Event Discussion: Conclusion of The Flowerdene Arc

Been there, done that. That’s part of the reason Dirae Erinyes tends to show up in just the lighter roleplays - dramatic roleplays are worse for me then solo dramatic writing.

[quote=The Absurd Rogue]
Each engagement (bullets flying or subtle intrigue) will be worked out between the players working the engagement mutually and without the knowledge of anyone else, maybe through private messages or Skype. That way, players can work together on one engagement while still getting to enjoy a spoiler-free reading experience on the other ones, all suspense retained.

I am seeing a problem in that there are, well, 3 sides. Either there are going to be specific actions against/for the neutrals (which kind of messes with many of the neutral’s agenda, that being investigating both sides before making the choice, because no one person has the full picture) or the system is going to be reworked in some way.
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Good news! My weird mood is clearing! None of my characters are too friendly of the Bazaar and the ruling classes’ exploration of the poorer masses, but neither are them sympathetic to the FI. Derek doesn’t care (he doesn’t care deeply for many things, I don’t think he would engage in that matter unless called by the Professor) and the Professor doesn’t think that crime is a good foundation to anything. Plus, if she knew Eli’s plan, she would probably get angry enough to try to slap the ‘fake-Jesus complex’ out of him. She is passionate in matters of ideals and absolutely does not approve of engineered sacrifices.

Professor Strix would probably join in as a “neutral” party, interested in making sure that the bloodshed doesn’t happen (or is down to a minimum), offering safe havens for urchins in my lodgings (with the Professor and her allies being particularly stern towards anyone trying to use children as soldiers - one thing is to aind urchins in a war with cat-apults and screams, other, very different, is to put them on a battlefield with guns and high risk of permanent deah). She could also open her ‘boarding school’ (an orphanage/school hybrid, actually) as a sanctuary for people being pursued by either side, injured people and dead people as they recover from death. It is located near the ‘border’ between Spite and Veilgarden, for reference.

About risks, she can’t be killed (to her chagrin), but she is risking being hated by people she likes for having to put her foot down and not helping them on things she thinks are wrong (which is a thing that makes her suffer deeply, as she know it will be a blemish she will carry for the rest of her looooong life). And, in case someone is unlucky/unwise enough to try to kill her, well. Each number that is added to her body count makes her more unhappy with herself, which might lead to another existential crisis for her.

I can understand not wanting to join with the way events have been in the forum lately. It’s why I started doing a drabble series and writing my character the way I wanted her story to go. But this isn’t as if anyone is under any obligation to join. It’s your character, you write them the way you see fit and that includes roleplays too. And like I voiced before, I’d rather not jump into this too soon. This event shouldn’t be something until later. Preferably months later.

As for the factions, I agree with that sentiment. There doesn’t seem to be much of a drive outside of our characters loyalty to Eli. Outside of that, would there be any other reasons?

Also, and this is probably not the direct concern of the person orchestrating the roleplay, but what would be the best to handle an impasse between character desires in roleplay?

To address Amelia’s PC, this isn’t going to happen anytime in the near future. We’ve got plenty of time to decide how we feel about things.

To address V’s PC, I agree loosely. There are things that need to be reworked in this so that everyone can be included.

As for reasons to join other than Eli, he’s been pretty transparent with his politics before. I’m thinking about filling out a form or something that would rate him on where he is politically. That said, he’s been known for the following things.

-Directly supports businesses trying to get out of poverty

-Pushes for an economic growth rather than a “change of minds”

-Opposes the use of censorship and violence as a means of control

-Anti-monarchy, anti-dictatorship, anti-unilateralism

-Supports many socialist ideals

-The ends do justify the means.

-Very macchivelian.

Random idea anyone can take and run with: But an agent from one of the two sides trying to convince an independent player into siding with them. Could make for a nice thread/rp.

What would be good thread for that? Mostly because I really like RP with Amelia.

[/font][/color]I would think a thread for anyone trying to bribe an independent agent wouldn’t be point blank about it. The thread itself would have to veer into the topic, mostly start off as a meeting between two acquaintances until it builds to that point. Maybe if multiple roleplayers wanted a place to do exactly that than maybe a dinner party thread or something like that could be made. It could be a null ground for doing exactly that.

As for Amelia, I assume everything happening for this event, whether it be the build up or the actual battle itself, will be post The Great Catch. To me she’ll be in a perfect position to feel more disdain for either side. But the issue is I know what kind of outcome happens and no one else does because I’d like to space out posting for the drabble series. Unless anyone doesn’t mind me writing that way in other threads here than I’m up for anything.

What are we going to do about the Neutral war-room? Are we even going to have one, seeing how independent neutrals are?

I’m sure it wouldn’t stretch credibility for there to be a place where people aware of the events to discuss it while remaining neutral. Everyone will have their own slants towards one or another side, and everyone will have their own reasons/agendas for being neutral, but exchanging information helps both those trying to find a side and those trying to profit from the situation. There’s a definite benefit to having such a place.

I don’t even know if a war-room for neutral independents would even work. Unlike the two other groups, I imagine each independent agent has different reasoning to why they’re not involved. Even then, what would they discuss? Not wanting both sides to fight??

Edit: I take it back. Sara just proposed a good idea.
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OK, I have an idea that might work. Let me try it (since I’m one of the only openly neutral people in this topic).

It’s good that we’ve got some more solid plans under way. You’ve got the spotlight, Strix! Go for it!

I’m interested in what you’ll do, Professor. Don’t keep us waiting.

Wait, what happened with the topic? I posted it an hour ago or so.

Sigh. Let me type it all again. And I hope I learn to back up EVERYTHING.

I am planning on using ‘Euphemia’, my shop, as a neutral asset for communication and encryption (a message trading spot with the potential of sabotage, basically) in the events to follow. So, I’m wondering, how much actual encryption and other obscuration do we want to use in this RP (and how much use would the place actually receive)?

A bit late in joining, but the Mirthless Colonist is taking on mercenary work in this conflict. Don’t take that to mean that I’m immoral, I’m just pretty torn on the issue between my connections with high society and the constabulary, and my Tomb-colonist background.

Is there a chat room for this forum? It might make communicating with everyone easier in the long run than private messaging on here.

There is the IRC: Mibbit IRC client widget=

The problem with chatrooms are the timezones.