A List of Paramount Presence

Vella Valentine, Midnighter, Legend Huntress, newly promoted Irrigo Jewelled Queen.


Zahreik, a Crooked-Cross whom Truth does not bind

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Cadabath, a Silverer with wide ranging influence

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Caiphon, Iconoclastic Epistolant, Vake slayer, and black-clad steward.

Con Badger is now Paramount Presence!

Madellia, a former crooked-cross and a current correspondent with a burning passion for the revolutionary cause.


WereMagi; Correspondent, Steward, Betrothed and now considering Cider and Goats or Worms and Saddles next.

Jan Počarovský
Steward of Discordance-in-training, Proud owner of a Goat and kin with a “sucessful” Seeker.
Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 16-36-21 Fallen London

Peterson Growling

Correspondent and aspiring steward of Discordance. Hates the sun. Might or might not be a seeker.

Zrzut ekranu (935)


Luke Childers (AKA: Mr. Cards) - Silverer, Steward, practitioner of the esoteric sciences, burgeoning curator, and Collector of True Loves.

Watchful is definitely my favorite stat.

Ulie (a.k.a Mr Cards) - Correspondent, working part-time as the Tracklayer City, Steward of the Discordance, cat enthusiast.
Watchful is my favourite stat by a large margin.

The Bard says that “reputation is an idle and most false imposition, oft got without merit and lost without deserving.” But if Benjamin T. Barker, Siopian Licentiate, Last of the Revenger’s Court, Bringer of Death, who never forgot and never forgave, does not merit his reputation, then perhaps no one does save the Traitor Empress. And Barker is seen about town far more often than the Empress.

I suppose Aranrhod Gosselin, Epistolant, should be on the list.

After a long grind, I’m truly happy to add myself into this list!
Pypo , Correspondant and, it appears, quite well known in Helicon House

Lord Vorwoda Hawksby, Crooked Cross, Slayer of one Master (and Master of another). Friend of Her Enduring Majesty, and the Toast of the Brass Embassy.

I made paramount presence of the new regime. Fallen London

Fallen London Aestrith, a Correspondent and a breathtaking lady

Conrad Constantine, Correspondant, Steward of Nothing, Grand Muckamuck of a single railway line, Master-Slayer extraordinaire(?), proud owner of a smelly Goat, has made the most of certain lacreous events to become a Paramount Presence.

I do quite like my Persuasive.

The Reverend Asher Sholmes, radical priest, friend to the poor and dispossessed, bane of God’s Editors, possessor of a singular traveling-coat, espoused to equally radical archaeologist A. McTeague, and according to his calling-card also a “Courier’s Footprint,” whatever that means.

Fallen London