A List of Paramount Presence

London is indeed a city of legends. Her people are her stories. The good, the bad, and the normal are the soul of her life. A thousand strings, of blood, shadows, knowledge, and charm tie us all together. Even when London is gone, these stories will remain. The Bazaar has a name for the particularly legendary- Paramount Presences. If you have the honor of being one, please state your name, profile, and preferably your profession (as well as vote for your preferred stat)

The Ancient Regime

  1. ebzfan -Notary and Owner of Banned Books

  2. Gonen -Midnighter, Hesperidean and Dreamer of Drowning

  3. Kharsirr Lynx -Correspondent and Hesperidean

  4. lethargiclogician -Correspondent

  5. idyl -Correspondent, Speaker to the Void, and Scarlet Saint

  6. xKiv -Correspondent, Hesperidean and Sanguine Ribboner

  7. Estelle Knoht -Doctor

  8. Dov -Midnighter and Hesperidean. When they knocked, he did not.

  9. Jithin Prakash -Correspondent and Caprine Authority

  10. Ysrthgrathe -Glassman and Hesperidean. Or Glasssquid. Not actually a squid made of glass.

  11. Xelda -Crooked Cross, Witness to a Seven Fold Ending and Sanguine Ribboner

  12. Franklin Bancroft -Midnighter

  13. Jane Brontë -Correspondent

  14. kwogger - Midnighter, Caprine Authority and Inked in Gant

  15. Drake Dynamo -Correspondent and Hesperidean

  16. surreyjack -Correspondent, Caprine Authority and Poet-Laureate

  17. J. Ward Dunn -Glassman and Weaseller

  18. Ludovico Santiago -Correspondent, Rumourmonger and Poet-Laureate

  19. Dima Lazarev -Unemployed (former Correspondent), Crimson Congregationist

  20. James Sinclair -Midnighter and Hesperidean

  21. (Miss) Nero Keller -Monster Hunter. Stabs things with a lance, too.

  22. Esurient Logician -Correspondent and Enigmatist

  23. Karsus -Correspondent, Owner of M____ B____ and in the Footprint of the Courier

  24. Flynn Eldariel -Correspondent, Enigmatist and Kingmaker

  25. Ginneon Thursday -Correspondent, Poet-Laureate and Professor of Mycoenology.

  26. Matt Eclonson -Midnighter and Caprine Authority

  27. Navchaa -Caprine Authority and Weaseller

  28. Sir Joseph Marlen -Doctor, Witness to a Seven-Fold Ending, and Abomination

  29. Mike Hawk -Doctor, Seeker, Viewer of Sunlight, and Founder of the Sanguine Ribbon Society

  30. Kroo -Midnighter and Caprine Authority

  31. AudunJ -Midnighter

  32. Mzingalwa -Correspondent

  33. Suhe -(Mostly a) Correspondent

  34. the_antichris -Correspondentâśť

  35. Gallmarch -Correspondent

  36. The Scorched Sailor

  37. Kardion -Midnighter

  38. Rahv7 -Midnighter

  39. An Individual -Correspondent

  40. Tozh Taurog -Correspondent (and amateur horticulturist)

  41. Ray Trevelyan -Glassman

  42. Derkatt -Crooked Cross

  43. Indigo Clardmond -Notary

  44. Reginald Monteroy -Correspondent

  45. Swordprefect -Midnighter

  46. Helena Korinek -Correspondent

  47. WadeArc -Glassman

  48. Robin Blacksmith -Glassman

  49. Tay1or -Correspondent

  50. Lord Norm -(Watchful) Midnighter

  51. mp -Correspondent

  52. Jenson Shepherd -Midnighter, Hesperidaen

  53. Omega8520 -Correspondent

  54. Jolanda Swan -Author, Scarlet Saint

  55. Sherry Vernet -Midnighter

  56. Bishop Winthrop -Correspondent, Artist in Ivory

  57. cathyr19355 -Correspondent

  58. Jamit -Correspondent

  59. slapchops -Correspondent

  60. Gergerous -Midnighter, unraveler of secrets

  61. Colin Sapherson -Glassman, President of the Council

  62. Seberin Cirion -Correspondent, Deacon

  63. Hotshot Blackburn -Glassman, Hunter, Revolutionary

  64. Theoretta Rizing -Correspondent

  65. The Insatiable Confidant -Glassman

  66. Roland Banning -Midnighter

  67. Locrian -Correspondent and spy

  68. Yves Devereux -Glassman

  69. Padraig Cooper -Glassman and Sanguine Ribboner

  70. Darkstrong -Midnighter

  71. Harjavldar -Certainly not a Midnighter. Walks the paths of Enigmas

  72. esrtweet -Correspondent. May the forums be ever in your favor.

  73. Wojciech -Correspondent

  74. Azoth I -Midnighter, for now, and Orphanage owner

  75. (Captain) Martin Walker -Glassman

  76. Delores -Midnighter, Duelist

  77. Optimatum -Unemployed, Destroyer of Fluke Cores

  78. Tenterhook -Glassman, the Thirteenth Month

  79. Jason5327

  80. The Thirteenth Master of the Bazaar -formerly known as Den Blackwell

  81. Arandia -Midnighter, Cat owner

  82. The Red-Eyed, Hungry Looking Gentleman -Crooked Cross

  83. Loiathal

  84. Lazaroth Correspondnet and Perspicacious Romantic

  85. Lidia -Correspodnent and Poet-Laureate

  86. Honeyaddict -Glassman, Curator of the Singular Gallery, and leader of the Scarlet Church

  87. Vladje -Midnighter, Void Speaker

  88. Ixc -Midnighter, Bazaar (and bizarre) Matchmaker, and The Pawn that reached D8

  89. Loredeluxe

  90. Black Tom -Correspondent and Bishop

  91. Ignatus Stone -Ratcatcher, Owner of a Ratty Reliquary

  92. Socotra -Licentiate, Chiropto-Oeneologist, and Thief of the Sun

  93. Mr. Underhill89 -Midnighter and Caprine Authority

  94. Caroline Karnstein -Correspondent, Moral Hedonist, Bohemian and Sanguine Oenologist

  95. Saklad5 -Correspondent, Enigmatist, and a Watchful gentleman of many talents

  96. Lady Strange -Correspondent, philosopher and poetess

  97. Vali Oftanna -Doomed Glasswoman and Enigmitist

  98. Inchoatl -Freed Glassman

  99. Vryl -Light Drinker, Midnighter

  100. MidnightVoyager -A Monster Hunter with a scarred face and a split mind

  101. Tsar Koschei -Glassman, Duelist

  102. Szadovar -Midnighter, Dreamer

  103. Seon -Glassman, Orphanage Owner

  104. Arcengal -Caprine Authority

  105. Doctor Hamacher -Midnighter and Esoteric Philogist

  106. Morucant -Midnighter, Scholar of the Name, and Speaker to the Void

  107. Fafer -A Dreamer of Brass and Darkness

  108. Edlaine -The One Who Knocks

  109. Kid Nullman -Midnighter, The One Who Knocks, and The Pawn Who Reached D8

  110. The Paradoxical Exemplar -Licentiate, Sanguine Duelist, and the One Who Knocks

  111. Maria Russell-Black -Author, Beloved Bohemian, and Writer of Classics

  112. The Intriguing Curate -Midnighter, Deacon, and Witness to Revelation

  113. Gallimaufry -Glassman, Enigmatist and Scholar

  114. Anagram -Midnighter and Enigmatist

  115. Reinol von Lorica -Author and Writer of Classics

  116. Frenzygen -Midni- er… never mind. A gentlemen more feared than loved.

  117. Scienceandponies -Correspondent, Caprine Authority, and Inked in Gant

  118. Mythlore -Correspondent, and Faithful of the Bazaar

  119. NNNnobody -Midnighter, The One Who Knocks, and Seeker

  120. bertrandwins -Monster Hunter and Cryptobotanical Champion

  121. Ignacious -Glassman, Rubbery Felinologist, and Member of the Ancient Regime

  122. hwoosh -a Gentleman of Many Professions, Blemmigan Typist, and Member of the Ancient Regime

  123. R Fellow Oshwo -a Person of Many Professions, Midnight Courtier, and Member of the Ancient Regime

  124. PSGarak -Crooked Cross, a Lyon Pursuivant, and Ascender of Rubberies

  125. Skinnyman -Bazaar Auctioneer (sorry), Sanguine Ribboner, and Friends Beyond the Chain

  126. Laethial -Midnighter and Cognoscente of Crimson Love Stories

  127. October -Licentiate, Bringer of Death, Drenched in False Colors, and a Scarlet Saint

  128. Thaddeus Wren -Correspondent, Owner of a Gilded Crustucean

  129. Solange Dovera-Rooke -Midnighter, Sanguine Duelist, and Impossible Theorist

  130. Alyssane Watson -Inked in Gant

  131. Jermion -A gentleman with festive friends

  132. Blaine Davidson -Correspondent, Caprine Authority and Collector of Rarities

  133. Peter James -Archaeologist and Colonial Governor

  134. Captain Meradine Heidenreich -A Dreamer of Paris

  135. Snort

  136. Ambystona Maculatum -Correspondent and melancholy gentleman

  137. Norathar -A Seeker of Vengeance

  138. Matilde Ysmos -Monster Hunter, Explorer of the Unterzee and Faber Sympathizer

  139. Anne Carnicki -Midnighter, Sanguine Duelist and Resident of the Tomb Colonies

  140. Professor H -Correspondent and Ballet Master (extraordinaire)

  141. The Black-Eyed Captain -Monster Hunter and Vake Slayer

  142. Edouard Philippe- Correspondent, Caprine Authority and Thirteenth Month of the Calendar Council

  143. Arcanuse -Correspondent and Osteologist

  144. Ember Ayres -Correspondent, Classic Writer, and Poet-Scholar

  145. Sagrim-Ur -Midnighter, Commited Cat-wrangler and Ambassador to Arbor

  146. Tobias Westcott -Correspondent and Rumourmonger

The New Regime

  1. Zommuter
  2. Plurnes -Notary, Outfoxer of Rats and Friend to the Masters
  3. Fightersword -Midnighter, Envoy of Southwark and Supreme in Luxury
  4. Argonlyzard -Monster Hunter and Fist of the Bazaar
  5. Baron Lagavulin -Seeker of the Heart’s Desire
  6. Kylestien -Acredited and Savior of London
  7. Emily Obscurus -Correspondent and Enigmatist
  8. Alexander Feld - in the Footprint of the Courier
  9. Verity Luminescence -Midnighter, Caprine Authority and Professor Singularis
  10. Alistair Murdock -Correspondent, Watchful, Treasured and Immortal in Horizon Glyphs
  11. Gideon Stormstrider -Correspondent, in the Courier’s Footprint, and Neathbow Enthusiast
  12. Cookoo -Monster Hunter and Cognoscente of Crimson Love Stories
  13. JaneAnkhVeos -Scarlet Saint and Thirteenth Month of the Calendar Council
  14. The Red Scientist -Correspondent and Avenger
  15. Raccoonajr -Shark Hunter, Secret Professor, and Inked in Gant
  16. Pipistrelle Carter -Silverer, Lyon Pursuivant, and Enigmatist
  17. R. J. Frogvarian -Correspondent, Ally of Rubbery Men and Newspaper Baron of the Ancient Regime
  18. Mr. Cards -Midnighter, Singed Cardsharp, and Fabricator of Lives
  19. Zolana -Caprine Authority and Non-Mathematician
  20. Lord Barnabas Gazter -A Patron of the Arts, an Influential Socialite, and Liaison of Infernal Acquaintances
  21. DavidJ -A Passionate and Enigmatic Scarlet Saint, The One Who Knocks, and Bishop of Watchmaker Hill
  22. Professor Morgan Hood -Correspondent, stalwart champion of all urchins, and Bishop of Watchmaker’s Hill
  23. Amélie Vaincoeur -Correspondent and Marvellous Iconoclast
  24. Doctor Flamingo -Midnighter and Honored in Statuary
  25. Nahir al-Adil -Mathematician, Emancipationist, and Fearsome Protector of Orphans
  26. TheTruth -Correspondent and Enigmatist
  27. Cainech Sinnelle -Crooked Cross
  28. Vanscelas of Deeprock -Crooked Cross, in service of the Truth, and father to a False-Star
  29. Lux Gracetail -Honey Mazed Analyst
  30. Mr Cups - A Thief of Names
  31. Adalberta -Monster Hunter, Reformed Seeker, and Weaseller
  32. Martzel De Pamplona -General Chaos Generator and Writer of Classics
  33. Veeb -The Fearsome Romantic, a Glassman
  34. Emma DeLeskie -Anarcho-Goatist, betrayer of Mr Eaten, and a correspondent
  35. Paisley Collingwood -Correspondent, Caprine Authority, and Leaseholder on All of London
  36. The Dark Gentleman - the last, best bastion of Parisian memories
  37. Quidam -Mystic, Counter-Cross and Explorer
  38. Korla -Crooked-Cross, Menagerie-Keeper, and friend to the downtrodden and angry.
  39. Mr. Cheshire -Crooked-Cross, Red-Haired Liar, and Seeker of ill-advised things
  40. Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook -Correspondent and Conspirator of Rubberies
  41. Ovidiu Teodorescu -A Steward, a Seeker; a Master, a Poet-Laureate. Loved by Literally Everyone.
  42. KenShi Stormrider - Correspondent, owner and chief editor of The Watchmen and ceiling excavationist
  43. deviler - Monster Hunter, Defender of the Public Safety, and A Humble Servant of Truth
  44. Canvas Brimming -Midnighter, and particularly shadowy type
  45. Traykor -Monster Hunter, Defender of the Public Safety, and Master Smuggler
  46. Purple Paprika -Scholar of Fire and Ice and Merciless Defender of the Downtrodden
  47. SimeSublime -Correspondent and Midnight Professor
  48. Derram -Monster Hunter, the One Who Knocks
  49. Manu Traveler -Professor and Savior of London
  50. Jay the Bookworm -Correspondent and Free of their Heart’s Desire
  51. Amelia Hartfordshire -Monster Hunter
  52. Aelenius -Midnighter
  53. Shale the Clay Man -Silverer and Hunter of Nightmares
  54. Ruby Hook -Correspondent
  55. Lord James F. Walcott -Crooked Cross and Liberationist
  56. Syril Dawntreader -Silverer, Immortal, and the richest socialist in London
  57. Lady Marina of the Sea -Correspondent and Master of the Bazaar
  58. The Mirror Eyed Eidolon -Correspondent, Proprietress of The Flame & Silence Perfumery, and Bishop of St. Diesis
  59. Ted Anderson -Licentiate
  60. Mercury Achtzig -Silverer, Cat, and Matron of an Entirely Unsuspicious Orphanage
  61. Orrin Ravelle -Crooked Cross, Poet, Researcher, and head of the Ravelle Society of Poetics
  62. Lunaje -Crooked Cross, Liberationist and a Leaseholder of London
  63. Thor Taylor -Correspondent
  64. Dr. De Fauconer -Professor of Palæolithic Archaeology, Midnighter, and a Leaseholder of London
  65. Regonereth -Crooked Cross and Acolyte of the Dead
  66. Argential -Monster Hunter and a Leaseholder of London
  67. Natesa -Correspondent
  68. Alfaksan -Monster-Hunter, friend of Horatio (Finest of His Lineage) and the Thirteenth Month of the Calendar Council
  69. Lily Steele -Monster Hunter, Biter of Mr. Fires
  70. RadiatedImp -Correspondent
  71. The Solemn Mystic -Silverer and Power Behind the Glass
  72. The Violant-Scrawling Apologist -Correspondent and owner of prawny plates
  73. Jimbalobob -Zailor, did not Knock
  74. Therem -Correspondent, not a Steward of the Discordance, and friend to Blemmigans
    Well, we have quite a few Correspondents on this list.


First came a city of gold, of copper, of light
Then a second of poisonous words and a poisoned bite.
The third who we remember in hunger, dust and sleep
The fourth lost to war and a promise to keep.

And so of a glorious city I offer you her jewels
For when the tides rise and the fifth is undone;
Keep the shadows of our words near your heart,
And let our endless glory live on in the fire of the stars and the sun.

edited by Ixc on 2/4/2022

Here’s the current list, in order of their announcement here on the forums and/or on reddit:

Kharsirr Lynx
Estelle Knoht

Thanks, Dov.

Correspondent. As for stats, I very slightly prefer watchful in intent, and shadowy in action - but I have always advanced all four.

I’m a notary lol
I don’t really need any of the profession items, and I’m pragmatic and want the cash; don’t need the eclectic items from T3 payments :p

Doctor, Persuasive. The main track professions were a little too serious to pick in-character.

Congratulations, Dov! If you don’t mind, I added a tidbit about your Seven-Fold Knock.

I am still trying to make it to Notability 15, so I can take my Watchful to 215, before I switch specializations. Darn it.

But I wish to congratulate our Paramount Presences to date, especially dov and Estelle Knoht. They have been playing FL forever (or so it seems to me, another early adopter) and they deserve this distinction.

Hurrah, dov!

The road to PP is an intense, number-crunching thing, and then suddenly we are back to leisurely clicking, lazy Casing, and letting our actions spill over ;)

The road to PP is an intense, number-crunching thing, and then suddenly we are back to leisurely clicking, lazy Casing, and letting our actions spill over ;)[/quote]
Yeah, it’s weird to suddenly start discarding things like the Gambling Den card, which I was eagerly playing any time it popped up for weeks, and now it’s useless again…

Some of my item stores have dwindled greatly, especially Influence items (Stolen Correspondence and Intriguing Snippets), Moon-Pearls, Diamonds, and Carnival Tickets (I’ve spent hundreds of those).

How about writing a guide to PP?
edited by Waterpls on 9/10/2017

99% of the work is about raising Notability, and (except for very specific tricks) it’s covered by this excellent guide.

(Note that the guide isn’t up to date with the very latest changes to Social Actions - i.e. dinners, coffee, chess, sparring, etc.).

An example of an advanced trick: since most significant MW boosts come from cards, drawing more cards is more important than using actions efficiently. So if you have Cider, you can spend 2 actions to die via Heart’s Mirror and come back (3 actions if you need to cause yourself Wounds first), and this will quadruple the cards in your deck. So if you’re an Exceptional Friend (can hold 10 cards), doing this when you have 3 cards in your deck will refill them to 10. Effectively, you’re trading 2-3 actions (and 5 Carnival Tickets) for the ability to draw 7 extra cards.

If you have the Carnival Tickets, then you can draw up to 101 cards first thing in the morning (when your deck and action pool are full), before having to wait for anything. Some of these are bound to be those that give lots of MW (or items used for MW, such as Favours: Society).

I’m not entirely sure if this even legal, albeit using the similar method (with Flit) in my preferred farming method. :)

Also, Correspondent by the will and definition, so mostly Watchful.

Why not legal? It’s using the established mechanics of the game, as designed (though in a creative way).
It’s also not without significant cost (in actions and Carnival Tickets).

dov, that is very creative.
Though available to only few, this is very interesting technique. I’ll try and remember this when in need of op. cards in the very distant future (upon gaining the Cider).

If you have light fingers, you can do the same thing by entering and leaving the orphanage. (Of course, then you can’t progress with your ambition)

Similar effect (doubling on enter, quadrupling on leave) makss Heists actually wotthwhile, with nice touch of random so needed in the long grinds.

thanks for the list but total notability cost is useless since 15 notability is a lot more as 3 times 5 notability.