Bag a Legend, Part 1

[color=#0066ff]Monster-hunters of the Neath brag about the beasts they’ve bagged, but not the Vake. [/color]
[color=#0066ff]Bag a Legend Part 1 will arrive today, and you’ll get early access via a code I’ll post here.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]I hope you enjoy it![/color]


one step closer…

[color=#0066ff]The Vake has terrorised London long enough. It is time to eradicate this particular menace.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]forum members can progress their ambition a little early by using this code. We hope you enjoy the Bag a Legend! conclusion, part I:[/color]
[color=#0066ff][You no longer require the code to play the story continuation. Enjoy!][/color]
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edited by h4nchan on 3/3/2020

For those with a Thoroughly Cowed Pony, take the relevant option to get something special…

Unfortunately I get this error message after a short story update: “The access code ‘bagalegendearlylaunch2952039483023’ has been used up and was not applied.” Is that supposed to happen?

[color=#0066ff]You no longer need to use the code! Are you able to proceed?[/color]

I found the hook! Thank you!
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Whee! The one alt who’s on the Nemesis ambition wasn’t anywhere near the boundary (and had literally only just become a POSI before the new content went up, and hadn’t even gone to Venderbight yet) but the other alt is only a step from the Bag A Legend boundary (still gathering the element for the chorister’s bomb) so I’m excited to (be able to) see where this is going.
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Yeah, I had an alt who was on the last step (needed just 2 Aelioan Screams), so I hauled to get them to the boundary.

I’m still dealing with assassins, but I look forward to hearing about it :)

Another probably missable thing, thanks to Mourning_Sun on the discord: optionally using a very expensive item for your disguise gives a unique quality.

Welp! Time to grind for a Cellar Of Wine!

I’m confused. I have Ambition: Bag a Legend! 140 from years ago when I reached the end of the content at that time. I don’t remember much about the storyline… So, where do I go now to find the continuation?

You should have a storylet at your Lodgings. One of the options is a story reminder.

P.S. Brief summary: You need a big not-bomb to kill the Vake and you need to make the not-bomb in the dream-world. (If you went &quotI… what?&quot at this, you definitely need the reminder.)
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Woo! One step closer to murdering a Master with a Red Science bomb and possibly it’s own claw! Also wow, picked a very good time to be a Correspondent again. Also hope the coin I stole from Mr. Fires is useful for something later on.

[quote=Optimatum]Another probably missable thing, thanks to Mourning_Sun on the discord: optionally using a very expensive item for your disguise gives a unique quality.[/quote]Uh, thanks for pointing this out! Saw that action, but missed the unique quality gain!

Thanks! That’s on my ‘ancient’ profile now. Along with 7777 echoes worth of teeth, which apparently count as a hat.

A hat with negative Persuasive and Monstrous Anatomy! Wonder if higher levels of the later quality will offer anything different than 1 level.

Does anyone know what Mr Fires is doing with his factory of forged coins? I have the coin on my mantelpiece at the moment, but after biting Mr Fires, I wasn’t able to talk to him afterwards.

Journal entry links about the different outcomes upon visiting the Workshop of the Khan of Silks would be greatly appreciated.