Where art thou Regretful Soldier?

I have recently come across a storylet requiring an acquaintance, namely the Regretful Soldier. Now I’ve come across the card unlocking this several times, but have untill recently not prioritised my persuasive skill, therefore havn’t had the chance to get to know him. Now however the card doesn’t seem to come anymore (even while I’m in Watchmakers Hill) and I’m afraid it’s because my dangerous skill is now too high (111), so that even with -24 to dangerous the card remains under the cap for my dangerous cards…

Does anyone know the aproximately how low your skill has to get the card and are there alternative ways of getting to know the Regretful Soldier, if I have missed the card completely?

I believe there is no cap to get the regretful soldier, but he does only appear in Watchmaker’s Hill. I picked him up with Dangerous around 100, though it took me several days worth of opportunity card flipping.

He’s jolly rare, but he’ll turn up.

That’s a relief, I’ve been looking for days and was beginning to fear that my search was in vain.

I was introduced to him at the House of Chimes, when I was an Exceptional Friend for a bit. There’s also an extra storyline there with him, though be warned you do need to use fate to play the end of it!

Today I was lucky and bumped into him while on my way home from Watchmakers Hill. We waisted no time, but went straight to the House of Chimes, where, fortunately, we are both welcome guests. He does tell the most haunting stories, I was quite captivated, though I’m not sure how I’ll get to sleep tonight.

I scrolled too fast when playing and accidentally terminated my friendship with this gentleman. Does anyone know of a way I can be reintroduced? There is no option at the House of Chimes, presumably as I have already paid fate and completed the storyline there; if I card flip at Watchmaker’s Hill, will I eventually get an opportunity card?

I’ve accidentally ended my Acquaintances with all of Fallen London’s notables at one time or another. The cards always come back though so you can easily start again.

I have attempted to find the Regretful Soldier on the House of Chimes without success, all the options related to him are locked as he is not my acquaintance yet.

Any clues on how to obtain him? I’m willing to spend fate for it. I accidentally dismissed his card back when i was at the Hill and now I miss the opportunities that it would bring.

EDIT: Ironically, hours after I posted this I stumbled across him on the Hill.
edited by Edwin Blackmane on 4/12/2012

I managed to somehow miss the Wry Functionary. Where am I supposed to look for him, and is it not too late to do so with 130 in every stat?

I met the Wry Functionary when I was sending letters back and forth to the Shuttered Palace. His acquaintance is a rare success, I think.

Thank you, blast-fantastic and Edwin - I hung out at the Hill and picked him up just now.

Lawrence - what Edwin said! It’s a rare success, so you do need to try a few times.

Is there any way to reclaim the music hall singer as an acquaintance past watchful 80 when not on the light fingers ambition?

There’s a set of cards that unlocks much later on- Persusasive 105 or so.

I formed a friendship with the Functionary over a card game if I remember correctly

Indeed, the Functionary can also be met over a card game with deep amber stakes, but I believe that opportunity disappears when you’ve outgrown the stats cap. Fortunately, you can always write missives to him at Veilgarden.

I did receive an invitation from him after writing thirty six letters. Thank you very much for directing me to this exceptional opportunity!

Absolutely, in the investigation you can do in the early years of Ladybones, I called the Brass Embassy down, and never met the singer’s acquitance, and since i’m a Marvelous player I of course never got the Ambition that allowed you to befriend her.

Although I found, when you work your way up to higher persuasive ([color=#ffffff]over 105[/color]ish]), they’ll be an opportunity card which allows you to meet and befriend her. So relax, and continue to work on your silver tongue and eventually a whole batch of opportunities with her will arrive.

Are we sure that there’s no level of Dangerous too high to make this appear? It’s just unspeakably rare? I’ve been flipping cards exclusively in Watchmaker’s Hill for quite some time, and have yet to meet this gentleman. It’s getting very frustrating, and I’d hate to think I have some quality or other outstanding issue that will mean he never shows up.

Let’s just say that it took me fewer card flips to acquire a Salt-Weasel than to meet the Regretful Soldier.