I’m expecting some sort of system where we cash in Confessions, yeah - probably ranked by quality level with increasingly greater rewards, like the end of the Pickpocket’s Promenade. And perhaps choices as to whether we reveal others’ secrets or try to help them. But I’m talking from my digestive regions here - entirely making it up as I go along - and really, it could be anything.

Yep i think so. On a side note once you have Lv 3 confessions you NEED to use the Pride and Whimsy. Also i highly reccomend not using the Mr.Eaten one. But ofcourse you bloody north hunters will do it anyway.

looking for a PSOI friend to proceed on confession 3, in return will try to keep all my menace above 3 for anyone needed

Well I did manage to accept all those invitations last night but I put on my menace reducing gear so I wouldn’t wake up to another list of requests. Of course that means that the invitations I sent out yesterday couldn’t be accepted and so I am still not to Confessions 3.[li]

So I am not accepting any more invitations until I get there. I hope people understand but it took a lot of actions to raise those menaces and I did not manage to get to the stage where I could send out the higher level ones myself.

How so?

As far as I can tell both people need to have their menace at 3 or more for the invitation to work.

I don’t think so. I’ve sent out lots of Guile invitations from Gloria that have been accepted, and her Suspicion has remained at 0 the duration of the event.

Maybe I’ve just been unlucky and people are not accepting my invitations then:( I have sent out enough to get to Confessions 3 so don’t want to waste the actions sending out any more though. I guess I will just have to be patient and hope that they will be accepted soon.

Yeah, I’ve got a few invitations just hanging around too. The nice thing is that it’ll still increase Confessions once they do accept it, even if you’re at 3. I had my non-POSI alt get one extra CP after reaching Confessions 3.

That sounds alright then. Maybe I should spend the actions to request single menace Confessions and hope that at least some of them are accepted. I might do it all on scandal though as I find that is the easiest to raise.[li]
edited by circe on 11/9/2013

Circe – if you send me one, I’ll accept in the next two hours.

I got a User cannot be found when I tried to add you as a contact Flyte.

Ah, sorry – my username’s Sebastian Flyte.

Thank you. Invitation sent.

I am working my way through my confessional telegrams, dear fellow Londoners! Regretfully, so many have bombasted their way through my letterbox that an imprudently expensive tapestry in my hallway was dislodged, causing several pounds worth of damage and temporarily killing my law-abiding manservant ‘Stabs’ McHugh. Please do bear with me whilst I sift through them all, and feel free to send more as I’ve now had a quiet word with the post-urchin.

I’m going to keep my wounds and nightmares high, I’ll accept the PosI option as much as I can. Feel free to go for me. Account Dharlome

Circe: If you send an invitation to Galatea LaChance, I’ll make sure to accept it early today. Her wounds and nightmares are currently up high enough.

Thank you for the offer but I’ve now received enough confessions to take me up to Confessions 3. Now working on accepting any outstanding invitations, any one who has sent me one please be patient I will get to you all as soon as actions and menaces allow.

I highly recommend everyone does it. I think everyone who isn’t me should just do it over and over and over and not pay attention to anyone else who isn’t me, not even the game itself warning you about things.

Since a bunch of people are already asking me to confess anyways, I’ll go ahead and drop my name in here. I won’t be specifically hunting for menaces, but the things I’m doing are going to drop a bunch of them on me anyways. I do expect confessions in return though.

I fully intend to ignore this excellent advice re the Name, and I’ve finally managed to get a high enough menace level to do it (found those Counterfeit Heads of John the Baptist very useful for raising my Suspicion and Scandal!), so if anyone is willing to help me make a terrible, terrible mistake… please do send an invitation to dracjr :)