Election 1895 Begins!

[color=#cc0099]Delicious friends, the time has come: Election begins today. Sinning Jenny’s time is up and a new Mayor will be chosen!

“A carriage draped in sinful scarlet is stopped on a corner. A handsome footman in unduly tight livery hands you an envelope with gold lettering. &quotThe Mayor invites you to a farewell soiree at Blythenhale Mansion.”

You are invited to participate in the city’s second official Election.

The Election is free and is open to all players. It will begin today, Monday 26th June and end on the 10th July. Halfway through, we’ll announce which candidate is in the lead.

Choose a candidate, and campaign! Gather Election Resources, and raise your Election Career Level to increase their support!

Join the electoral efforts now through the &quotAn Invitation to a Ball&quot storylet, to explore the three candidates up for the 1895 Election: Feducci, the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner, and the Implacable Detective.

As part of the Fallen London Reworks project, players will be able to participate in two brand new social activities to help them amplify their vote:

  • Each political career will have its own unique social ability to further increase the impact of your vote—these social activity will be available throughout the entirety of the festival. [/li][li]The second social activity, Debates, will begin the second week of the festival

The elected Mayor will reign for one year, after which another election will be held. The winning candidate will have a Mayoral influence in your Opportunity Deck until next year’s election, so consider who you support carefully.

Excitingly, this year candidate posters are available to purchase through Gametee! Their talented co-founder and art director AJ Hateley has designed a unique poster for each candidate, which will be available to purchase from 20:30 BST 26th June - 31st July.

We cannot wait to see who you will choose, delicious friends…[/color]
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I do like me some unduly tight livery.

Aeeeeeeeeeeee! It begins!

Lets get cracking people! Let the campaigning, door-to-door knocking and rallying begin!

Awww, I like that she remembers who we voted for last year. It is also really bittersweet piece of text…


Probably isn’t live yet.

I supported Jenny last year - the Bishop and the Contrarian were both happy to see me, no hard feelings, and Jenny and I shared a moment of reflection on the year’s achievements. A nice moment!

Also, I applaud the fact that mingling is not action-sinking. Gives me a chance to enjoy the text (which is, so far, very lovely) and explore everything slowly

Aw, I loved the farewell party. Whoever is writing Sinning Jenny is doing a wonderful job with her, always.

Sister Lydia is there! She can talk! That is a nice touch. I wonder if other companions will make an appearance if I keep cycling the randomizer?

I am still mingling XD. Partly because I am waiting for good people here on forums to gather list of items that can be chosen. I don’t wanna miss out on something like boots last year

It seems my alt cannot choose a candidate

EDIT: it’s solved now.
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Curious. According to “Learn more about the Candidates”, Feducci and the Campaigner are both supported by Society and Criminals, differing only in their third faction, while the Detective is supported by the Constables alone.

Boy, this surely has caused me to doubt my allegiance to the Temperance Campaigner. I kind of want to throw my lot in with the detective, now.

Flavour text for careers is unchanged from the last year, what is that all about?

So… “Influencing the Election” that you can get from the new careers. Is this instead of Notability? In addition to Notability? Or an entirely unrelated resource?

I haven’t had any of my characters attend the ball yet. Do you draw cards in that ball?


So, candidate’s gifts are lost (unless they’ll come back with the same gift in the future). I took the boots for my main and the Implacable Detective’s hat for my alt.

Well, I suppose candidate’s gifts will not always be companions :(

So, we have to choose between a totalitarian(-) animal-rights(-)(animal-lovers tend to be human-opressors-they cut human rights for the animal rights) tea-drinker, a detective dark-horse(?), or a liberterian(+) egalitarian(+) tomb-colonist(+)(the first time a &quotnot-so-human&quot person gets a chance for a high post in London- not counting the Masters. Maybe they’ll stop genociding the rubbery men and making the Clay Men toil under his rule ) Feducci.

I vote Feducci. I choose freedom and ease.
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edited by Autonomous on 6/26/2017