Where is the Pirate Poet?

Theres an option in Gaider’s mourn now to hear rumours of a pirate poet. It says she crews an alcaeus class corvette and sails around some lonely seas, though no specifics on where.

I’ve now revealed the whole world map, and sunk many an alcaeus class vessel, but i’ve never met this poet. What’s going on there?

If you pick up the merciless modiste at Mount Palmerston and progress her storyline past polythreme, she will take you to London to pick up an item used to summon the pirate poet, assuming you have the content unlocked from backing at the appropriate kickstarter level (as the pirate poet is dlc, and dlc that isn’t for sale as of yet). You then use the item at zee and the poet appears.

Her potential spawn points in the dlc are Demeaux (Demeaux Island), the Promised Sea (Fathomking’s hold), the Rattsey (Nuncio), the Sea of Voices (Polythreme), Stamford’s Expanse (Isle of cats/visage), Stonesoul (Salt lions). If you save in one of those tiles and just exit to title screen and reload a bunch of times I think that’s enough to get her to spawn at random eventually if you want to brute force it instead of doing the quest in london or running into her naturally.

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Are there plans to make the Pirate Poet content generally accessible at some point?

What storyline? ive talked to her a bit, and she can make outfits for me, i’ve not seen any hint of a storyline progressing beyond that though. the outfit making seems to be repeatable and doesn’t lead anywhere except more stats (which is nice)

The Kickstarter promised that all dlc would be backer exclusive for a minimum of 6 months. The pirate poet dlc was released September 4th, 2015. So at earliest this content could be available for general purchase sometime in March 2016, but who can say what FBG’s release schedule for this will actually be since they are going to be pretty busy with a lot of other things early next year.

I hope they do offer it for sale - it’s really rather good and I’d like to see everyone able to play it!

What storyline? ive talked to her a bit, and she can make outfits for me, i’ve not seen any hint of a storyline progressing beyond that though. the outfit making seems to be repeatable and doesn’t lead anywhere except more stats (which is nice)[/quote]
Interact with her a bunch and she’ll eventually ask to go to polythreme. Possibly she has already asked this and you just haven’t been there yet to continue the story? But yeah, you go there and then to London. The DLC adds the museum of mistakes to London. You may also need to use titlescreen options, manage account, and make sure you are logged into your account with the dlc access and that the game lists your appropriate meta quality in the account settings.
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i bought the game just after it went on steam, while it was in early access. Is it likely that i have the dlc, or not? Is there any way to check?

I think if you got it in early access, you’ll get it for free as soon as it’s for sale. But if you aren’t a kickstarter backer, you can’t get it yet.

This is correct. Early access participants do get the doc for free, however they have to wait for it to be available for general sale before they can get it. Basically you will have to check back in March.

To check if you have the dlc installed, you have to check the game files in appdata to see if you have a folder called addon which would contain a folder called pirate poet dlc. More detailed instructions on how to find your addon folder can be found on the failbetter blog in an article on how to mod sunless sea.

Any update on when/if this DLC will become available? I would buy this day one.

I love the game, but I’m slightly annoyed that it so prominently features “rumors of” something that doesn’t actually exist. As much as I like the Merciless Modiste, the first part of her story shouldn’t be visible if the rest of it isn’t there even to people who would be willing to pay for it.

Come on Devs, can’t I get some kind of reply?

The development don’t read everything on the forums, and what they do end up reading is not immediate. There has not been any official update, but the Cladery Heart FL-side DLC was released a month or so ago. Due to vague wording Failbetter may be waiting until all backer-exclusive DLC is given out before opening it for sale.

The silence is deafening. Sigh… I was hoping they could at least say they would release it when Zubmariner was done. I take this to mean simply that there are no plans to sell it right now. I think they are missing an opportunity but what do I know?

Considering Zubmariner doesn’t have an official release date yet, I’d say it’s safe to say they wouldn’t announce plans to release the backer DLC yet either. From what I’ve gathered there are plans to sell the various DLC eventually when they aren’t swamped with working on Zubmariner and the FL iOS app and such.

Official word on the matter.

Any update on this, now the Zubmariner DLC is out?

I asked them in August when they announced the Oct 11 release date for Zubmariner if they would release the Pirate poet DLC around that time or at least have news. Sadly, they said no, but they still plan to release it in the future. At least now I have all of Zubmariners new stuff to play with.

Any update on when this DLC might become available?