[quote=Cecil ]I can confirm as of a few seconds ago, the card Listing Tower is still in the deck and unlocked with:
Dangerous 100+
A Participant in the Underground Leagues of Knife-and-Candle 1
Knife-and-Candle: A Proud Parade of Victories 3+[/quote]

So… when K&C will be withdrawn today, we will all lose the ability to draw the Listing Tower card, won’t we?
Non of us will be A Participant in the Underground Leagues of Knife-and-Candle 1…

I’m pleased to hear it’s being tweaked, even though obviously we have no idea how just yet.

The Moon League is/was fun, but there was altogether too much brute-forcing of single stats for my liking. As I mentioned in the feedback thread a little while ago, I also thought that the blocking Gambits were quite under-powered.

I wonder whether the medals and rewards will remain the same? I didn’t quite have time to get the very last medal in my chosen Order. Hopefully will get a chance to do so in the future.

Funny enough, the players in the half abandoned mansion haven’t gotten the message yet. Someone should really tell them before Mr. Iron gets too upset.
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Honestly, my favorite part of the Moon League is that it is an 8-part scene with another player, in which you can logically move through four sets of dialogue each. Why can’t we have that on a social action? I.e., mimic the party card, but have a little social action that’s “Invite someone to attend a party with you.” Then you each get a “Conversation while arriving”. Then “Conversation at dinner”. Then “Conversation while dancing.” Then “Farewells are said”. Each time a move and counter-move, with the chance to send more dialogue. That would be so great.

Updates: The gameskeepers cottage in watchmakers hill is now closed. We still have the sense of urgency item, the a participant in the underground leagues of knife and candle quality, and the moon league token item, but the pinned storylets associated with these items have been removed.

If you were in the games keepers cottage when it closed, it has a leaving message that tells you that you can spend your prize tokens in your lodgings. If you approach the gameskeepers cottage from watchmakers hill, it gives the same message about being closed, but without letting you know you can spend your prize tokens in your lodgings (not sure why it doesn’t, it might be an oversight). A new pinned storylet has appeared in my lodgings which unlocks with having 5 prize tokens and it takes you straight to the prize token turn in menu. So you can in fact trade in your prize tokens as long as you have five of them.
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[color=#ff9900]Hello again![/color]
[color=#ff9900]The second season of Knife-and-Candle has now concluded, and the content closed down.[/color]

  • [color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]If you have at least 5 Prize Tokens, you can still trade them in for the usual rewards - we’ve moved the ‘Knife-and-Candle: Prizes!’ card to your Lodgings.[/color][/li][li][color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]If you had access to the Listing Tower you will still be able to draw its card.[/color][/li][li][color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]We haven’t removed any qualities you’ve earned. Some may need to be reset before the next season starts, but for now we’re leaving them as-is.[/color]

[color=#ff9900][quote=Appolonia]Honestly, my favorite part of the Moon League is that it is an 8-part scene with another player, in which you can logically move through four sets of dialogue each. Why can’t we have that on a social action? I.e., mimic the party card, but have a little social action that’s &quotInvite someone to attend a party with you.&quot Then you each get a &quotConversation while arriving&quot. Then &quotConversation at dinner&quot. Then &quotConversation while dancing.&quot Then &quotFarewells are said&quot. Each time a move and counter-move, with the chance to send more dialogue. That would be so great.[/quote]
We’ve been discussing social actions recently, and this is the sort of thing we’d like to do more of![/color]

It just now occurred to me how much sense it makes to put K&C on hiatus with the launch of the iOS app.

As the only PvP part of the game it makes sense to treat this aspect of the game carefully when expecting lots of new players who know little of the game and what to expect. (and obviously new players are at a huge disadvantage in K&C, especially since the Iron League is the default).

Oh you trolls, you left the chrysalis candle storylet so people still have to deal with a storylet everywhere they go if they want the candle in their collection.

So what do you mean by those who had access to the Listing Tower? Do you mean those with the key or with Dangerous 100, A Participant 1, and a win-streak of three? Because the latter method seems rather silly to me, looking the card for who knows how long to those with an unlucky loss at the end while leaving it open for people who may not even have the key or be able to purchase it.[li]

The Chrysalis Candle storylet is closed now, by the way.
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Gone =)

[quote=Bertrand Leonidas Poole]Could you perchance regale us with tales of the Bronze League? I sometimes wonder if there was lore or writing in the Bronze League unknown to most.

Do you have Labyrinth Runner?[/quote]

Eh? Bronze League? What’s that? I can… I can barely remember when K&C first opened, and I think my insides are too dusty [rewraps a bandage] to remember how it worked. There were no forms. There was a lot of stabbing. So much stabbing. I became an umpire, and got stabbed some more.

Labyrinth Runner… I don’t recall Labyrinth Runner having anything to do with K&C. You got more Labyrinth Runner by finding shortcuts that let you move between areas without spending an action. (It used to cost actions to travel…) As far as I know, I have all the Shortcuts, though they don’t do anything now:

…and I only have Labyrinth Runner 11 because I discovered that some of the shortcut-unlocking storylets could be repeated, so I decided to grind it higher than necessary for fun. FALLEN LONDON!

Anyway, tangent, nothing to do with K&C. Do they still send Knot-Names these days? Why, I remember when I was a lass, the Brass Embassy was called the Bronze Embassy, and Rubbery Men only had one tentacle. You had to pay to walk from Spite to Ladybones Road and the urchins were all still in diapers. Then the Starveling cat showed up and–

Note the bronze leagues weren’t part of ~original~ knife and candle, but they were part of the first season of the Underground leagues of knife and candle, which came later. The bronze leagues were exactly the same as the iron leagues, except you won/lost two tokens instead of one. It was played with the same cards and had the same attack text. It was closed down due to a glitch wherein if you had 1 token and therefore did not have two to lose, you kept that one token and could effectively prevent yourself from being knocked out of K&C by having an odd number of iron knife tokens. I believe the baroque gain/losses were +2 on a loss and -1 on a victory. It wasnt too exciting, other than exploiting that glitch was a good way to min/max baroque by intentionally losing duels against invincible opponents, such as Mr Iron. And it was an effective way to ensure you wouldn’t lose all of your K&C items by getting knocked out of the leagues as was the custom back then. The iron and bronze leagues would sometimes bleed into each other and cause weird errors. This also happened with the iron league and the moon league in its early days, but I havent heard of that happening in a long time so I assume it eventually got patched. The bronze league had a bronze skull token similar to the silver moon token of the moon league. When the bronze league ended, everyone who was in it at the time received a few prize tokens for their troubles in getting booted from the league. That’s about all there is to know about the bronze league.
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Will prize tokens be useful in the new season?

Will our ability to turn in prize tokens be revoked?

Oh I hope this means you are discussing revamping them on the engine level. The current system is just so limiting in what it can do compared to what it should do.

I’m just hoping they give us the opportunity to have social actions with multiple people. I know several friends who would love to throw parties for people, you could do a salon.

Myself, I just want to be able to introduce two people to each other. (in a more free-form manner than identically scripted messages to each, followed by a quick in-character departure so they can converse.)

I have a few suggestions for the third season which might spice things up:

  • New Newgate League: Think Iron League is brutal? Try the prison version! Accessed only at the menace zone.
  • The Brass League: Hunting the hunters at forgotten quarters. YES!
  • Companion Ring: Let your companion fight and use its abilities. The Presbyterate Diplomat’s has a dark violent side or just savage bureaucratic abilities? Who will win - The Bifurcated Owl or the Pink-Painted Cat? Is the Cheerful Goldfish really the best champion you could find for yourself?
  • A Cook-off: Our first reality show in the Neath, hosted by Mr Hearts. As appropriate for edible things in the Neath, winner reduces wounds while loser raises Peckish.
  • Cider League: No, it does not give ciders, it’s just an extremely long duel, spreading upon 3.5 years before resolving.
  • Candle & Candle League: Players are giving homage to our cousins the Snuffers (or perhaps ARE snuffers themselves) in this new exciting league where the winner takes the face of the loser, thus gaining an access for a day to that user’s profile (no access to Bazaar allowed to prevent draining that user’s property or money).
  • Dueling the Black Ribbon: No more merely gaining +2 wounds when losing. You lose? Profile deleted. BAM! The way Feducci intended.
  • Destiny League: participate in a duel? Gain 1 Fate. Win a duel? Gain 3 Fate. I’m telling you, FBG, this will have HUGE ratings!
  • Fashion League: Who’s chic and who’s weak?
  • Sunless League: Arm your zubmarine, transform your spa on your pleasure yacht to an ammunition room, boost your clipper’s engines with nitrous. Yell embarrassingly too many unnecessary Ahoy and Arrrg. Dueling in Troubled Waters!
  • Professional League: A league for the advanced players, using 4 tier professions! Licentiate and Monster Hunters gets bonus to Savage. Crooked Cross and Glassman to Elusive. Correspondent gets bonus to intellectual Baroque. Midnighter just tries to remember what the hell is going on, that poor Irrigo soaked soul…
    With guest stars such as The Doctor, healing his opponents instead of damaging them (why?!) and the Notary which does not get any bonus, but gets a percentage of the winnings even when losing.
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Oh, minor item but since its no longer possible to retire from K&C or anything like that, do you think the K&C option on “A Polite Invitation” could be removed? There’s no reason to charge us extra actions for attending the party if we aren’t actively knifing and or candling.

Don’t we get extra Talk of the Town for being K&C players? I thought that was the actual benefit, and the bit about not getting attacked just color-text.

Can they not? I thought that option gives us a boost when we start the party . . .

I use it all the time, as it helps get to my personal recommendations a lot quicker than otherwise.[/quote]
It doesn’t give enough to be worth 3 actions, IIRC, so i’d rather they removed it, or made the other option unlocked. (Or buffed that option to compete with the general rule of +2 cp per action on non-card actions, but that’d be dreaming.)

I don’t know exactly how much extra Talk of the Town it gives, but I don’t think it’s enough to justify costing two extra actions.