Discordant Missive

Also looking for a missive

I am in need of a Missive.
The research must not continue.
I would be most grateful.


I could also use one. Much appreciated to anyone who obliges!


Looking for a missive as well.

I would greatly appreciate a missive as well.


Edit: Thank you very much!

Delicious Stewards,

I would greatly appreciate not receiving a Missive about a non-existent subject, which I do not need for any reason whatsoever.

As I am still unable to write about non-existent subjects myself, I could respond to whoever did not write back with an existing letter of their choice.

Much unobliged,

Lord Bolo


Edit: many thanks to everyone who did not respond, I no longer need a Missive about nothing

I offer no greetings, because I do not exist.

Nevertheless I would not greatly appreciate an also nonexistent missive to not study things that can’t be studied anyway because they don’t exist either.


Edit: Thank you to everyone who didn’t send me anything!

greetings, ice cold yet delicious friends!

i haven’t recently begun studying nothing at the hurlers, as we all haven’t, and i am not finding myself needing any discordant missives.

if you have a few lying around, please don’t send them to Mr. Rosies. i’m not at the level of non-existent studies to write back with missives, but i am a correspondent, so flame-proof missives abound.

thank you all in advance


edit: i have returned to london proper. one day, the d____ned postal service will realize you can just slip letters under my door if im not home, but that day is not today.

greeting delightful friends!

like many here i haven’t recently started to study a non-existend subject nor am i in need of a discordant missive.

if i had achieved any skill during my study, they wouldn’t be at the level to send my own missive. as such there will be no offers of any services an midnighter can provide or any other letters or services.

as i haven’t asked for anything, i do not thank you in advance.


Hi, delicious friends.

As it turns out, I’m not getting closer to solving the mysteries of non-existent Discordant Studies, and therefore I’m in no desperate need of a Discordant Missive. So if no-one would happen to send me one, I’d be extremely grateful.
My profile is https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/koukheras

Thanks in advance!

UPD: Thank you to the non-responding Londoners!

I tried to send you a calling card but you’re in a different place, I think you need to be in London for me to send you a calling card to be acquainted so I can send a missive.

Stupid rats and their market :grinning:
I’m back now, thank you.

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Esteemed Londoners!

Citizen Nonmomentus desires no missive what-so-ever. Nothing could induce them to reciprocate with anything you might ask of a Correspondent.

Thank you for your time.

No other Londoner has reached out; nothing has already been arranged.

Paul Ishmael has a similar lack of desire and would be willing to engage in a circular, rather than reciprocal arrangement. The challenges are twofold: gaining a little more Stewardship do actually write a Missive and navigating the first forum facilitated exchange.

Skarthi is not in the slightest in want of a Discordant Missive, and is therefore refraining from asking for assistance in her search, because why bother searching if nothing’s there?
My profile: Fallen London