Discordant Missive

Hi all,

I am looking for a discordant missive. I am happy to return the favor or send another letter of your choice. My profile link is:

Many thanks!

Good Evening,
I, too, find myself in need of a Discordant Missive.
Would any of you kind souls send one my way?

Edit: Got a missive! :)
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I also am seeking a Discordant Missive. If anyone can oblige, I would be happy to respond in kind.


Anyone still need? I think I have some spare influence for new contacts.

Though I make no guarantees I’ll ever remember having made this offer.

Anyone need a missive? I remembered I prepped one that I never sent, ready to send to someone

I could certainly use one, if it’s still ready!


Sounds good! Sent you a calling card to become acquainted, I think we have to be acquainted before I can send you letters.

I would greatly appreciate a Missive and am able to return the favor.
My profile link: Fallen London

I’d love to send you one, but I’m told you don’t exist.

Does this work better?

No, now it says you’re not eligible. Are you in London. (Or maybe I have too many contacts or too much influence, and have forgotten how to discard inactive contacts?)

Sorry, I forgot that I needed to be in London main to receive mail. I am now staying at My Lodgings, and have plenty of space for new acquaintances.

I completely misread you saying that you may have to many contacts as asking if I had to many contacts (which also would have been a fair question). To check and remove your contacts hit the button to go to your account (should be just under the ‘Profile’ button) and then hit the button labeled ‘Contacts’ (which is just above ‘Deletion)

Hmmm. Perhaps my issue is that I can’t add you as an acquaintance because my Influence is 91. It looks as though I need to snub an acquaintance and send you a calling card. I’ve done that, which hopefully will end up in my being able to send a missive.

Hello!! I’ve also found myself not in need of a Discordant Missive. If anyone couldn’t send me one, that would be wonderful, since I wouldn’t be able to return the favor. At least, not immediately, since my Steward of the Discordance skill is still merely 4. But I’d be happy to repay the favor in a myriad of other ways!

My in game name is Caiphon the Iconoclast!


I would also be extremely grateful for a discordant missive. My player profile is here: Fallen London.

Let me know how I can repay you/pay it forward when you message me. Thanks!

I find myself in need of a Discordant Missive. I’m happy to pay back.

many thanks in advance

I would like someone to send me, WereMagi, a frosted missive, I can send one back, but I can also send my notes on the Correspondence as well.

Thanks to Caiphon the Iconoclast, I have a missive.

If you don’t ask for one when sending a calling card, I won’t send one out, as you didn’t ask and thus don’t need something that doesn’t exist, anyway.

Someone, oh, please, sweat someone…

I need it so direly…

Am wlling to repay, of course, as we all are.

Thank you, DarkSquirrel, my dear friend.