Discordant Missive

Dropped you a calling card!

I too am in need of such a missive, RGarriota. Expect payment in kind … or words of gratitude, if you are into that sort of thing.

Hullo! I can help you with that, so long as I can send you a calling card. And for that, I’d need you to pop back in London proper. Mail gets unreliable otherwise.

That darn mail! Back in the city now and many thanks in advance.

There’s another one seeking a Discordant Missive. Please tell me how I can repay you when you message me. Thanks

Edit:Got a missive. Thank you, DarkSquirrel

Encrypted message, masquerading as a little puzzle; the only hint something fishy’s going on - two Correspondence sigils in the corner

Fellow Stewards,

The thing we all haven’t spoken about is tearing my mind apart. I hope some other way of thinking will help me to steel myself, to keep moving despite the losses.
If one of you would bless me with your cold words - I’ll be very grateful. You’re free to request my help in return, as a Correspondent, as an Extraordinary Mind or as a plain Londoner, - this missive is too important for me to haggle.


The second message runs along the same path a little later. The general content is described by a sigil meaning “great relief achieved via the unexpected ways”

The missive is already in my hands, thanks to Mr. WM.

I also have urgent need of a Discordant Missive. Sending adress: Fallen London
I can also send one, if someone needs one as badly as I.

Edit: Got one!

Hi everyone!

I usually do not engage in social acts, but it turns out I really do not need a Discordant Missive. Would someone be nice enough not to send me one? Link to profile.

I can return the favour, or maybe do something else if you don’t need a missive.

Thanks in advance!

Hello all!
I find myself in need of a discordant missive.
If anyone could send me one, I’d be very much obliged.
I’m afraid I can’t reciprocate but I’ll repay the favour in any other way you ask.

I can send you a missive. I need to send you a calling card first so that we are acquainted, but it would seem you are not in London right now so I can’t.

By the way, no one sent me a missive yet. :cry: So I’m upping the stakes. I’ll also send at least one (1) Christmas card to the nice soul who’ll help me!

EDIT: Someone just sent me a missive. Thank you Conrad Constantine!

This one, who is not studying anything, have a great need in some Discordant missive.
In return can also send a missive, a christmas card or anything I can.

Edit: Got one. London is grim but not without good people.

Greetings fellow Stewards,

Can any of you fine people send me a Discordant Missive? I can send one back later, if you’d like!

My profile is Fallen London

Thank you for your help! Even if it will likely drive me mad


Edit: I have received some excellent assistance, and am no longer in need of a missive. Thank you, kind Stewards

If I could receive some help with a missive, it would be greatly helpful!

I can also hand a Discordant Missive back if you would like!

My Profile

Edit: I have received one, and no longer need it. Thank you!

Hi Stewards,

I am in need of a Discordant Missive, and can exchange with anyone in need of such.
My profile
Send me a calling card, or ping me here and I’ll send you one.

EDIT: This is now resolved, thank you Stewards.

Hello all!

Another steward here looking for a Discordant missive and ready to send one in return should you need it.

Find my profile here.

EDIT: I have what I need now, but feel free to send a calling card if you need a missive.
EDIT, again: Unfortunately I have now maxed out my influence and cannot accept new acquaintances to send missives to

Hello, Gentlemen!
Yet another Steward here that finds themselves in need of a Discordant Missive for progress and I’d gladly return a favor in return.

My profile

Edit: This matter has been resolved, but still feel free to send a calling card if you need help with potentially other matters yourself.

Hello Ladies and gentlefolk

as with everyone else gathered here i am in need of a Discordant Missive for progress for which i will gladly pass on the favour to another user

My profile
Edit: a kind soul has helped me and my studies continue

Fellow Stewards,

I find myself at once in need of a Discordant Missive and able to compose it. I would be immensely grateful if someone could provide me with one, and, conversely, will be glad to send a Missive to anyone in need of it.

My profile.

Edit: My own predicament has been resolved, thanks to the generosity of Conrad Constantine. The offer of a Missive still stands, if anyone needs one.

I do not find myself in need of a Discordant Missive. Please do not send me one.

Herein lies my profile. Much thanks to whomever does not send me a Discordant Missive that I do not find myself in need of.

Addendum: I have indeed not received a Discordant Missive and have not indeed just _______ something which does not exist. Thank you kindly. Now, time for chess.

Hello Gentlepeople,

if someone were to send a Discordant Missive to me I’d be most grateful. I’ll also gladly repay the favour should the need arise.

Edit: Thanks to generosity of a fellow Londoner I now have what I required. Once again, you have my gratitude.