Who are the Most Wanted Pets of the Feast?

I had created a poll but I saw that multiple responses are not allowed so I open a standard thread instead.

I was curious to know which are the pets proposed by this year’s Feast that you would like to have the most (or you already bought them - but because you wanted them not just because they were cheap!), regardless any consideration on the cost (or Fate)

For example, I would like to have the Reforged Firebrand because I have the classic version and I’m fond of him, the Irresistible Lady because she must be a lot of fun, a Restless Clay man because I have a Frankenstein-like attraction for Clay men, a Ghostly presence because I like ghosts, and perhaps the Pirate Poet because of the above-mentioned Clay men interest and because I like outlaws.

My favorite is the stiff-backed lady. I really liked the last constable storyline and I always hoped to see her again after our sudden parting. Beyond that, I find the two comic characters to be very interesting.[li]
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For me, the most story-interesting* were the ghost and the pirate, so I was well chuffed at how easily they were gained.
Then Lettice.

*I’m never that bothered by stats. I am wearing a starveling stole forever and my destiny is minus 3 to everything. :-)
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I haven’t got the hollow-eyed tragedy drownie, but he’d be my next favourite, joint with Soap and Sophie.
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I’m curious about this as well, so I’d be happy to help you out. Before I learned about the new available companions I only wanted to get the Quiet Deviless, but now I’ve actually given up on her and decided to go for both the Monster-Hunting Academic and Stiff-Backed Young Lady because Sophia is awesome (I loved the comic about her adventures with Soap) and I’ve had a soft spot for the Last Constable ever since I first joined the game and like the thought of having her with me in some capacity. If either of those becomes an available spouse at some later point I’d be over the moon about it.

I decided to get Lettice for my alt since she’s already acquainted with the Mercies and is a dangerous sort of lady who could use someone dangerous backing her up on her monster-hunting missions. I also got her the Ghostly Presence because I’m a fan of ghosts and I’m thinking of getting both my characters The Pirate Poet because she seems fascinating to me. I like Clay Men because they remind me of Terry Pratchett’s golems, so naturally I must have one, especially if it would only cost me 3 masquing.

It’s a question I’ve been pondering! Esther will definitely be aiming for the Reforged Firebrand, but won’t be able to get him just yet 'cause she’s too low level and has no Archaeologist - it’ll be a while before she can even get the regular Firebrand. (Has there been any official word on whether Masquing will dissipate at the end of the Feast? If so, I won’t cash in her Fategifts yet.) She already has the Green-Eyed Devil - he’s been courting her since the Loquacious Vicar storyline, but it’s nothing serious.

Otherwise… really not sure! Sir Fred is happily married, so not interested in any of the explicitly romantic pairings - he’d pick up the Pirate Poet, but he can’t return her affections, only respect and good-comradeship. Ditto the Last Constable - she’s a good lady. Sophia is less explicitly intimate - a shade of flirtation, in the grand, indirect Victorian style, but she seems like a good person to know either way.

Hubris has been pining after the Quiet Deviless for some time - picked her up last Feast, and is still hoping to convince her to marry him. So, probably none of the more romantic options for him either. He does have the Secular Missionary in his entourage, but even he’s wise enough not to make her any promises he doesn’t intend to keep. The other ladies of the Feast aren’t really his type.

Aaaaand, Juniper is, like, twelve. Could pick up the Ghostly Presence, I suppose - really, any of them could. So, like I say, still thinking about it!

I don’t know about official, Sir Fred - but the text on Masquing refers to &quotwhen the Feast ends, it will increase your Making Waves&quot
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By gods I will have my alt get the Cheery Man and have her non-confront her issues of familiar parental figures if it is the last thing I do. It’s in her background that she and he are close thanks to their dealing in the past and, despite her current relations with someone else, she always held a fancy to him. I’m hoping to do it by today since I won’t be on as much for the rest of the week and may miss out as a result. I just need that Lilac card to come back so I may chuck all the daggers and teeth at her.

I’ve managed to get the Pirate Poet, the Ghostly Presence and the Ape from across all my four alts and I’m personally happy enough. Helen is rather agahst by the presence of the Ape since it seems to have taken a soul of a dearly beloved one of hers so.

The Ghostly Presence is an interesting one, if rather creepy. I hope there’s some future storyline where we can help the poor guy. The Pentecost Ape had some good flavor text, too. Other than that, I liked the Last Constable’s story (even if I can barely remember it), and the comic characters are both pretty interesting. I’m not much of a romantic, though, so most of them don’t interest me.

The Pirate Poet is utterly fabulous and I quite like the Ghostly Presence! I’d wanted to aim for the Firebrand, as my character fancies him more than a little, but I haven’t got to the Nadir yet so don’t have the first one. I took home the Educated Gentleman instead, having a serious weakness for fellow academics, but now am a little creeped out by him and half wish I could trade him back. I’m sure we’ll have interesting adventures, though.

I wanted the drowny tragedian AND Lettice, but cannot afford both, so have become closer to Lettice. We already have such adventures running people down in the street, so I know she’s good fun at a party.

I wasn’t around for the last Feast, so all of the companions are new to me. My character has a strong aversion to anything Infernal, so the Devils are ruled out. I was also deeply unimpressed with the behaviour of both the Firebrand and the Missionary following my discovery of the Nadir, so they are off the table too.

So far, I have acquired:

  • the Pirate-Poet (a fascinating character, and a nice tie-in to Sunless Sea)
  • Sophie (the comics were excellent, and she could be a useful person to know)
  • the Irresistible Lady

And I shall probably go after the Canny Costermonger (dammit she’s hiding something and I shall find out what) and the stiff-backed young lady (there must, after all, be SOME benefit to having favoured the Last Constable).[li][/li]
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Having thought things over, I’ve allotted two Feastpanions to each of my alts. Sir Fred shall befriend Sophia and the Pirate Poet (and don’t get me started again on just how cool I think the whole artcrime motif of The Set is.) Hubris shall continue his relationship with the Quiet Deviless, and also pick up the Affable Spy as an ally for his gang (and potential high-Watchful pet, should the Deviless move into the Spouse slot and the Scuttering Squad be recalled to the baronet’s larder.)

Meanwhile, Esther shall continue pursuing the Reforged Firebrand, and also make the acquaintance of the Presbyterate Diplomat. Aaand Juniper shall be haunted by the Ghostly Presence, and by the Pentecost Ape - if not this year, then in the future, because she’s saving for an Orphanage right now, and monkeys don’t grow on trees.
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I’m still deciding whether I’ll shell out to reach the Renewed Missionary or just settle where I’m at in Masquing for Sophia.

It’s just so tempting…

My list of pet-panions, from most desirable to least:

  • The Secular Missionary, Renewed - got her![/li][li]Lettice, the Mercy - (Lettice is awesome. And don’t you forget it.) - got her! [/li][li]The Stiff-Backed Young Lady - (love the Last Constable story line) - got her![/li][li]A Quiet Deviless - alas, she is beyond my reach, with these stains on my soul :-([/li][li]A Profoundly Educated Gentleman - got him![/li][li]A Monster-Hunting Academic[/li][li]A Restless Clay Man[/li][li]The Gentleman of Undisclosed Business - blocked for me, since I sided with the Last Constable[/li][li]A Pentecost Ape[/li][li]The Affable Spy - got her![/li][li]The Pirate Poet[/li][li]A Green-Eyed Devil[/li][li]The Revolutionary Firebrand, Reforged - blocked for me, but to hell with these revolutionaries[/li][li]The Presbyterate Diplomat - got him![/li][li]An Irresistible Lady[/li][li]A Ghostly Presence[/li][li]The Canny Costermonger - got her![/li][li]Neurasthenic Assassin - got him![/li][li]The Hollow-Eyed Tragedian

[quote=]i wanted the lerice(sp?) the tomb-colonist but high fate cost, and i already nice puppy wappy for a dangerous pet.

so i guess my favourites are the pirate-poet(and &quotshe&quot is a CLAYMAN too!) and the ghost.[/quote]
i meant &quotLettice&quot the tomb-colonist. darn auto-logout

In order:

The Rose-Bearing Maggot (even if he is not a proper companion)
The Irresistible Lady
The Pentecost Ape
The Fly (i have no ide of how it is called)
The Gosthly Presence.

I find the maggot to be terribly, terribly cute.

I think this is my list in order from most wanted to least.

The Presbyterate Diplomat - got last year still hope he becomes a spouse
The Hollow-Eyed Tragedian - got last year if I can’t have the diplomat I wouldn’t mind getting closer to a Drownie
A Ghostly Presence - got this year and really like
Neurasthenic Assassin - got last year and he still touches my heart
The Stiff-Backed Young Lady - would like to know more of her story
The Gentleman of Undisclosed Business - locked but if he wasn’t I would definitely want to know more
An Irresistible Lady - really regret not trying for the rare masquing successes last year now
A Profoundly Educated Gentleman - ditto!
The Pirate Poet - got this year
Lettice, the Mercy - got last year
A Monster-Hunting Academic - looks like she would be a good companion in a tight spot
The Affable Spy - got last year
A Pentecost Ape - got this year but he freaked me out a bit
The Canny Costermonger - got last year
The Revolutionary Firebrand, Reforged - I sided with him but I’m not too sure if I want him to be more powerful
A Restless Clay Man - sorry Soap but I’m just not interested
A Green-Eyed Devil - can get from the lodging card for 40 fate but I’m not that interested in devils
A Quiet Deviless - locked out by seeking but I don’t mind
The Secular Missionary, Renewed - locked by an earlier decision but I never liked her

I’m a collector so my answer would be “all of them”. I’m unable to get the Stiff-Backed Young Lady as I sided with the Cheery Man, however my alt sided with her so I’ll be picking her up there. I was not able to get the Secular Missionary because - after much deliberation - I sided with the Revolutionary Firebrand instead.

I agree with an above poster - the rose-bearing maggot is terribly adorable.

I don’t have all the companions yet (working on it) but so far I think I was most moved by the Pirate Poet’s story. The ones I was most excited about were Lettice, Sophie, and Soap and I’m very delighted to be able to share their company.

I’ve been hoping for the Chevalier to marry the Firebrand for a while now, to the point of divorcing their existing spouse, the Jewel Thief, so he’s #1 on the list.

Drownie Tragedian is #2 because he’s the only one I really regret missing out on last year. Everyone else the Chevalier wanted as their, well, chevaliers, Spies, Diplomats, Assassins, they got.

Now, if Failbetter is truly ruthless and cunning next year will finally be the petpanion debut of the Once-Dashing Ex-Smugger and the Chevalier can initiate their third messy divorce and fourth marriage.[li]

. . . Well, actually that’d require giving us the options to marry them first. How long is this going to get hinted at before it actually happens?
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My must-haves are:

  • the Presbyterate Diplomat (who I now have)
  • Lettice (sooooo close)
  • The Captivating Princess (gotten)

I also have the Pentecost Ape, chosen before I quite understood the mechanic, but at least it seems to have stopped the Can’t Discards.

The Quiet Deviless and the Secular Missionary are both quiet appealing based on storylines, but so expensive.

I will probably try to cobble up enough for some of the low cost ones, and I do want to splurge on something. I am waffling between the Monster Hunting Academic, the Clay Man, or the Irresistible Lady.

(So, yes, I am still in the market for fate gifts. PM if interested.)

I find the less expensive pets to be interesting: I’ve already obtained the Pirate Poet and the Pentacost Ape, and can get more than enough Masquing for the Ghostly Presence. In light of continued cash poorness (my new job won’t start paying in time to allow binges for this Feast, alas), I don’t expect to get a lot of the expensive new Pets. but of the ones I do not yet have from last year, I favor the Stiff Backed Young Lady and Sophia Kincaid.