Discordant Missive

Hi all,

I am looking for a discordant missive. I am happy to return the favor or send another letter of your choice. My profile link is:

Many thanks!

Good Evening,
I, too, find myself in need of a Discordant Missive.
Would any of you kind souls send one my way?

Edit: Got a missive! :)
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I also am seeking a Discordant Missive. If anyone can oblige, I would be happy to respond in kind.


Anyone still need? I think I have some spare influence for new contacts.

Though I make no guarantees I’ll ever remember having made this offer.

Anyone need a missive? I remembered I prepped one that I never sent, ready to send to someone

I could certainly use one, if it’s still ready!


Sounds good! Sent you a calling card to become acquainted, I think we have to be acquainted before I can send you letters.