Announcing Firmament

Reminder to everyone that there’s scheduled maintenance tomorrow.

Which may or may not coincide with Adornments getting re-assigned.


I wonder if anything magical is going to happen today! :heartfl:


In regards to what? Is there something planned today I missed?

(From brooding gulfs are we beheld

By that which bears no name

Its heralds are the stars it fells

The sky and Earth aflame

Corporeal laws are unwrit

As suns and love retreat

To cosmic madness laws submit

Though stalwart minds entreat

In luminous space blackened stars

They gaze, accuse, deny

Roiling, moaning, this realm of ours

In madness lost shall die

Carrion hordes trill their profane

Accord with eldritch plans

To cosmic forms from tangent planes

We end as we began)


No, but I hoped and it actually happened!

April 11th, and the full first chapter on April 18th

Almost there… :slight_smile:


what, exactly? what did you hope for, and what happened?

A teaser; there’s a thread about it.


Ohhhh, okay! Sorry for the confusion.

You know - I wonder if the reason this ties in with the Railway is because, if you don’t save Furnace, the Starved Men do? We know the city design can take inspiration from them, and that Starved Men do come to live in the City if Furnace Ancona Starved was the founding body. So maybe we’ll meet some, I don’t know, friends of hers from there? But then they’d have to make sure that people who DID save Furnace didn’t get locked out of anything major.


Yeah, the differences between saving Furnace and not are already so deep, idk how far they can really push that idea honestly, but I’d love to find out!

Yeah - it seems like such a clear connection between the stories, but how do you make it work for both? I like the Starved, and Furnace, and it’d be disappointing to know that helping one years ago locked me out of content for the other now.

(Also I want to put a Starved person on the train board. Or make one Union leader. I think that’d be fun.)


Well, you can sort of make a Starved the Union Leader if you save Fires over Furnace, turning her into Starved Furnace, then make someone else into the Tracklayer’s City, then appoint Furnace as the Union Leader in the CiS instead of whoever you had replace her. Of course, that’s really complicated and someone who saves Fires instead of Furnace probably isn’t the type to let her be the leader, but it can be done. I’m pretty sure that this works for the Railway Board as well, but I can’t test it myself.


Sorry to be unclear, I meant a character separate from Furnace! Like, one that could lead the Furnace-city, or something. I think it’d be especially interesting for an Attenuated city, but really any major Starved pov for a human becoming a city could be interesting.


Forgive me if I’m wrong, as I haven’t purchased it myself, but isn’t that sort of what the Three-Body Problem TLC Viginette is for? I mean, providing a Starved perspective on the whole City transformation thing? Though I agree that more Starved representation in my Attenuated city would be very interesting. Maybe I should buy it myself!

I actually haven’t done that yet, so I don’t know! But that’ll definitely be something to look forward to.

In general, I’d like it if there were a couple more Union leader options for variety, especially once the city is built , so that’s where I’m coming from

You get some Starved perspective on things, but surprisingly the transformation of the city isn’t one of them. The main thing is that from the Starved perspective, the new city is a portent, similar to London before it.


Few more hours for the prologue. Be sure to stack some AP if you’re able to play the story!


The rain is already pouring EVERYWHERE in London for more than 30 minutes! :heartfl:

In each of the four starting areas, for information’s sake.

Found a storylet in my Lodgings, seems to be Firmament-related because I’m going on a barge with the Commodore and Mr. Fires as soon as my actions refresh.


OH. So it’s my baby now, is it? And here I thought I couldn’t disown it because I was just bougie tourist who needs to do better. But as it turns out? I can!

So where’s that option FBG?

(I knew I was gonna be annoyed by how it tied in.)

Seriously, I get that CiS is part of the game now, and it’s not going away… but could ya not write EVERY reference to it thusly:

"[…] the happiest place in the Neath (and your favourite vacation destination) THE TRACKLAYERS’ CITY! WHERE ALL YOUR TRACKLAYER FRIENDS ARE WAITING :smiley: "


Because it lowkey feels like an advertisement for New Coke.