Best Fate-Locked Stories?

I hope this is allowed to post, as I’m aware there are similar topics from a good few years back; similarly, I hope my question is a little bit different to ones from back in our year 2015-2017 and so forth. I’m a little new to navigating the forum and using forums as a whole, so I ask for your patience and give plenty thanks to your continued kindness!

As a returning player to London, I was curious on what most would be considered the best stories either in regard to lore, or something else I’m interested in, which is fate-locked locations and items! I’m a bit of a collector, and I’d love to see what others find the most intriguing from the beginning middle-game portions onward. I just recently started zailing and restarted my ambition, and most of my stats are middling around 100-120 or so, if that is any indication to where I am at present!

Not looking to or intend to discuss spoilers, but I’d like to know what I should save up for looking at, when I have a few extra funds to afford buying more stories. It’s been so many years since I’ve been back here in the streets devotedly, so I understand I’ve missed quite a bit. What would you all recommend, or what are your favorites? :thought_balloon:

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One place to start would by the Fate Story survey. Every year rahv7 runs a survey among the player base for our opinions on various Fate-locked pieces of content. Most recent survey resutls.

Regarding locations specifically, I think the main ones are Mangrove College (Mushroom’s Dream) and Tanah-Chook (All Things Must End), both of which are overzee. Murshroom’s Dream also gives an item, which is a functional duplicate of an item from Whitsun but pretty good if you don’t already have it.

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Oooh, I’ll definitely give those a look over!

Especially in regard to the Zee; I’ve been looking for more places to explore and just recently got my hands on a Screaming Map after a good few days grind for it, thank you so much!

I might check out Flint, which is (in my opinion, I know a lot of people disagree with me) a pretty good story with lots of interesting lore about the Elder Continent and gives a couple of exclusive items and equipment, not to mention unlocking a new permanent location across the Zee. It is really expensive though, at 120 Fate, so don’t buy it unless you can easily afford to spend quite a bit of money. I also like Flute Street, which unlocks, well, Flute Street, another permanent location in London (sort of, it requires ten actions to get to) with lots of info on the Rubbery Men. Theological Husbandry is the logical next step if you like the Labyrinth of Tigers or the Bishop of Southwark, and it has some pretty neat lore if you are interested in Hell or The Church, but is mostly for mechanical advantages in the form of some pretty good new companions, as well as having an interaction with the aforementioned Flute Street! Those two are also much less expensive than Flint or exceptional stories, at only 25 and 20 Fate each!

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The Calendar Code (unless I’m mixing it up with another) and Lost in Reflections were both pretty cool with interesting lore. I’m thinking of doing CC again because I failed to echo too many things.
If you’re still having to grind notability and haven’t bought an Overgoat yet, definitely do Theological Husbandry. Even if you don’t, or have, do it anyway. Lots of lore and companions that will be handy when assembling skeletons. If fact, every one already mentioned here are more than worth doing.
Codename: Sugarplum was fun, but I’d recommend holding off until you’ve finished the railroad and not done a lot of nothing.
The Attendants (pretty sure) has a lot of 2nd city lore,
Cut with Moonlight and The Empress’ Shadow open up some fun things in London, and are good generally.
HOJOTOHO! is awesome. My Kingdom for a Pig lets you pretend you’re Homer Simpson, by falling in love with a pig. Do it.

Most are worth doing, but take your time and don’t break the bank. You’ll probably end up doing them all eventually.