Announcing Firmament

My guess is that the G city is either The Second or The Third city, considering those are the two that the Masters are sensitive about. There’s a pretty substantial amount of evidence that The Second City was Amarna, so I’m betting on it being whatever the Third City was, since we still don’t have any confirmed or likely names for it.

EDIT: although she does seem rather English for someone born in South or Central America, so I could be wrong. We’ll probably find out over the course of Firmament somehow.


If I understand the deep lore correctly the second city was in ancient Egypt? (By lore I mean spoiling myself on the lore wiki’s SMEN article) I thought of G as in Gizeh, though that doesn’t fit with the rest of this story unless the stalactites on the roof are inverted pyramids, which I know, sounds bat-s**t crazy even for this universe.

On a different note: It’s been earnestly fun looking up the difference between stalactite and stalagmite for the thousandth time to be sure I’m not making a fool of myself😂

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Just a minor sentiment check with the players here, do you give consent or withhold consent?

Both options advance the story, but I want a feel of which is the more prudent choice.

I gave consent. I get the feeling that as far as this prologue goes there isn’t much of a difference, but obviously I can’t tell for later in the story. It might just be a short flavour thing, it might be a linchpin decision. That said, I think it’s more tilted towards flavour, but that inasmuch as it matters, choosing to give consent is more prudent. My PC for one usually says yes to dangerous / ill advised ideas to see where the story leads so that’s that.

For Persons of Some Importance: Aren’t we all here because at some point we agreed to slander the Empress at the behest of a shadowy courtier who offered no assurance of reward or even just leniency?

For Evolution players: haven’t we all agreed to advance ill-advised ideas at the start and all throughout that adventure?

For all players: It is not suggested via Ambitions that our PCs came down to the Neath in the first place for some long-shot attempt at fame or wealth or vengeance?

Did we not all choose to investigate stuff that was better left alone while working as detectives in Ladybones, as “archaeologists” in the Forgotten Quarter or early in our careers as University faculty?

For no players in particular: did we not enjoy some inexistent opposite language of that which is warm, safe, and within the Law?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I view my PC as one terribly daring person, regardless the level of said quirk.


I am disappointed so far. Was expecting some gameplay (collect resources, move around, fail checks, maybe solve riddles), but all we got two straightforward sections ~20 actions long. Cmon, it’s a game, not a book where you could read one line per 10 mins. Let us play…

The hipster in me wants to pick the option involving the Hinterland City, but I am tempted by the attractive Last Duchess.

I will decide tomorrow.

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I’m actually loving this so far. It feels dramatic, and …London-fond? Solidaritous? Like I’m part of this messy city, at any rate, the way the Estival events have. Checking out the rain in all the different places, the meeting with the Commodore, the mysterious accusations of the Empress, the Masters getting in on things, it’s all flavour and story rather than much in the way of gameplay elements, but it’s making me very excited for the rest. Evolution was great, but this one feels much more like something really new is coming.


Flying Drill to dig into the surface? Mirror float that shoots superheated sand, and makes temporary mirrors to parabola? A flesh-based monstrosity of particularly rubbery Red Science? what kind of thingamabob would be a good topstellar?

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I’m at ‘Firmament 35 - You are waiting for the construction of your airship’.

How long do I have to wait for the construction to complete?

As the original announcement said, a week, when the first official part is released on the 18th.

Tsk tsk, so inefficient, those Masters. :smile:

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Stalactite has a ‘c’ in it and it goes on the ceiling; stalagmite has a ‘g’ in it and it goes on the ground. That’s how I remember.


The content seems fine to me, but the text is disappointingly full of typos and errors – for instance the idea that loam is a rock that you can “hew” – when wet! Wrong plurals, plural verbs with singular nouns – it all seems rushed and inadequately checked over (sorry, I do this for a living).

Fallen London’s premier selling point is the quality of its text. So I do expect better.

(Typically I will of course have an absolute howler of an error in this post…)

I’ve always been something of an “après moi, le déluge” kind of guy, but it appears to have been more a case of “pendant” after all.

In more practical matters, I’m a bit stumped by the choice of class. From what I recall of the Starved war, I found the Sparrow class by far the easiest to fly around and do missions in, though if memory serves I felt a bit hampered by it on the final approach due to the lack of firepower.

Do we have any idea of what to expect from the mechanics this time around? Are they likely to be broadly similar to before?

Nada! But we know that we’ll be able to change our ships. :slight_smile:

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…eventually. After an undetermined duration. And likely not for free. So while the decision may not necessarily be final, I hesitate to consider it trivial.

If it bothers you that much, just wait until it is released and more is known. It’s not an event, it won’t be going away.

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I just opted to hedge my bets with the middle-of-the-road choice, but I wonder whether this time around it’ll end up feeling more like it’s pretty good at everything or, as before, a bit rubbish at everything. I guess we’ll see.

Stalactite has a ‘c’ in it and it goes on the ceiling; stalagmite has a ‘g’ in it and it goes on the ground. That’s how I remember.

I thought it was that a stalactite has to cling titely to the ceiling, lest it fall, whilst a stalagmite mite eventually reach the ceiling, after enough time and drips…

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The way I remember it is similar yours, but for the stalagmite I think it might be tripped on by someone not paying attention

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