nuptial phantasies! Obtain custom-tailored dreams of nuptial bliss (or marital discord) with some of your favourite Fallen London characters. Find these by visiting the Shopkeeper in Viric, in Veilgarden.

Meet your Destiny!

Starting this year, the Feast of the Rose is a new window for obtaining a Destiny – or altering your existing one. Find the way to the Perfumer-Semiotician’s shop through the card ‘The Feast of the Rose’, which can be drawn in London.

Those who know the way there could also zail to Irem, where destinies are grown, altered, and consumed.

A Continuing Mystery

Just what is the Exceptional Rose? Rumours abound. Some say that it’s a vicious, fanged flower. Others that it’s a cherub sent to watch over star-crossed lovers. Yet more tut, calling it an elaborate ruse cooked up by Mr Inch. Whatever it is, nobody has seen the real Exceptional Rose in years. But perhaps this Feast is different?

You may have encountered a plant purporting to be the Exceptional Rose last year. But the Exceptional Rose, like love, is a changeable thing, and does not always look the same…

Newcomers may start this story in ‘The Exceptional Rose’, available anywhere in London. If you were here last year, you already know the way; seek the Rose out once more when Millicent’s Parlour opens on the 8th.

Key Dates for the Festival

  • The Feast of the Exceptional Rose starts today, February 1st.
  • February 8th: ‘An Encounter at the Feast’ and ‘The Lady in Lilac’ become available. Trade gifts for Masquing, and obtain new companions. Tattoos will also be available in the Forgotten Quarter.
  • February 15th: Gift exchanging and obtaining Masquing closes. You will still have a week to exchange Masquing for companions and to experience Feast seasonal stories.
  • February 22nd: All remaining Feast storylets close.

Don’t hold it against them - the portrait would be unsettling no matter who was painting me!


Ah, and just when I want to parabola to train ApoC! Oh well-i’ll return soon.

This is the part of this festival I don’t like.

I love spending money on this game because I think it’s a great game and want to support it.

I don’t love having to trust strangers on the internet or use an alternate account to buy fate so that I can get the amount of masquing I want.


Anyone wants to trade gifts? My IGN is SuperHGB

There’s a thread for this here :>

There’s actually a sneaky little trick so you don’t have to use an alt or trust a random internet stranger like me. If you send a gift to someone, but then cancel it before they accept, you get the gift you sent instead. A good account for doing this is with Mr Eaten, or Mr Iron for that matter, since they don’t have players behind them so there’s no risk of them accepting quickly. I’ve never done it myself because I prefer spending Fate on stories, but I have tested it with the free gifts and it works!


AMAZING!!! AAAAAH THANKS that makes things SO much easier!

I also like stories but want my EEF to go as far as it can, so unless there’s one I’m really excited for and no event I only get my two monthly stories haha.

Next year I’ll probably not buy so much during events, but right now I’m trying to get the utility and best in slot items that I can use. I want a new spouse this year, and a few of the companions maybe, which will need a chunk of fate haha! Plus I want the ticket for railway purposes.

I have a weirdo question.

Is the 30 cap for the whole festival or at once? i.e. if I cap at 30, do a 50 fate gift, trade those in for an 80 cost companion, could I then cap up to 30 and do the same thing again? Or is the 30 free cap for the year?

It’s 30 at a time, so the first example you gave was correct.


So it’s the Codebreaking Courier and the Diptych Painter for me this year. I’ll get them next week.

Those who are still playing with your Christmas Noman, this event will be when you get your Noman tattoo.


So, ah…how do I convert gifts to masking? Or will that only be possible later in the feast?

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Yep, that’s right - the Lady in Lilac will appear on the 8th, and you trade gifts for Masquing with her.


Okay, thanks.



Is the Captivating Princess worth it?

In itself, the acquaintance with the princess is almost useless. But you also get a Dreadful Surmise, which is both useful and valuable.

Mechanically? Sipping honey with the Captivating Princess is an incredibly good use of Masquing. Morally? That’s up to you, but the Princess is certainly not the most ethical being, and you might want to stay away from any honey she wants you to take, considering how some is extracted.

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PSA: Mrs Chapman’s Boarding House provides a nice way to grind for the items that are used to make some kinds of gifts. Previously, FotR would always see the number of your collected basic items dwindle.

I am always available for exchanging gifts. Or you can give them to me without me giving back anything, I will shamelessly accept. :upside_down_face:


I am a non-fate player and I have already gotten to 19 masquing. Am I correct that this is the maximum I can get right now? Is there anything else I should be doing at this time during this festival prior to the 8th?

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You can increase masquing to 20, or perhaps 21. For the moment, the only thing to spend it on is Viric dreams, in Veilgarden.

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