A List of Paramount Presence

After 2.5 years!


Just made Paramount Presence! Name (and Profile) is Juniper Haze. An Epistolant Correspondent. Preferred stat is Persuasive. They have claimed their Heart’s Desire.

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Julio Pecs - Silverer, Oneirotect. Achieved his vengeance. The Cloistered Diatomist’s friend. One day he will return to Surface

Today, just a few minutes ago, I became known to one and all… Paramount Presence has finally been achieved! I’m ecstatic to finally be here.

Here’s my profile, the eclectic Director Dess Alistair, a Silverer (and occasional Correspondent) and not a Steward. Beloved mother of a false-star, and friend to all of London.


Now, to plot my vengeance 'pon the detestable Slowcake… I shall have to engineer an entry in his favour on my own list. One penned in gant


Citizen Nonmomentus has made known their devotion to their studies as a Correspondent, to their spouses, and to the Great Work. Now, they claim the title of a Paramount Presence. They favour being Watchful in their use of science to advance the Cause, which also heavily involve the Red Science and most certainly no other knowledge.

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Having missed that this list was a thing, I might be straining the notion of being ‘fashionably late’ with my registration of Duskire’s status as a Paramount Presence of the Old Guard.
While currently working temporarily as a Correspondent, my preferred profession (and my profession at the time of achievement) is that of a Watchful Midnighter specialised in Letheology.

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Bonny Kate is pleased to say that she has claimed the title of Paramount Presence. She is currently a Monster Hunter and is always a Steward of Nothing.


It is done! The Irrepressible Heiress arises to the ranks of the Paramount Presences, a Monster-Hunter, Blood-bearer, Night-bringer, Sky-Captain and Hyphen-misuser.

  • London’s Blood 2 - Happy in love
  • London’s Marrow 2 - Jewels in your crown
  • London’s Nerves 1 - Starry wisdom
  • London’s Sinew 2 - The deadly force of Freedom

From the towers of the Bazaar, atop one of her spires, is a Londoner. The Heron of the Neath looks upon the city they were brought to - the city they’ve thrived at - the city they’ve lived through.

The idea of the surface to them is now ridiculous, in some senses. To live in a place with plentiful light, with trees and open skies and fresh air… how could that have ever been possible? Yet, their past is undeniable. And their present… is extraordinary.

Their name is whispered in secret by all factions within, their presence is as part of the Masters, and their capabilities are all-reaching. Even now, they’re shocked that they’ve clawed their way to such fame… but they cannot deny that it does not feel incredible.

The future is uncertain, of course. But, they’re sure of one thing. For now, and for a long time after now, the Heron’s wings span across all of London.

The Heron of the Neath is a devout Midnighter, canonized. Not only that, but they’re a devout Steward of Nothing.

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Mr. Rosies. London’s foremost expert on the Correspondence, beloved of the Incendiary Tastemaker, centre of a truly enormous social web, possessor of a diamond the size of a cow, and many rarer, more forbidden treasures.

It achieved its ambition, wrote a ground-breaking exposé on the inconstancy of gravity, experienced what it will have been like to tangle with one’s destiny (as well as set into motion it’s own, for it aims for the Seventh City to be the last city.), and in more than one case, negotiated and bargained with beings far older and far more powerful than itself.

After a long and grueling journey from the shores of London, to the jungles of the Court of the Wakeful Eye, all the way to the docks of Irem, Mr. Rosies is finally a Paramount Presence.

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Greetings, friends!
Twiste, Silverer, Cultivator of Dreams, and Friend of Rubber-folk and False-Stars, has joined the prestigious ranks of paramount presences!


Scrutiny of the most recent publication of Slowcake’s Exceptionals will reveal a new inclusion in the section known as the ‘Paramount Presences’.

Edward Abernathy, an individual whose suppsoed accomplishments range from the merely unlikely; a fluent Correspondent, traveller to the distant reaches of the Unterzee, permanent Chairmen of the Great Hellbound Railway, to the downright outlandish; leaseholder on the whole of London, guardian of the dream that is the Empire, purveyor of Red Science devices that distort space and bend time.

Still, if it’s in Slowcake’s it must be true… right?


The Northbound Pilgrim, a devotee of St Gawain, achieved paramount status on October 15th, 1899 (2023). He continues to amass secrets and treasures in pursuit of becoming a suitable sacrifice.

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Lord Bolo dipped his pen in his Pot of Violant Ink, looked out of the suite window at the city upon which he had bestowed the gift of time, and smiled…

Fourteen months had passed since he had descended to the Neath in pursuit of his Heart’s Desire. One of the first things he had seen jumping off from the New Newgate dirigible in Veilgarden was a poster advertising the recently opened Museum of Prelapsarian History.

It seemed very fitting that the Waswood would bring back the memory of the Museum opening just when Bolo was about to be recognised as a Paramount Presence of Fallen London, on October 21st 1899 (2023).

He contemplated the qualities that had brought him to this stature: his love for the Celebrated Artist’s Model, his knowledge of the Correspondence, his collection of Treasures, his desire for universal freedom from the Great Chain.

But now, there was appetite…


Hello! I have arrived! I am Skarthi: A Bringer of Death and a Weaver of Destinies- a perfectly safe combination. Also a Crooked-Cross.

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A new boy on the board is here - Cerber-Ursi, Correspondent with Starry Wisdom and True Companionship. He does not sees this as a pinnacle of his path though - there’s always something more, somewhere and somehow.


Saga Lupin has joined the ranks of the Paramount. However, to her, the journey is just beginning…


Finally, after more than 5 years since descending, Loistavaa has become known to all in London. Ender of Vake and murderer of men, this Dangerous Licenciate is on a hunt for the Neathbow next.

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Finally, I join this lofty list of incalculable prominence!


Aihonen, whose Crimson blade cleaves Starlight and Midnight alike!