Which Except. Stories use rare items/qualities?

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Without spoiling anything about the stories themselves, I want to create a list of Exceptional Stories where having rare items or qualities unlocks some supplementary content, however small. I’m the sort of person who’s always kicking myself if I miss these sort of things, and I think it’d be good to have a non-spoiler-y list all in one place. I’ve only got a few so far off the top of my head:

Lost in Reflections: Completion of Court of Cats / Connected:Glass
Discernment: Coruscating Soul
The Last Dog Society: The Gift
The Seven-Day Reign: Completion of Long-Lost Daughter and/or Inconvenienced By An Aunt
The Pentecost Predicament: Pentecost Ape
Flint: Acquaintance with Silas the Showman
The Calendar Code: Completion of Lost in Reflections
The Frequently Deceased: Possession of Starveling Cat / Exquisite Toy / Broken Toy / Hand of Glory
Where You And I Must Go: SMEN
The Chimney Pot Wars: SMEN

Sinning Jenny’s Finishing School: Completion of The Frequently Deceased and/or Lost In Reflections and/or The Gift
Fourth Coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers: Combo of Trade in Souls and Regretful Soldier storyline
The Gift: Acquaintance with The Captivating Princess
Mysteries of the Foreign Office: Completion of Hojotoho

Anyone have more to add? Reply with additions and I’ll put them here. Zero spoilers, please!
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Where you and I must go provides a SMEN option, as does the chimney pot wars.

Lost in Reflections includes an extra option for having completed Court of Cats, as well as having Connected: Glass. (Both in the same place, so you only really get to use one of them)
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How rare is rare? You can take the Regretful Soldier (and probably others, I only remember him because he’s the one I took) with you to the Elder Continent in “Flint”, but I’m not sure if he counts as a rare quality.

Calendar Code has an option for when you’ve completed Lost in Reflections.

The Finishing School also has an option for when you’ve completed The Gift.

In a certain path of Where You & I Must Go you can meet someone from The Waltz that Moved the World. No qualities are actually used, so it’s up to you whether you want to include this or not.

Televangelist: you can delete those &quotedited by…&quot notes at the end when editing your OP. It looks terrible when they add up that way ;)
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I wouldn’t call that rare… but Silas is, thanks for reminding me. :)

While not an exceptional story, it may be noteworthy to point out that the story element to the extension to the Labyrinth of Tigers has an option that you can be locked out of, requiring having finished A Trade in Souls on either path, as well as having finished the Regretful Soldier’s story in The House of Chimes.

Funny story, I actually only bought A Trade in Souls because I thought the Regretful Soldier’s story came with it.
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The Finishing School has two options depending on “The Gift” (one for each ending).
The Last Dog Society has an option depending on the Galatea-ending of “The Gift”.
The Seven-Day Reign has some options depending on “A Long-Lost Daughter” and “An Inconvenient Aunt”.

Not an Exceptional Story, but The Gift has a very small impact if you have the Acquaintance of the Captivating Princess.

Posted all updates added so far! Interesting, seems like there either aren’t many of these in the more recent Exceptional Stories or people just aren’t as aware of them…

The Fourth Coil has a tie-in with Flute Street, if that counts. There is a beast that can be caught in Flute Street and then bred in the Labyrinth.

Frequently Deceased has a bit where you can use the Starveling Cat / Exquisite Toy / Broken Toy. I am not sure if it is rare enough for the list, but the Starveling Cat is too funny to not mention.

And Hand of Glory

There is a bit in the Fate-locked Mysteries of the Foreign Office unlocked by completing Hojotoho. I encouraged the Valkyrie to stay with the Ringbreakers, and I believe there’s a piece of Hojotoho-linked Foreign Office content for the other ending as well.

All Exceptional Stories require a special quality: An Exceptional Friend.

[quote=Tystefy]All Exceptional Stories require a special quality: An Exceptional Friend.[/quote]If we’re being pedantic, the correct quality is &quotAn Episode for Exceptional Friends&quot. ;) I don’t remember if that appears for Fate-purchased stories, but all seriousness aside, take the upvote.

While we’re being pedantic, &quotAn Episode for Exceptional Friends&quot indicates what ES teaser storylet is currently available and whether you’ve played it yet. You don’t need to be an EF to have that quality.
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Thank you. I couldn’t quite remember if that was the case.

Could you or anyone else PM me where said bit can be found? I have long been allied with the Teeth and can’t find anything of the sort. Or do you see it only the first time you buy the Fate-locked Foreign Office content? Only thing I got is a (quite good) new option on the Urchins card…

Can we revive this thread? I’m on hold with many ES and lost track of/if any qualities are used.

But today, found out that February’s ES: Cricket Anyone has an option for SotC 21. Are there any other ES that have these kind of requirements besides the ones listed?