Election 1895 Begins!

Like many others, I’m still wasting my time at the ball, double-checking if I’ve seen everything it has to offer. I keep getting to an Airs state where there’s just Mingle and Leave to choose. I have Lydia as companion and have seen her option, but I haven’t taken part in last year’s elections. I’m guessing this is for Airs 100? Could someone please tell me what it’s about. And… if it’s not too soon… kinda spoil the rest of the ball, and whether or not there are other hidden encounters, apart from the 1-33 with the Contrarian/Bishop and 34-66 one with Jenny. Thankeeeeeeee!

No, there probably isn’t anything more. It is an odd choice to have Airs for the mayoral ball, though.

[quote=Anchovies]The story text for the announcement of the candidates never appeared on my screen. Does anyone have an echo of it, so I can read the darn thing?

I expect better than this in Fallen London. Was there any pre-launch testing at all?[/quote]

Yup, I think I saved pretty much all the entries from the Ball and candidacies: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Louvelune?fromEchoId=11937572


Do you want the ones from each candidate too?
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Having had Airs 100 in the mingling, it doesn’t unlock anything new, as far as I could see.

Well, made an alt for a destructive reason, wanted to pick campaigner for the boots, but got 10 server errors.
Problem is that in the end I accidentally clicked the Fixer and picked the helm! Only some time after I realized that I could have switched profession (not sure if possible before picking gift), but is there any way to change the gift?
Or am I stuck with those +2 boots I’ll have to get from the mentor story?

Fate. Fate will cure what ails you.

That I’m aware, mate! :) Should have mentioned: without spending Fate! But I’m guessing that it’s the only way to do so.
Meh, he’ll just have to work things out with the regular boots.

Am I supposed to still have my qualities from last year’s election? Just logged in for the day and I’ve got a storylet unlocked with Agitator 6 in addition to the Invitation to a Ball one. Is this a bug or is the career supposed to only reset once you choose a new candidate?

Pretty sure your stats get reset at the end of the Farewell Ball. If you’re already allowed to campaign then that’s probably an oversight.

If you already have a campaign career form last year, then you can already see the relevant storylet for it. However, the only option available in it tells you to pick your candidate first.

Is it possible to change your career BEFORE selecting a candidate? If not, can it be done between choosing the candidate and picking their gift, at least? ^^°

When viewing the card “Learn more about the Candidates!” the following text appears:

“Who has put their names into
the ring? Who has been bold enough to declare themselves for London’s first Mayorship?”

I think you mean Second Mayorship. Unless we’ve somehow gone back in time.

Alright, I went ahead - not much of a choice anyway, and: it turns out you CAN swap after picking your candidate, but before picking your free item. Just &quotperhaps not&quot out of the gift selection page, then come back into the election’s storylet. :)

Aw, didn’t end up getting a new gift. Never got to choose one last election, so now I’m a gift down… bah.

I am willing to assist any Feccudi Helpers.

Doesn’t the +8 Persuasive hat strongly disadvantage the Dauntless lady?
Mechanically speaking, that is, if many voters are gaming for stats.
The other two items increase the non-fate stat boost by +3 above current headgear. Dauntless is -2!

EDIT: Apparently you can pick your preferred gift and then switch sides without penalty.

[quote=Fadewalker]Three new items this year,

you get the first for free and further for 30 fate.
Epicurean War-Helm: Hat, Feducci only, +8 Dangerous, +1 Dreaded;
Corinthian Belfry Hat: Hat, Detective only, +8 Shadowy, +1 Bizarre;
Indignant Bearskin: Hat, DTC only, +8 Persuasive, +1 Respectable.

Last year:

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What price is something so insubstantial as light in exchange for freedom from laws and chains? I have gone North. I burn there. But were I able, I would vote for Feducci for his acknowledgement that chains aren’t meant to be binding or inviolable. Liberate the Night. The poor. The prisoners. Shatter all chains, literal, metaphorical, or metaphysical.

This is weak rhetoric, but honestly, he’s a weak candidate; mostly notable as a contrast to the forces of law and order on the opposing side. Call me when another member of the Calendar Council runs-- that will get you some premium shrieking Revolutionary madness.
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The fact that the Dauntless Campaigner is having her workers waylay and steal from honey-dealers quite funny. "How will we enforce temperance? By being illegal as all hell, of course!`

On a different note, has anyone found the link showing this year’s campaign posters yet? The link in Absintheuse’s post above only goes to the Gametee home page, and I didn’t see anything campaign-poster-like on AJ Hateley’s Gametee page.

EDIT: I missed the text that Gametee wouldn’t have the posters up before 20:30 BST. I’ve now seen them, and they look great!
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Oh? They remember who you voted for? I wasn’t here last year.