Evolution is Fallen London's next serial story

Here’s Bruno’s blog post with the full information. We can’t wait to go on this voyage with you!


I can’t help but consider the irony that I-a player who has mutated countless skeletons with various biological aberrations for profit, used the Red Science to evolve Neathy Pokemon into greater forms and incrementally left my humanity behind in various ESes-will soon be called on for assistance with lending credibility to this chap’s theory of evolution.


I should earnestly hope that when we see what, exactly, will be born out of his Ambition your credibility given precisely the history you describe will swiftly dissipate any such irony!

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Tigers in the Neath have some distinct differences to their Surface counterparts, so they’re a natural starting point to understand how Evolution in the Neath does the same. Perhaps like the tigers, Neathy Evolution will also have the power of speech, which it will not use to give us any direct answers whatsoever.

The more I look at the jellyfish in that poster the more they make me nervous.

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Six Coil, I’m ready.

P.S. I’m as Sunless Sun descendant so glad to hear about more zee content

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Dilmun Club — specifically, you will need to have completed a trip to the Court of the Wakeful Eye and obtained the quality Associating with Radical Academics at 75

Looks like I still have a long way to go.

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It will be exciting if this story features the Dilmun Club’s long-awaited Elder Continent expedition to find the Garden. Considering the potential theological implications, that could be a very interesting element of a story about the theory of Evolution.


Chapter One of ‘Evolution’ is out now! Visit a reclusive Presbyterate kingdom on behalf of the Dilmun Club, and meet the Youthful Naturalist – an academic too radical for London’s radical academics. How does his research fit into the Dilmun Club’s ambitious quest? What, exactly, is he working on?

Consider this shorter, introductory chapter a taster of what’s to come – we hope that it will leave you hungering for more, so we won’t make you wait too long for a continuation. The next chapter will be released this summer, with the remaining five coming throughout 2022 and into 2023.

Evolution is available to everyone who has a ship and has delved into the mysteries of the Dilmun Club – specifically, you will need to have completed a trip to the Court of the Wakeful Eye and obtained the quality ‘Associating with Radical Academics’ at 75. The entirety of the serial story is free, and will be available to all players. You can start Chapter One by playing ‘A Message from the Dilmun Club’ in your Lodgings.


Servers seem to be having some trouble.

Does anyone else want to participate in a Lost Journal Entry Swap Meet? I lost the text specifically for Docking my Ship at Cline. I’ve been recording basically everything else, if someone missed anything else.

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Message sent (I hope – my first attempt)

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Neat start! So far I chose to help the contact, and used my advanced Chirurgical Touch to improve the extraction.

I’m sorry, but does this florist really have a lab as large or well-appointed as mine? She is welcome to come find out.
By working for me.

I was curious if the name “Cline” has any decipherable meaning, so I looked it up and it turns out it’s a real world with definitions in a handful of scientific disciplines. The biology use of the word is about variation within a species, which seems relevant to this story, while the Wikipedia article for the hydrology definition has a picture about jellyfish.

The mathematical definition strikes me as more related to Parabola.

Anyways, Cline itself… the game text sort of implies we’ll be returning, later. I assume we’ll be getting inside that tower one way or another. Surrounding your castle by a ring of salt sure seems like a mean thing to do when all of your subjects are snails.

The Mountain’s Light seems pointedly ill-willed when you leave, which reminds me of one of the Zee-Dreams.

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It’s also the very uncommon English word for German Kline, which is a Roman reclining couch.
Given the fun FB always has with language, and the presence of the humongous mountain, I wouldn’t discount the fact that -cline is part of words like incline, decline, suggesting a root meaning of “slope”.
The salt thing reminded me more of safeguards against ghosts and sundry evil entities, but that may just reflect too much watching of Supernatural.

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Chapter two of Evolution is out now! Help the Youthful Naturalist conduct experiments too scandalous for the Dilmun Club, and make the acquaintance of his dusty mentor. How far will the Naturalist go in pursuit of his ambition? And what’s all this about a ‘key’?

This is the second of Evolution’s seven chapters, and picks up from the previous chapter through the London Opportunity Deck. The remaining five chapters will be released throughout 2022 and into 2023.


Aha, finally a resolution to one of the questions in the Fallen London Mysteries back in 2018! Glad to know that loose end is wrapped up.

I’m starting to wonder how unnatural the Naturalist already is. Does he just push himself hard through dedication, or has he made of himself something different?


As it happens, I already have a key. So I hand it over and head for Wolfstack, where I board my ship with the Naturalist. And then I discover I need to use Puzzling Maps to acquire the route.
But I’m on my ship. And I don’t have access to the maps, they all have their little red border.
Never mind, I can just get off the Zub to do the needful. Except I can’t, can I. I have to zail somewhere first.
So I ended up having to swing by Hunter’s Keep to be able to disembark.
Did I miss a warning about the maps? The instructions were:

Success Instructions: Put to Zee! at Wolfstack Docks and enter the captain’s cabin. After you chart a course and smuggle the Youthful Naturalist out of London, he’ll be able to continue his research.

To disembark, just select your current location on the map.

And that seems logical to you, does it? It seems like rubbish design to me.

Just saying, that’s how you do it.