Event Discussion: Conclusion of The Flowerdene Arc

Is the chat room only for the entire FBG forums? I was thinking more along the lines of something for the event.

Cool, I never knew this place had its own chat!

considers joining out of curiosity but is too intimidated :P

Kukapetal, I’m pretty sure you would love it. I mostly lurk, there are enough people there that you can be invisible until you feel like talking. Amelia, I don’t know how to create chatrooms (I use IRC in a server, because I don’t really have an account), but it needs to be one that lets you read the logs (mostly because of timezones). The closest I can think of a service like that is skype. I’m too antisocial. shrugs

Than I guess creating another IRC chat, using Skype, or just discussing any more confusion on here are the options. If only to cut down on any confusion and to be vocal on what everyone wants their character to do.
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If anyone has a Skype chat set up, that’d be easier to get into.

I can set one up and host one, in, oh… half an hour? Wrong computer rn.

Skype chat might work if everyone has Skype. Alternatively there’s Discord which I think could work too.

For that matter, what timezone is everyone on? I’m on GMT 5 or USA est and I get the impression everyone is running in different timezones.

Eastern standard time (NYC bab-ey!)

UTC 5:00, so Eastern

Central Standard Time (UTC: 6:00)
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UTC +10

And here: Join conversation

GMT -3 here. I work at night and I’m a bit of a night owl, so my posting times are weird and seemly random, but you should be able to find me online at some point.

UTC -4 Canada, but I stay up late often enough and crash when the sun rises.

GMT+1… so I am in trouble as a german (under the dutch border) it seems…[li]

Central Standard Time (UTC-6 )

High-fives Lord Gazter :P

GMT +3 here.

Hmm well the time differences definitely proves we need some place that has back logs. I didn’t even know until know you could create an open source group chat on Skype. If somehow Skype doesn’t work for everyone, I could try setting up a place on Discord.

What’s discord? Is it downloaded or browser based?

Both actually. From what I’ve heard and experienced some, it’s a better version of Skype but more for voice chatting while playing games. With the browser version, I think it should be possible to create a room without anyone needing to log onto Discord. But I’ll need to test it out first.

Can you regular chat there too or do you have to do voice chat?