F.F. Gebrandt's Prelapsarian Exhibition is here!

It is time for this year’s collaborative summer event!

F.F. Gebrandt CORDIALLY INVITES All Londoners to participate in the Raising of a New Museum of Prelapsarian History & accompanying Exhibition, to put on Display Curiosities Historical, Palaeontological, & Philosophical.

F.F. Gebrandt’s Prelapsarian Exhibition is 2022’s summer event in Fallen London, beginning on 25th July. It’s a free, limited-time event, open to players of all levels.

Look for ‘An Announcement of an Exhibition’ anywhere in London to get started.

Here are the full details. Have fun!


Love the location banner art.


Alrighty, what item to get for my Estival tokens?

And where is the Salt Lions, ‘in the waters near London’?

This event is just about grinding for Curator’s Gratitude? Where is the promised collaboration aspect of this event?

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Get in your ship cabin, you’ll see the option for Salt Lions. I would do that first, it has a cooldown.

Collaboration is via “toil,” we’re at a thousand out of much more. It’s a world quality, all players contribute.


A voice at the back of my head has been whispering that Failbetter might’ve written unique flavour text for sinking with a ship full of sphinxstone.

Almost definitely not, but with that being said, I hope you lot won’t have finished the museum by the time they dredge up my corpse.


Mmh, there’s a typo in the title of this thread…

Salt Lions trip was nostalgic one, but I was disappointed that there no any storylets except cargo of stone


So there was! I’ve fixed it :)

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There may be additional collaborative events after we’re done constructing the Museum. From the announcement:

FF Gebrandt’s Prelapsarian Exhibition will focus on making additions to existing activities, more so than on adding all-new activities. There are four such additions in all – which will be revealed over the course of the event.

This guy has a lot of Red Science in his attic. I wonder if the story that unfolds over the event will be in the direction of uncovering the creepy science we find lying around.

We better not find an actual Frankenstein up there (monster or doctor).

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From my experiences with previous world events… will more options get unlocked as the world quality progresses to latter stages.

And are there any tangible rewards for the individual amount of contribution?

I am wondering if it’s really worth spending those extra actions to sail to Salt Lions and back each day, or mathematically you would get more progress just toiling away at the construction.

Well, the Salt Lions fill a different progress bar than dumping actions (Toil vs Materials). So they don’t actually replace each other for event progress.

As far as material rewards, according to Reddit, devs said on Discord that “Curator’s Gratitude” is worth a penny per point. We don’t know the exact formula yet, but I’m pulling down 636 per action which is substantially better than I can get anywhere outside the Festival. And the Salt Lion round-trip is pretty good for that too.

We don’t know exactly how the event is structured, and we only have 1 Summer Event as a comparison which was totally different. Last time there were five separate progress bars to fill (well, sets of bars), each tied to content. This time there’s only one set of bars. Could be that when these bars fill up, we get new content and the bars reset. Could be that new content unlocks when these bars get to 20%. I might guess the latter just because one of the bars is only at 4% right now, but I dunno lol.

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There are options outside the festival? I should explore a bit then, other than the one trip to the Salt Lions I’ve been exclusively knocking down walls and threatening rats (and the nobs).

Then again, if the in-festival options are a better return…

There’s three progress bars so far - Toil, Materials, and Funding.

Funding (Fate) progress bar is all done, unsurprisingly, since that one doesn’t take IRL time to fill up, just people willing to buy Fate. Toil is just a few percent done, and I don’t remember what Materials was at when I turned in my shipment.

Advancing Toil and Materials both gives only one reward quality (curator’s gratitude).

It feels pretty limited so far because there’s only one way of advancing Materials progress (which you can only do once per day, so most of the time even that’s not there) and advancing Toil doesn’t have any way of spending items to advance it, it’s just 1-2 cp per action and that’s it.

I’m definitely expecting more things to come up over time as we make progress.

So far I’m holding off on buying any items until we see what else gets unearthed over time. Just in case any of it duplicates old item qualities.

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By “outside the Festival,” I mean doing regular non-Festival content elsewhere in the game. I am not yet aware of any Festival-related content outside the Museum location, aside from the sphinxstone.

As of now (~12:30 UK time), Toil is 2/3 complete, and Materials is over 70%. Anyone who wants to move Sphinxstone and hasn’t already done so should get in their boat now. I was a couple of hours late to the partydock yesterday and am pretty sure that I won’t get a second round in as a result.

I assume that spending items is going to come in at a later stage, since FFG will presumably require us to provide exhibits (and possibly stock up the gift shop and cafe while we’re at it).

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Toil bar 68% filled. Anticipating the coming phase(s).

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Toil: 80%
Materials: 92%

That’s fast. Very fast.

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Materiels: 100%

Toil: 85%

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Wow, those bars filled fast. I got in only two runs of sphinxstone - barely got in 2nd one. I am up to 78,544 of curator’s gratitude and am getting 636 gratitude per action with combined stats of 1041. I am not an exceptional friend so only have one candle. I was not around for last year’s summer festival so please forgive my ignorance. Will the next step be simply turning in the gratitude gained or will there be something else?