It gives 3 points rather than 2.

Oh, yeah, that’s not worth it, clearly. I thought it was more.

Oh, I was enjoying a little winning streak! But I am eager to see what changes will be implemented.

I am quite disappointed to find this out after noticing the lack of the K&C option on a card and coming to the forums to seek explanation. I understand that the app release took first priority, but again, could you either announce these changes in-game in the message box, or if that’s so unsuited to these announcements, then update it to something more useful?

I sent in a suggestion about the cards a couple weeks ago and just got a response. They’ve removed the K&C option for the party card, and The Listing Tower can now be drawn with Dangerous 100 as before but now just the Sharp Iron Key instead of A Participant and a winstreak. I haven’t checked to see if the latter card’s rarity has changed.

The frequency is standard. Can’t say what it was before.

I think that’s the same.

It is and was previously standard frequency.

RIP K&C. I await the return of gentlemanly and abstract bloodshed.
But I got most of what I could. All that remained was a golden hunt.