Bag a Legend, Part 1

Okay So I’ve just got the Ambition Quality up to 300, Now what do I do?

&quotBaL&quot? I am not that far into this ambition yet. I am plugging away at it while making new entries at the wiki.

&quotBaL&quot? I am not that far into this ambition yet. I am plugging away at it while making new entries at the wiki.[/quote]
&quotBag a Legend&quot

&quotBaL&quot? I am not that far into this ambition yet. I am plugging away at it while making new entries at the wiki.[/quote]
&quotBaL&quot is just the shorthand for the Ambition.

Also with Lab Stuff our new Equipment is gated behind an inability to produce Hillmovers and Perfumed Gunpowder (the latter is a TBA Experiment).
Also getting a fourth person to work at your lab is Fatelocked (Maybe they could add an Alternative Cost once your Equipment/Prestige is high enough?)

So being able to &quotFBI OPEN UP!&quot our way into Parabola from the Lab will become available at midday?
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[quote=Rostygold]I had been waiting a few days for someone to update the Wiki and … nothing.

I added the most recent pages about this wiki.

Come on, you louts - if you are going to discuss the Ambition update here, do every other player a favour and help contribute to the wiki too.
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Editor on the wiki and not-really a poster here. Also the last person to add several pages to this specific ambition before the bomb stuff. Since that ambition’s major updates, I’ve lost the laptop that I’ve worked on, and I’ve also lost a lot of time to work on the wiki. That, combined with the amount of updates to the Ambition (and I acknowledge there are a lot of updates to this specific ambition), has given me less time to update, and working on mobile instead of on a laptop specifically on the wiki is slower for me than with a laptop. (There are no plans right now for me to acquire a laptop, if you’re wondering.)

I have been trying to edit what I have that’s not up on the wiki yet, but I have recorded everything I’ve done in the ambition so far, and I’m happy to PM details about the ambition (I have a lot, but I didn’t record everything, like the text that changes some qualities at the lab and past the lab that appears in the “Myself” tab) to anyone editing the wiki.
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[color=#e53e00]Part two is now live! Fill your boots.[/color]
[color=#e53e00]Good luck!
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I didn’t get the initial bit in the lab, but I’m doing my best to fully document everything!

Edit: I apologize to whatever wiki people have to sort out this mess later. When hunting Parabolan prey, many of the options change their titles based on the prey’s name. I tried to do something fancy with disambiguations but you’ll have to figure out the best way to represent this.
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After the RNG’s fit of pique finally subsided and deigned to grant me enough Urchin favor cards to convert materials for the bomb, I’m finally into the laboratory, and I like this so much I kind of want to just stay here and mess around, and the Ambition can go hang.

Edit: I will say that I appreciated the brief summary of the Ambition on the step after putting together the bomb-- I’d forgotten, well, most of the events to that point.
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Waiting for some turns to refresh now.

Got quite some way into Parabola now. There are many special options for glassman & monster hunter, which I sadly am not.

Stock up on hard-earned lessons if you’re heading there, and maybe use a mood card - it’s quite challenging with 286 dangerous.

Lots of excellent weird dream-animals too, as you’d expect. Here’s a very colourful focused albatross:

I have echoed most of this on ‘ancient’ profile link below.

Finally back in London, and taking a long break from wiki-updating. Parabola has an incredible amount of content, all of it very enjoyable, but it’s a pain to document :(

You can actually Grind Monstrous Anatomy to reduce the challenge somewhat.

Also the First step of making the Curved-Talon Absinthe increases your K-Tox Quality by one.
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Where can you grind it?

Most of the Toxicology/Anatomy/Glasswork challenges raise the quality by 1 CP, success or fail. There’s almost certainly a cap though.

Blimey. I may have used a couple of darkdrop coffees to rush this. Worth it.

Lots of spoilers in ‘ancientdrunkard’ profile link, if you’re not a nutter who has one alt for each ambition.

And that’s not even the conclusion. I wonder what the third part will cost me, and if it’s randomly gated by something like bat with attitude.

I’ve reached the current boundary and can give a few details about a few things for new players will need for the Base Camp so you don’t have to go back and forth from the Parabolan Base Camp to London like I did:

5 Aeolian Screams

Both a regular Parabolan Linen Suit & Dress from the Bazaar, some honey, and Strong-backed Labour. Monster-Hunters can ignore spending Strong-backed Labour.

11 Rookery Passwords, 11 Pulsating Amber, or help from Fate-locked Countess of Thorns or an Anchoress.

A Parabolan Panther, a Bengal Tigress or a Dream-Hound from the Fate-locked Animal Husbandry

A certain step will require 5 Urchin favours to progress if you have started and completed the fate-locked Mysteries of the Foreign Office, or a Bazaar Tear, a Cellar of Wine, and Connected: Masters if you haven’t and are not willing to spend fate.

If you still have a Half-Wild Mandrake, there’s a bit of flavour text after you deliver the payload.

This is just from memory, feel free to add other options & materials needed to progress for this step in the Ambition.
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Thanks for the wiki updates on the Parabolan phase. I will check them later and rephrase any placeholder phrases - unless they are page names of course. Have to make new pages for that.

I am still plugging away at the lab phase though.

As someone who had Ambition: Nemesis, I have to admit I’m quite jealous of all the extra content you guys are getting with your ambition. Since all the material is already there for both the Laboratory and the Parabolan Base Camp, I’m sincerely hoping the rest of us get the content sooner than later.

Thanks for the wiki updates on the Parabolan phase. I will check them later and rephrase any placeholder phrases - unless they are page names of course. Have to make new pages for that.[/quote]

The main issue with the Parabolan phrase is the storylets where the prey’s name appears in the title. Eventually I hit on just using Parabolan Quarry in the name, although maybe it should be parenthesized for clarity, but a number of pages should be renamed. The other issue is that I wasn’t sure how to handle the qualities with custom increase-decrease messages, and only rediscovered the Gain/Loss templates at the very end.

I’ll try to go back over the pages tomorrow, but outside input would be very welcome, especially since I missed a few branches.

You can look at the code that I use for the templates that are used in the laboratory work pages.

What’s the most reliable Way to get Airag?

Because short of Acquiring 35 cellars of Wine through the most inefficient means possible…I have no other way of getting Tears.

But seriously who looked at the requirements for this step and said &quotGood idea! Print!&quot
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