F.F. Gebrandt's Prelapsarian Exhibition is here!

Now we just need a new source of Segmented Torsos

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The Shrine expedition gives them out, too. Which is a pretty disappointing result, all things considered. Pretty sure a couple of mine came from there.

I’ve already been there, tried to dive in searching for clues :sweat_smile:
It was fun!

Does anyone know, “event ends on August 5th” means 00:01 or rather 23:59 ? I’m finishing on my Red Science studies so I could get Gebrandt that betrayer of time or whatever it’s called, but I’m not sure I’ll manage to be ready with it before midnight… I also have a spare crocodile gall, and can finish the story any moment. Still it would be sad to miss on an opportunity to do something that crazy :crazy_face:

Don’t take this as gospel, but normally these things turn over around noonish UK time.


The little in-game pop-up used by FBG for announcement said that you would be able to complete the story of the Exhibition until August 5th, 2PM UTC.


Thanks a lot! I missed that one, accidentally closed it before had to see the details

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I’ve had several over the course of my long years playing FL, but they all got triggered by deaths and are gone now. I’m not even sure how to get more–is it true that you can only get one from Thieves’ Caches if you’ve concluded the Once-Dashing Smuggler tale?

OK, I am a bit confused on one point regarding the item available from the new hunt. (Station VIII spoilers follow):

Station VIII items

It requires Holy Sanguinarine Ointment, which apparently is only acquired from Salve of Righteousness. Is the latter only available as a one-time opportunity while opening up Station VIII? I already have Necessary Paperwork, but never acquired this. I’m hoping this is some obscure Station VIII mechanic which I’ve missed. If Salve of Righteousness truly is a missable one-time opportunity (barring a hellworm which is a loooong way off for me) then I sure hope this hunt isn’t closed after the event.

No, you can get it at Station VIII. It’s repeatable. You get it from Salve of Righteousness, which you can get from a Vindication of Faith, which you can acquire using 2 direful reflections and 2 comprehensive bribes from a courier in London after you’ve unlocked the station viii experiments. (you can keep getting new materials and turning them in).

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Capital! On my way now. And thank you!

There’s a conclusion card, but we can’t play it yet. Less than an hour to do so!

And here we are! Depending on your last choice you get a different curiosity item

  • Feel joy gives a F.F. Gebrandt’s Cylindrical Phénakistiscope: Fallen London
  • Thought for the ushabtiu gives a Mostly-Faithful Ushabti Replica (1:4 Scale): Fallen London
  • Scoff gives an Inappropriately Sharp Mosasaur Skull: Fallen London

And these things do … ?

Hah ha! I knew roleplaying as a humourless old misery would get me something cool one day. Enjoy your nerd vanities, nerds!
I’m going to be complaining about the diminished state of society and tutting at non-obscurative clothing next to my sick-wicked MOSASAUR SKULL from now on. Not so boring now, am I?


They have no known uses as of yet. For the time being they’re mantelpiece items.

Bhahaha, I went to the Wiki and read the items description:

An extravagant centerpiece for anyone’s dining room or parlour. Just make sure to mount it out of reach of anyone who might think it’s funny to lean into it.

I think this one wins the best echo and description!


Wait-- so if rats deliver the mail, what do they think of all the dead rats we regularly post to each other?


X-clacks-overhead: GNU pTerry pRATchett


Speaking of, I used my Estival tokens on the snuffbox, a little bit for the Artisan stat but mostly because the description reminded me of The Luggage. Maybe they’re distant cousins.

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I am sad.

> Some volatile materials you were holding on to have disappeared. Your ‘Vial of Nile Crocodile Gall’ Quality has gone!