The Fire in the Looking Glass

Yes. A new Dream of Wandering Fire roams through London.

Oh dear. Oh dear. Tread carefully.

And care to bring your umbrella, delightful friends.

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Have some echoes in my profile, if they are needed for anyone willing to edit the wiki. Can’t wait to see what’s coming.

I suppose that as is usual in those cases, I’ll just wait for the RNG to deign to give me the card that starts it all.

I got the card the moment I clicked on the deck.

Now I am scared, I will not proceed until the others have ventured forth.

… that was a very intense dream (maybe?!) indeed.
I love the writing / pictures it evoked in my head. plus, parts of it reminded me a little bit of Changeling the Lost which is always an easy shortcut into my heart …

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I checked the quality you get from finishing this little vignette, and it is in fact Firmament! That’s what it’s called! So I conclude that this was probably the promised prologue, but if I remember correctly FBG said the prologue was going to be released on the eleventh? Perhaps I just forgot. Either way, this bodes well for our new content!


There we go, it starts here as well.

Took me two tins of crackers to draw the card. No regrets.

Stunned. And breathless in anticipation.

Also was that The Woods in Winter? Not that I even know what exactly that is, but that’s a specific thing and it sure seems to evoke that.


Waltz touched that a little, but we still have no idea what it is!

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Checking it, I’m more amused at the accents being completely missing than anything else. It beats them being incorrect, at least.

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Yeah Firmament is gonna kick ass it looks like. This is fun and dark and brooding in a way a lot of the game shies away from. I like it.


So, this was fun! The writing was excellent, as usual, and the story was both intriguing and rather disturbing. I will admit, most of it didn’t make much Sense to me, at least assuming it was metaphorical and not a literal description of the dream. I hope you’ll have fun with this expension and that it lives up to your hype. I’ll get to it eventually too, but I already have too much I want to do at the moment.

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Interesting - and that ending note is intriguing. The last time we had rain in London was the Prelapsarian Exhibition, wasn’t it? What are the Starved Men doing up there…


It was!!! I guess we are really going to need those airships, huh?

Just saying, that’s some intro…


Airship, train and ship combine to form a mega robot which shoots down Masters’ dirigibles.


I kinda hope that in the same way that there are options for post ambition in the railway that there’s some unique airship options for certain ambition endings.

Like a Masters’ dirigible for Mr. Cards, or letting you fly your chained Vake, or maybe even letting people with their own false star get an airship made by the starving men. I just love the ambition tie in options.

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I want to have Mr Fires lend me one of his dirigibles! He owes me, after all. Really though, everyone talks about how much integration the False-Star will have, but I’m betting the Diamond will have a great deal too. After all, Mr Fires controls the dirigible trade, and you can’t get to the Roof without dirigibles!


Meanwhile, every single other Ambition.