Discordant Missive

Marcel does not want or need such things as Discordant Missives. He would not be very grateful to receive one.

I’m looking for a Discordant Missive as well, if anyone has any lying around! I’d be happy to recompense, though not sure if I am capable of sending them myself.


Hello fellow Londoners, I am seeking a discordant missive as well and would be happy to return the favor to anyone who would be so kind as to send me one
Best regards, Profile

Edit: A generous londoner has sent me what I sought. If anyone else is seeking one I’d be happy to help if I am able.

To all Delicious Friends out there,

I am certainly not in need of a Discordant Missive, as such a thing doesn’t exist. If such a letter did exist then it will undoubtedly be repaid in kind. But it does not.
If another Londoner is in need of that which cannot be written, I shall of course not write & send it expeditiously.

Best Regards,
Christopher Search