A New Living World Event: Shifting Streets



In the days after the Fall, when the streets were restless and unkind, London reshaped herself. But maps have never stopped being treacherous. The territory is always changing. Like all living things, the labyrinth of the Fifth City grows; shifts; forgets.

Today we’re launching a new living world event in Fallen London. The streets of the city – treacherous at the best of times – are shifting underfoot. Familiar routes are disrupted, and unfamiliar neighbourhoods are revealed. To investigate this phenomenon, look for ‘Shifting Streets’, anywhere in London. The activity is open to players of all levels, and will last until the streets have settled once more.


Each of the three quasi-expeditions yield corresponding Relics for the City you’re looking for, as well as Jade Fragments and Unprovenanced Artefacts for the Third and Second, respectively.
Unsurprisingly, the rewards for each of the various ways to make progress in your search scale with the difficulty of the not!expeditions.
I wonder if the text at the conclusion of each branch will change as time passes…

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At a first glance hardest one is not hard at all and slightly above 5 EpA.


Perhaps! The Shifting Streets quality seems to be increasing to several milestones, first it was 50000 but now it’s 100000. I’m not sure what it unlocks, but my guess is either text changes like you say or some sort of reward at the end of the event.

Just a mini event to let you kill some action points until the next big event: Hallowmas.

I presume there is nothing to unlock, achievements to gain or rewards to obtain? Just a carousel to grind for consumables, and maybe flesh out the lore’s storyline a bit more.

You’ll probably need to max out your advanced skills and/or equip items that boost them if you attempt the hardest one, to have slightly better odds of success.

There is a vanity quality, but I’ve forgotten the name.

Let me just say that I really love the idea of this. The Treachery of Maps is something that’s always in the background of Fallen London, but the closest we’ve actually come to it is having to use Correspondence to nail traintracks in place. Seeing the city move is fantastic, and some of the specific ways that city contorts itself really make the place feel more alien. I like it when the Neath is weird.


I really like this one, it’s small, but has a different feel than the other mini events we’ve had, and dealing with the movement of the city is very atmospherically Fallen London, it makes the world feel a little richer.


And the Second city search is at 6 EPA if you pass all checks.

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(guy who’s only read The City & The City voice): “Getting some real The City & The City vibes from this.”

But seriously, love that the loops are quick, the event’s quite small and accessible, there’s a healthy chunk of text that is at times sappy and spooky and silly (the three 'S’s of good writing), and the profit is quite good but I don’t feel bad about, like, taking a trip out of London for a day or 2. In short: love this update.


I will say to anyone who can listen that the best atmospheric writing in FL is during the events, and this one certainly does not disappoint! Also, as a staunch Anti-Liberationist, I appreciate having a method, even temporary, to grind Nights on the town without building the LON statue at Hurlers.


Is the progress bar with 100,000 at the top end counting up or down? I swear that earlier in the day it was at ~85,000 for me and just now was at ~75,000.

I just ran through it twice and it dropped from 74952 to 74928 so yes it does seem to be dropping currently

“Neighbourhood Noctivagant,” I believe.

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Someone has already hit 70+ of NN?

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Only 70+? :smiley:
Some people over Discord are just mad with new stuff! Ex.: all city mysteries experiments in a few hours, prolific pirate in a day or two and the list can go on and one!

Is there a good use for all these Nights On The Town I seem to be grinding? Is turning them into Esteem of the Guild going to be the best bet for some sort of payout on the Canals? They don’t seem to have a whole lot of uses beyond that.

Other than some rare one-off cases (mostly relating to Ambitions and NPC courships), there are only three uses that I see for Nights on the Town:

  1. As you’ve noted, for raising Esteem of the Guild in Jericho Locks (although you’ll also need a lot of Incendiary Gossip).
  2. Increasing Making Waves on the Gambling Den opportunity card.
  3. Sell them at the Bazaar for 2.5e

So, am I the only one that just recently learned that “pore” is also a verb?

If anyone else is wondering, the mural in the 2nd city house seems to be of the city under the light of Aten, the sun god famously worshiped by the Pharoh Akhenaten as the only god. Aten is depicted as a sun whose rays end in hands, and whose name is spelled with a reed next to a half circle over a squiggle over a sun disk.
I probably had better things to do with my time than research hieroglyphics, but that’s what happened.