1897 Mayoral Candidates Discussion

[color=#cc0099]Delicious friends, another Election has come and gone. As always we’re interested - who would you like to see as a candidate in 1897 and why?

The 1896 Election statistics are also now available on our blog.[/color]

Ah, but some of the Forumites have already started a thread on Candidates for the 1897 Election: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic26387-election–candidates.aspx
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Mrs Plenty. I would definitely like to know more about her story.

And it is really, really long already!

[color=#cc0099]Thank you for the link! I am sure when we start considering the next Election we’ll peruse both threads[/color]

[color=#cc0099]Thank you for the link! I am sure when we start considering the next Election we’ll peruse both threads[/color][/quote]

You’re welcome. I just edited my link, by the way, so that when it comes up it comes up on the first page of the thread.
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I will repeat what I said two years ago, that I would like to see the Ambitious Barrister run. This would be a little redundant with Slowcakes, but she’s a mysterious minor character for whom I would like to see more content, and it would be consistent with her current characterization. I mean, Ambitious is literally her first name, after all.

I will say that two years ago my thoughts were about who I would like to have as Mayor, whereas now my thoughts are much more along the lines of who I want to learn more about. Along that line… I would like to perform Flash Lays to uncover secrets about the following characters

  • Bishop of St Fiacre[/li][li]Numismatrix (and/or the Civet)[/li][li]Monsieur Pleat

These characters are all to a certain extent representatives of deeper mysteries of the Neath.

One character I would like to see just for the writing itself would be a version of the Blind Bruiser pretending to be a reformed upstanding citizen with no criminal ties. This is, of course, complicated by the Family Ties storyline (and the Cheery Man himself is off-limits), but the Blind Bruiser could more plausible disentangle himself from his current occupation.

A few off the top of my head:

Feducci again, that guy can never have enough power plus he’s awesome.
Jasper and/or Frank, I can see some big mystery on nobody ever knowing if it’s one or the other at any particular event.
The Tiger Keeper, maybe he will share something to let me figure out the Enigma…maybe…
One of the leaders of one of the Urchin gangs.
The Honey-Addled Detective, I suppose it might be similar to the Implacable Detective but this guy needs some love, he’s had an &quotImpossible&quot storylet for as long as I can remember.
I’d love to see Jack of Smiles run somehow, but I know that will never happen for a lot of different reasons.
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After much discussion:

The Topsy King
Clathermont, posing as campaign manager for a dummy candidate from the docks.
Literally the entire Foreign Office, collectively.
A fan-club for the Vake running on its behalf.

I think F. F. Gebrandt would make a fun candidate. I’d like to see what an academic would do as Mayor, and it’d be interesting to learn more about her.

Other suggestions I’ve found particularly appealing:
His Amused Lordship
Either one of the Mercies
The Manager of the Royal Bethlehem Hotel
The Bishop of St. Fiacre
The Duchess

For returning candidates, I would love to see both the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner and the Implacable Detective get another chance, but preferably in different years so I can vote for them both.
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You know what this government lacks? Vision! We need a mayor with an ambitious programme for the city, and the political experience to successfully make it happen. There is only one person who fits both bills. The city is almost ready. The time has almost come.
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The Northbound Parliamentarian has the decided advantage of being the only NPC with any actual political experience I can think of, which is a decisive advantage when it comes for voting for a Mayor. I mean, come on: every single time the post has been filled by someone without any meaningful political experience. Yes, she might be a Seeker, but she also has the knowledge to actually get things accomplished, and would absolutely have my vote for that reason.
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Forgive me repeating myself, but I don’t think the Parliamentarian would be a good choice, because she’s a player-designed character from one of the Silver Tree pledge rewards.

Can the Dawn Machine (or one of its people) run? HE SUN THE SUN THE SUN THE SUN THE SUN T

I support Miriam Plenty, she’s an interesting lady.

Blind Bruiser is another solid choice. “Vote for me, or keep your mouf shut.”

I’d like to back the earlier suggestion of Monsieur Pleat. He is a man of mysterious allegiances and a popular society figure besides (several wealthy and influential Society figures depend on him, and he even hosts his own salon) If he wanted to, he would easily be able to gather a sizeable backing among Society, as well as the Bohemians and the Urchins employed by London’s magicians.

Just having Pleat run would surely reveal more about Mahogany Hall and its Shroud and Glass, two factions that haven’t seen much development since their original feature in A Name Whispered In Darkness, as well as the goals of the elusive Fingerkings.

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]The Widow, please! One of your best characters who’s been criminally underused, lately – as if the current writing staff just forgot about her.[/color]

Well, in that case, you’re probably right. A man can dream, though.

Which Widow? The Kind-Hearted one or the Gracious one?

I think, following this election in which the candidates all had their dirty laundry well known beforehand, what we need is an election of relative unknowns. People that players would like to know more about, though they really play small parts within the game.

The Ambitious Barrister is certainly ambitious enough, and is one character people are absolutely guaranteed to have met within their first six months and most likely have seen more recently. She has been asking a great many people about what makes them tick - I think it’s only fair for us to hear more about her.

The Portly Sommelier shows up with some regularity to barter with most players, giving them better trade in value for their wine than they could normally get. He has also accumulated a great quantity of notability as he trades M____'s Blood in exchange for his Tears of the Bazaar back. I’d like to know how exactly he gets this blood, and what he wants to use borrowed Notability for.

Finally, for the villainous side for the ballet, Dr. Orthos. He competes for prizes in Forgotten Quarter expeditions. His fleet harasses (and, oddly enough, benefits) those who have been evicted from the University and now are able to make scientific voyages. Where exactly does the man find the funding for all this, and why does he bother? Does he have previously stolen research he has published? Is he after more to keep his credentials? Is it all just a lark?

Which Widow? The Kind-Hearted one or the Gracious one?[/quote]

Let’s double the fun! Have both of them run–the Soft-Hearted Widow and the Gracious Widow. Maybe round out the set with the Duchess. :-)