Where is the end game?

The game is no longer challenging for me. Except for Shadowy, all of my stats are at the max, so almost nothing does not have a 100% chance of success. I actually just found 5 Eyeless Skulls and sold them, but even that had almost no effect on my overall stats. I even have 2 Mood cards in my hand because there is nothing to use them on. Clearly, there is suppose to be some zone I am meant to go to now, but I have no idea what it is. Anyone have any advice?

The game isn’t over yet. The completion of your Ambition will be an “end game”, to a certain degree - but those won’t be complete until another update is released.

There is no &quotzone&quot to go to once your stats reach a certain threshold. You are in the late-game right now as opposed to the endgame, as besides going North, there is no permanent end or conclusion to Fallen London. Being able to 100% most challenges in the game is not a sign of being overpowered; it’s a reward for persistence. As we saw with the reworks in 2017, FL is in a constant state of development, and new content will presumably continue to be added. The conclusion to the ambitions will probably add some sort of end to the game, but they are still in their (ante?)penultimate stage. I would recommend enjoying the fruits of your labors, and grinding for something cool, like an Overgoat, Scholar of the Correspondence to 21, or Poet-Laureate.

Set a personal goal for yourself. Acquire and place something truly exceptional on your mantle.

Just don’t pick Dubious Testimonies. That’s for me.


(I wouldn’t recommend it, though.)

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Going North ends the game. It isn’t really an endgame.

It is an end game. And a very nice one (three ?).

You could go north and turn back?

There is no permanent endgame. At your point most decide to go for some personal, player-made achievement. The only alternative is to Seek the Name and go North, but who would want to do that?[li]

A reckoning is not to be postponed indefinitely.

Apparently it is now possible to become a Paramount Presence by, among other things, getting all your stats to 215.