[color=#ff9900]Delicious Friends! We are bringing the second season of Knife-and-Candle to a close. On Monday, all current duels will end. Knife-and-Candle - Fallen London’s player-versus-player contest of polite murder - will be unavailable until the beginning of the third season.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]We know Knife and Candle has dedicated followers. We like it too! We plan to revisit it, improve the technology, and return with a more robust and accessible third season for you all to enjoy. [/color]
[color=#ff9900]When we do, we will undoubtedly be looking for people willing to test the new system. We’ll look here first![/color]

Does this mean my current prize tokens are wasted, or can I continue turning in Notability towards a Waxwail Knife during the hiatus?

Chris, how does this affect the parts of the game that are not P2P but depend on K&C? Do we get to keep the key to the Abandoned Mansion? Do we keep our order memberships (which are used to unlock certain branches in the Exceptional Stories, for example)? Will the Cottage storylet disappear entirely so we won’t be able to cash it accumulated prize tokens?

ETA: And, indeed, even if we do get to keep the key to the Abandoned Mansion, will we have access to the Listing Tower if the winning streak gets reset…?
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Well I’ll be attacking everyone on my contact list until this is over. Feel free to add me for a stabbing contest.

I would like to know whether our prize tokens will be confiscated.

Oh no! I just started playing and I’m sorry to see it go.

Well there goes my profitable stabbing grind, ah well. Anyone fancy some dueling before it closes?

Thankfully, I got my waxwell knife yesterday.

I’m looking forward to the third season! I like the current game, but it’s luck-based nature can get tedious after a while.

Would like to know, as others asked, whether it applies the Moon League as well. Whether the Abandoned Mansion’s card will still be available. Whether prize tokens and other tokens will stay with the players.
And, if it is possible and not hindering anything with you at FBG, could we have a bit of extension to wrap things up (say, till end of April)? 3-4 days give not that much time as a warning.

Good luck with preparing the new content of K&C.
Thank you.
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Oh man! This reminded me of the ancient promise. If K&C ever gets revamped the merciless modiste will surely be a part of it. The kickstarter officer pack says “The resulting character will appear in both Sunless Sea and Fallen London!” and at the time I was super into K&C. For sunless sea, I asked to be an officer who you could fight in a K&C duel, and for Fallen London I had asked if I could be part of K&C to which Alexis said it would need to be revamped first, but a bohemian clothier would certainly be a good fit if it ever happened (paraphrased). I mean, its not a firm yes this will happen, but it wasn’t a no either, and he was very positive towards the idea at the time. Let’s all hope the announcement of a K&C revamp is a heralding of the appearance of the modiste in canon Fallen London because aaaaa I am such a fan of it and that would be so cool.

For those with longer memories, how long did it take between the first two seasons of the game?

I can’t wait to see some changes to K&C! Maybe you could let moon leaguers fight normal battles while not engaged in a hunt-duel?

I don’t know exactly when the first Knife and Candle was retired, but it was before I started playing and didn’t come back until I had played for almost a full year.

I haven’t checked out K&C yet. Think it’s worth doing over the weekend or is that too little time to accomplish anything?

You might be able to get a +10 dangerous weapon, but I doubt there’s much else you can accomplish if you’re just starting it.

Unless you have all the four card lodgings and are a PoSI it takes about 6 days to make your first attack in K&C from the time you first join. With those things you can speed up the process by using the K&C options on the relevant cards. But essentially if you aren’t already in K&C or endgame it’s not enough time to get started over the weekend.

I don’t know exactly when the first Knife and Candle was retired, but it was before I started playing and didn’t come back until I had played for almost a full year.[/quote]
I checked how far my journal entries go back, compared to yours, and you started playing two months before I did! So back in 2012 the Iron Leagues were still a thing, before that I don’t know.

Wikia history isn’t much good as the first entry for Iron Knife Tokens (and Moon League Tokens as well), was in 2013, after their creation.

Yeah, at best if you can draw one of the four-card lodgings cards or a couple different PoSI cards, OR if you have any Criminal Favours you could draw the Implausible Penance card. Then you could take a form and either draw enough more of those cards to stab up to the requisite 7 prize tokens for a +10 Dangerous Knife of Lost Sky, or swap to the Moon League, choose a form again through card, and get 7 kindly souls to throw duels for you.
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The second seasons of Knife and Candle started a little bit after the Mirrorcatch Box riddle. The first people who solved it (not sure how many) got tokens from Mr Iron, and the game developed from there. I didn’t really feel like digging all through the forum for an exact date, so I just used this thread as a general estimate of when it was first brought back.