A List of Paramount Presence

Got my a couple of days ago.
Monster hunter
Dangerous is my preferd stat

Sam Powick, likes nothing better than licentating on his yacht with his goat named Herk.

Has watched ships leaving for the North all his life, but knows his duty is to London.

Just got mine! Fallen London
Correspondent, Bishop, Poet Laureate, Master, and Discordant Nobody. A hedonist for all things delicious, dangerous, and forbidden.

I’ll guess I became a part of local Olympus myself. Pale Gentleman - governor, liar and the Jack

I have risen, and risen higher yet.


Years ago: Money-money-money, on the way to my Overgoat (now Uber), endless chess-games, slightly more recently, the joys of love when I got around to the notability-grind, and, finally, today, the end (well, slightly-after-the-end) of my days working my way up the Defender Of The Public Safety listings.

Alparen has become a Paramount Presence. Oh, and to answer the actual request, they are: Alparen - (Uber)Goat-Keeper, not a Steward Of (Not) All Seals, and Looked Upon Fondly

I’ve made it! Profile


I have done it!

Harry Escott

Smada - Crooked-Cross - Shadowy

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Eriepio - Corespondant - Persuasive

The Ubiquitous Mr Cards. Correspondent, Steward and Collector.
The mountain top is less lonely this day as I join you all as a paramount presence.

Wetwork Willy, a Dangerous Licentiate

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Mordecai S. Katz, Correspondent-Epistolant and Lyon Pursuivant of Arms Extraordinary
https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Константин Смыков

Just made Paramout Presence!

Y’trhin Tia, an individual of mysterious and indistinct gender, a Silverer, an Artiste, a polyamorous hedonistic bohemian who collects secrets, experiences and traumas.


Torrigion - Licentiate

Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, and… gentlesquids, among others. It is my humblest delight to share my most recent of achievements and, respectfully, request my name be listed among those others of particularly paramount presence. On to even greater heights!

Mr. Dawn Oversol – Silverer, Veiled Enigma of Polite Society, and Liaison of the Suns Below

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Grace Tenember, Dedicated Liberationist Midnighter, Darkest Month on the Calendar
Newly-minted Paramount Presence!

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OmniOne - Midnighter

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I’d like to add my character to the list! I gained the title a little while ago, and forgot to add it here! Plus, I’m taking a page out a different underground tale and am taking a very nasty path to ruin, so I figured an small obituary would be smart…

ThePrinceInGreen, Crooked-Cross. Achiever of their Heart’s Desire. Railway owner, dream explorer. Poet-laureate and Defender of the Public Safety. Owner of the Blazing Star Newspaper. Admirer of the Neathbow. Friend of Mr. Cards, and Hell.

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Hoo boy, those Notability grinds… but the Ambitious Barrister has finally, finally, deigned to agree that my Übergoat is indeed a very nice goat, and has let me into the club of Paramount Presences.


Me, Tintinnabulum, a midnighter, of all people. It takes all sorts, I suppose.

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Finally bothered to make the trip up myself. Spending notability, what is the world coming too:

Sebastian Olmen.