Whitsun - Guide

Event is finished, eggs Are Not. You can scamper off.

Each egg takes a 24 hours to hatch after all the preparations, plan accordingly.

We get 3 more Ha’Pennies this year, but scarlet eggs now require 1 coin each to buy.
Yes, we can buy augizmo with leftovers now.

You get unique items from the eggs.
Hatching is simple:

  1. Get eggs - purchase them on universal storylet. There are 3 kinds of eggs. Percipient and Aged cost a tiny fee, Scarlet costs Ha’Penny this year. Guess, next year, Aged will be fate-locked too.

  2. Treat eggs - when you have any eggs, you have another storylet. There are 2 different treatments. You can work only on one egg at a time, but hold multiple untreated.

  3. Augment your egg - you can get up to 2 augmentations in different locations for a small fee, and another one from augizmo. You pet will evolve like a pokemon before hatching, depending on the number of augmentations (counting from zero - just fully treated). All augmentations are interchangeable, only the total number (0-3) counts for the level of the pet. Wrong augmentation fail without cost and give you Speculation.

3.1. Sartorial Augmentation (tailoring) at Ladybones COSTS 3 HA’PENNIES, but gives you a clothing instead.
3.2. Or you can send a fully treated but not augmented egg to your friend to let them get a pet from a separate pool for 1 Ha’Penny each time.

  1. Hatch your egg - once it’s fully treated and possibly augmented you should start hatching it. Hatching lasts 24 hours or costs 1 Ha’Penny or 10 fate and gives you a pet.

Everything related is placed in the &quotWhitsun&quot category in your inventory - eggs and, most importanly, augmentations you’ve already applied to the current egg.

You can spend your eggs elsewhere instead of hatching it.

  1. Crack un-augmented egg to get some random stuff.
  2. Sell your eggs to De Gustibus in Ladybones. Untreated sell cheap, augmented are better.
  3. Research your eggs in your laboratory.
  4. Take your treated un-augmented egg to Tailor in Ladybones and turn it into a garment instead. That’s called Sartorial Augmentation. Item depends on egg and treatment. IT COSTS 3 HA’PENNIES.
  5. Send you treated un-augmented egg to a friend for 1 HA’PENNY. They’ll get a mini-pet, you’ll get a fuzzy feeling (with no gameplay effects).
  6. Take your untreated egg to Sinning Jenny’s school for minor rewards (and a rare pet).
  7. Sell your untreated eggs at the Bone Market.

Ha’Pennies are bought with Fate. No additional cash-free sources known besides introductory gift. We get 3 per year.
Buy experimental augmenter (augizmo) for 5 Ha’Pennies on storylet for egg treating. It’s a permanent item. It also unlocks a project in your laboratory.
Permanently hire the Numismatrix for you lab for 3 Ha’Pennies.

Buy scarlet eggs - this year they cost 1 Ha’Penny per egg. REPEAT: RED eggs REQUIRE Ha’Pennies.

Send your eggs to friends for 1 Ha’Penny to give them a mini-pet.
Turn your eggs into clothes with the help of a tailor at Ladybones for 3 Ha’Penny per egg.

Owning a newspaper adds an option for a special edition - instead of copy requirements you need 10 &quotSpeculation about Whitsun&quot.
Publishing get you Vital Intelligence, Cellar of Wine, 4 Blackmail Material, 20 CP Making Waves and nearly wipes your Speculation. You get a Fragment of Tragedy Procedures on rare success.
You get “Speculation&quot from chatting with Effervescent Charcutier (dude that introduces you into event), trying to give a wrong egg to an augmenter or tailor in London or researching eggs in your Lab. It’s CP based.
This is the only thing you can do without any eggs.

De Gustibus
It’s open for the duration of the event. Sits at Ladybones.
You can sell your eggs here.

You can also sell several random items unrelated to event itself. This includes very rare and valuable deals (Master’s blood).

Monster Nurturer
You get this for each hatched egg. Mostly it’s for bragging rights, but can be used on the card for joining Sophia’s club (you’ll still need resources to actually join).

On this guide
I claim no authorship rights on this guide - any part or the whole can be reproduced and/or modified without permission from me.
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Eggs are bought from universal storylet. Percipient and aged cost few resources, SCARLET COSTS HA’PENNY.
You can buy as many eggs as you want, but you can treat and augment only one at a time.
Both enlightenment and invigorating are done in 3 steps, each step costing the same small resource fee. You must fully treat the egg if you want to hatch the egg, regardless of augments.
You cannot mix them - the egg is either invigorated or enlightened.
Augmenting eggs in London costs items worth 1-5 echoes per augment.
Sending an egg to your friend costs a single Ha’Penny.
Augizmoing is free, but you have to buy augizmo from egg-treating storylet for 5 Ha’Pennies.
You can spend 5 Ha’Pennies to send augizmo to your friend. Option is on Ha’Pennies storylet. You don’t have to buy one for yourself first.
Tailoring your egg costs 3 ha’Pennies each time.
Ha’Pennies are for all intents and purposes a form of spending fate.

Your Laboratory
If you have started your own laboratory, you can take your untreated eggs there.
All eggs let you start repeatable project.
All egg projects require 125 ordinary research to finish.

Scarlet egg gives 1 CP of Shapeling Arts and 5 CP of Speculation and Trembling Amber on completion.
Aged egg gives 1 CP of Red Science and 5 CP of Speculation and Uncanny Incunabulum on completion.
Percipients egg gives 1 CP of Kataleptic Toxicology and 5 CP of Speculation and Parabolan Orange-Apple on completion.

Augizmo gives additional project: 125 ordinary research, 1 CP red Science and 1 Direful Reflection on completion.
Eggs are consumed. Augizmo stays with you.

Sinning Jenny School

Spend untreated eggs to advance your syllabus by 1 at any stage.

Using Red Science (70% at 7) on Aged Egg gives you Dark-carapaced Crustacean (Dangerous +3, Bizarre +1) on regular success and Gilded Crustacean (Watchful +1, Persuasive +1, Dangerous +6) on rare success. These are mythical pets from the dawn of the Fallen London.

Scarlet egg gives Ambiguous Eolith on Monstrous Anatomy check (70% at 7) success.
Aged egg gives 3 Unidentified Thigh Bones on Watchful success.
Percipient egg gives Jet Black Stinger on Monstrous Anatomy check (70% at 7) success.

De Gustibus
De Gustibus lets you sell your eggs - either untreated or fully treated and augmented at least once. Non-augmented and tailored/sartorial are not eligible. Multiple and different augments give same result. Augmented eggs give Eggsxhastion, which blocks the option after 2 for the rest of the event, leaving only untreated.

Aged Untreated - 1 Extraordinary Implication, 250 Pennies, 2 CP Making Waves
Scarlet Untreated - 250 Whispered Hints, 250 Pennies, 2 CP Making Waves
Percipient Untreated - 250 Whispered Hints, 250 Pennies, 2 CP Making Waves

Invigorated Aged - 500 bone fragments, 250 pennies, 20 CP Making Waves
Enlightened Aged - 500 bone fragments, 250 pennies, 20 CP Making Waves
Invigorated Scarlet - 50 warm ambers, 250 pennies, 20 CP Making Waves
Enlightened Scarlet - 50 warm ambers, 250 pennies, 20 CP Making Waves
Invigorated Percipient - 2 aeolian screams (or emetic revelation on rare success), 250 pennies, 20 CP Making Waves
Enlightened Percipient - 10 solacefruits (or emetic revelation on rare success), 250 pennies, 20 CP Making Waves

Bone Market
Nothing special, just like any other deal here.

Scarlet Egg - Rubbery Collector needs both Dreaded and Bizarre >=7, pays 10 Nightsoil of Bazaar.
Aged Egg - Enthusiast of the Ancient World needs Respectable 3-14, pays 10 Bessemer Steel.
Percipient Egg - Author of Gothic Tales needs both Dreaded and Respectable >=7, pays 10 Scrip.

You can crack your eggs while not fully treated to get some stuff. Each cracking is a luck test.
Here is a full list, &quotBreaking Eggs&quot section

Won’t copy it here, since there’s no point, easier to look there.

Important (read: rare, though mostly useless) thing from the dawn of Fallen London:
Monstrous Orb - Aged Invigorated on rare success - no known uses, but no other sources, good for bragging.

Now clothes can be sold at Bazaar for Echoes if you get a doubles or just get bored with your choice.
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You get different pets from different levels of treatment. Posted (sent by post) eggs are a separate pool.
I list specific uses of the items as I become aware of them. If it says just &quotOption at <something>&quot, it means there’s nothing unique or unexpected. If there’s a hard to get item or valuable opportunity I’ll elaborate.
Some pets can be used while working on specific books in your lab. Won’t list them - lazy, obvious, not a sufficient incentive to get.

You spend 1 Ha’Penny and send your friend your fully treated egg. Your friend receives an egg to hatch into a pet.

Aged Invigorated - Copper-Speckled Crustacean (Dangerous +3)
Aged Enlightened - Dilly (Shadowy +3)
Scarlet Invigorated - Mycological Bullfrog (Dangerous +3)
Scarlet Enlightened - Voracious Lamp-Eye (Watchful +3)
Percipient Invigorated - Elegiac Cockatoo (Watchful +3) Option at Beatrice’s.
Percipient Enlightened - Imminent Falcon (Shadowy +3) Option at Beatrice’s.

The system is not obvious.
Each egg has two branches, and each branch has several stages.
First stage is always fully treated - either invigorated or enlightened. Cannot mix them, cannot work on more than one agg at once. Can work on one egg and keep multiple untreated.
Then you can augment each branch in up to 2 specific different places in London for a small fee. Cannot get same augment twice, but order doesn’t matter. Cannot get wrong augments, the option will simply fail without penalty (but consume action).

On top of that you can augizmo your egg. This step can only be done once per egg, but it functions as additional augment from the previous step, can be used interchangeably or cumulatively.
Exact combination of augmentations doesn’t matter - only cumulative number, all can be used interchangeably.

Augizmo is a special permanent item with nonsense name.
You either buy it for yourself at egg-treating storylet, or send one to your friend at Ha’Pennies storylet (or both).
Either way it’s 5 Ha’Pennies (and you only get 3 for free per year).

Alternatively you can tailor your fully treated egg instead, which is called Sartorial augmenting.
Sartorial augmenting is done at Ladybones Road.
It costs 3 Ha’Pennies each time.

Egg and Treatment
Augmentation - place - price

Fully treated
Double augmented
Triple augmented (augizmo required)
Sartorial augment (tailored, Ha’Pennies required)

Aged Invigorated
Theological Aug - Labyrinth of Tigers - 2 Extraordinary Implications
Grotesque Aug - Dept. of Menace Eradication - 6 Correspondence Plaques

Young Terror Bird (Dangerous +3) Can produce Wings of Terror-Bird at Ealing Gardens butchery
Fully-Grown Terror Bird (Dangerous +5, Shadowy +3)
Iron-Toothed Terror Bird (Dangerous +7, Shadowy +5, Dreaded +1) Lets farm Thorned Ribcages and Direful Reflections in Parabola.
Double-Headed Terror Bird (Dangerous +7, Shadowy +5, Dreaded +3, Monstrous Anatomy +1)
Birdskin Gloves (Dangerous +3, Respectable +1, Monstrous Anatomy +1, Neathproofed +1)

Aged Enlightened
Sly Aug - Flit - 6 Compromising Documents
Mirror-shined Aug - Mahogany Hall - 2 Mourning Candles

Auroch (Shadowy +3) Can produce Horned Skulls at Ealing Gardens butchery.
Carnivorous Auroch (Shadowy +5, Dangerous +3) Lets farm Memories of Discordance in Parabola.
Dream-dwelling Auroch (Shadowy +7, Dangerous +5, Dreaded +1) Can be used in Burrow-Infra-Mump church-making and defend you Parabolan Base-Camp.
Reflected Minotaur (Shadowy +7, Dangerous +5, Dreaded +1, Bizarre +1, Glasswork +1)
Auroch Fur-Coat (Shadowy +6, Respectable 4, Bizarre -2, Glasswork +1, Nightmares -1, Neathproofed +2)

Scarlet Invigorated
Ornate Aug - Veilgarden - 2 Journals of Infamy
Rejecting Conventions - Shuttered Palace - 2 Tales of Terror

Untrained Lyrebird (Persuasive +3) Adds card to heists.
Operatic Lyrebird (Persuasive +5, Watchful +3)
Lyrebird Educated in Three Schools (Persuasive +7, Watchful +5, Respectable +1) Option at Salon.
Unquenchable Firebird (Persuasive +7, Watchful +5, Respectable +3, Mithridacy +1, Neathproofed +1) Can work at a watchtower at the Ealing.
Tuneful Hat (Persuasive +6, Respectable +4, Dreaded -2, Mithridacy +1) Lets join Clay Tailor club.

Scarlet Enlightened
Very Latest of Fashions Aug - Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival - 2 Visions of Surface
Contorting Aug - Wolfstack Docks - 2 Extraordinary Implications

Suspicious Iguana (Watchful +3) Bonus to Investigating in Flit
Amber Iguana (Watchful +5, Persuasive +3)
Warm-Hearted Amber Iguana (Watchful +7, Persuasive +5, Bizarre +1, Neathproofed +1) Option at Orphanage
Rubbery Dragon (Watchful +7, Persuasive +5, Bizarre +3, Shapeling Arts +1) Adds option for Shapeling focus in your lab researches.
Iguana-Skin Boots (Watchful +5, Dreadful +1, Bizarre +1, Shapeling Arts +1, Neathproofed +1)

Percipient Invigorated
Ornate Aug - Veilgarden - 2 Journals of Infamy
Rejecting Conventions - Shuttered Palace - 2 Tales of Terror

Quizzical Squirrel (Shadowy +3) Lets farm Emetic Revelations in Arbor.
Acute Squirrel (Shadowy +5, Watchful +3) Has an option in the lab for monstrous projects.
Acicular Squirrel (Shadowy +7, Watchful +3, Bizarre +1) Option in Parabolan scouting.
Transfixing Squirrel (Shadowy +7, Watchful +5, Bizarre +2, Dreaded +1, Toxicology +1) Offers an option during Moulin expedition.
Honed Ushanka (Shadowy +6, Respectable -2, Bizarre +4, Toxicology +1, Neathproofed +1) Has an option in Dockers’ Brawl. It’s a russian hat, goes into head slot.

Percipient Enlightened
Very Latest of Fashions Aug - Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival - 2 Visions of Surface
Contorting Aug - Wolfstack Docks - 2 Extraordinary Implications

Spindlewolf (Watchful +3) Offers an option during the party (Talk of the Town grind).
Elongated Spindlewolf (Watchful +5, Shadowy +3) Offers an option during the newspaper grind.
Surveilling Spindlewolf (Watchful +7, Shadowy +3, Respectable +1) Can start cover identity with Bazaar ties.
Brachiating Spindlewolf (Watchful +7, Shadowy +5, Respectable +2, Bizarre +1, Red Science +1) Offers an option on a Drowny card in Nadir.
Vigilant Chitin-Fur Boots (Watchful +3, Respectable +1, Bizarre +1, Red Science +1) Has an option in Dockers’ Brawl.

Mostly filled, report not listed uses and parameters for pets/clothes.
edited by Aro Saren on 5/16/2021

Wiki guide: Whitsun (Guide) - Fallen London Wiki

Details and descriptions of all egg results:

Checklist: Whitsun Checklist - Google Sheets
Calculator: Whitsun - Google Sheets

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edited by Aro Saren on 5/11/2021

Thank you for putting in the time to harvest and consolidate this! I know it’s a lot of work, and I appreciate it.

Quick fix: You said that both research results give a Trembling Amber, but I believe the Aged Egg gives an Uncanny Incunabulum instead.

In another one of the forum threads, someone posted a link to a Google Doc which includes screenshots of the various item rewards.

Haven’t researched Aged myself, second-hand info.

Can you procure this link? La-azy to dig through this compost.

Where do you get the sartorial egg/augmentation? Guide mentions them but doesn’t say where they come from.

If there’s still gaps this evening I can help fill when I’m not at work

I called it tailored eggs.

The egg-tailoring happens in Ladybones Road.

Tailor-Hatching a Fully Invigorated Scarlett Egg has given me a &quotTuneful Hat&quot, with the following stats:

  • Persuasive +6[/li][li]Respectable +4[/li][li]Dreaded -2 (Meaning it’s just +2 BDR overall)[/li][li]Mithradicy +1 (The quality’s text is as follows: The art of confusion and deception, of misleading the listener without a single false word.)

The item itself is highlighted in my profile.
edited by Skyzzor on 5/11/2020

Yes, I’ve already included it, 3rd post.

Right now I only lack results for cracking and maxing Speculation (if it’s capped).
Be aware - cracking for different levels of treatment may vary, and I’ll need them all.

Very nice, thank you!
Does anyone have details of the Heists card yet?

Also of note, apparently there are miscellaneous tie-ins to other activities in this festival which this guide perhaps should mention.

So far, I am aware of a new card in Sinning Jenny’s Finishing school that allegedly can give a rather hard-to-get companion upon rare success in one of the branches.
There is also supposed to be a possibility to publish a festival-related special edition, for those that own a newspaper.

Anyone ran into some other Whitsun-related options which have not been covered so far?

Eh… I have six characters, all of whom are waiting for eggs, and I forgot to record what they did.

Is there going to be a storylet that shows the egg hatching?

Yes, it’s a universal storylet.

Thanks to everyone that worked on the document, I managed to make a table to track what I have/want.


Isn’t the jacket also a new best in slot BDR?

Technically no, but effectively yes for most players. Currently there is one other clothing item with +2 BRD, but it’s exclusive to the Light Fingers ambition, and even there is exclusive with a different reward.

If it wasn’t for this guide, I honestly wouldn’t have engaged with this thing. The IC introduction, even the forum post, just didn’t explain it well, for me. It felt like a daunting, impossible to complete set of tasks that amount to gambling. Thank you for the clarity! Now I can focus on reasonably achievable goals for each character.

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