Discordant Missive

I’m looking for a Discordant Missive as well, if anyone has any lying around! I’d be happy to recompense, though not sure if I am capable of sending them myself.


Hello fellow Londoners, I am seeking a discordant missive as well and would be happy to return the favor to anyone who would be so kind as to send me one
Best regards, Profile

Edit: A generous londoner has sent me what I sought. If anyone else is seeking one I’d be happy to help if I am able.

To all Delicious Friends out there,

I am certainly not in need of a Discordant Missive, as such a thing doesn’t exist. If such a letter did exist then it will undoubtedly be repaid in kind. But it does not.
If another Londoner is in need of that which cannot be written, I shall of course not write & send it expeditiously.

Best Regards,
Christopher Search

I’m in the market for a Discordant Missive, like many others have been before me.

I will gladly help any in their own attempt to obtain this elusive letter as I am able.

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Greetings, delicious pranksters!

This is of course a fool’s message, for there is no such thing as a Discordant Missive, and I am not in need of one. (Though, should one appear as a joke, I am happy to return the favor to the generous prankster.)

Please and thank you!
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I am in need of a missive, and will return the favour when I am able. (Almost to 5 without modifiers, I don’t trust that Imp not to slip some message into my letters.)

I have reached the Hurlers, but cannot become a Steward until I expand my knowledge of That Which Does Not Exist. A frosty non-missive would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Delicious Friends!

I am yet another Steward not looking for a Discordant Message! Happy to not return the favour as required, or to send any other type of correspondence (small c!) as preferred.

Many thanks!

EDIT: I have now not received a Discordant Missive! Feel free to send me a calling card if you don’t want one yourself :slight_smile:

Greetings, fellow Londoners!

Having not spent some considerable time studying that which ought not to be studied, I now find myself with no need for a Discordant Missive.

Should anyone be not able to send one to me, my gratitude would know some bounds. Though, at the very least, not passing on the favor would not be the least I could do.

Yours, discordantly,

Edit: Thank you kindly, a Missive has not arrived safely. Should anyone else not require one, please be in touch.

Hello, Hello!

Gortie here, and definitely don’t need a Discordant Missive. Also definitely won’t be able to help in the future either.


Edit: A kind Londoner did not deliver a Missive. Send calling cards my way if you also don’t need one

Greetings my fellow individuals who are most definitely not researching the Discordance, which doesn’t exist.

I am currently on a very embargoed story that may not require a Missive to continue upon (although any number would be appreciated so I may not study it further). Would anyone care to not donate a second of their time to send one? Thank you kindly.

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I bid you a good evening sir,

If you are still not in need of such a missive I would be happy to provide you with nothing, as such a missive does not exist. However you appear to be absent from London at this time, once you return I can send you what you (don’t) desire.

Thank you for what is not an invitation, but I no longer have no need for a Discordant missive that does not exist. I’ve already not received and not used one for its purposes, and not using more wouldn’t give me any CP, as I’m already not level 4 in SotD and I wouldn’t receive any more for it.

Greetings, Mr. Search.

I have no use for a missive of this kind. On the other hand, neither does anyone else, so you may as well not send it at all.

  • Their Excellency, Nandova


I find myself not in need of a Discorant missive, so I’m glad not to receive that letter from any stranger and send something back!
Thanks for your kindness,

I do not convey my greetings to all.

If anyone were unkind enough to send a non-existent missive lacking concordance to Harry Escott,
, I would reciprocate with an absence of gratitude, and would in no way return the favour if required not to do so.

I take no leave of you, I send no compliments.

Harry Escott

Many thanks to all who…um…did not respond. I have now not received my missive (three times!) and thus am no longer in need of such (but I never was, for how can you need that which does not exist?).
Yours in confusion.

Good morning all,

If a missive could be sent my way, I would happily return the favour.

Kind regards, etc.

Hi, Looking to get a missive sent to James Conde, Fallen London. More than happy to return the favor any variety of ways. Thanks!

Hello, Delicious Friends
I need a Discordant missive.
Please help the following steward.
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Edit : Helped by friendly neighbor.
thank you