Where art thou Regretful Soldier?

Let’s just say that it took me fewer card flips to acquire a Salt-Weasel than to meet the Regretful Soldier.[/quote]

Well, I don’t have a Salt Weasel either…or any of the rare pets for that matter.

However, some kindly rattus faber who was chewing on the wires of the Internet must have seen my post, taken pity on me, and slipped in a card for me, because mere seconds ago I finally managed to stumble across the Regretful Soldier. As this was just after I had given up wearing a Ridiculous Hat and other Dangerous-marring items just in case I had been over some kind of limit, I can now report that at the very least Dangerous 132 is not too high for meeting him. Thank you, helpful rat.

Like others in this thread, I have the same sad tale to tell: I ended my acquaintance with the Regretful Soldier months ago, just to see what would happen, and now I deeply regret (ho ho!) having done so. Despite spending the past five days flipping cards only when in Watchmaker’s Hill, I have yet to see the card which would allow us to become reacquainted (woe woe!).

This post is an example of magical thinking. I’m hoping that simply saying he hasn’t reappeared will cause him to reappear.
edited by Tea Biscuit on 8/31/2012

I’ve bumped him up a notch in frequency. Because it’s Friday, and I love you.

And I love you. :)

A question in regards to the chance to have such singular encounters as meeting the Regretful Soldier. Does it make a difference where the card is generated face down as well as where I turn it over or just where I turn it over?

For example, let’s say that I’m engaged in ahem extra-theatrical activities in Mahogany Hall and see that a card has become available since I have been…busy. If I travel to Watchmaker’s Hill to turn over the card, is there a chance that it will be a run in with the Regretful Soldier or would I have had to have been at Watchmaker’s Hill arguing over literature when the card became available?

P.S.- Nigel, if the Regretful Soldier is still bumped up a notch in frequency I will praise your name unto the Heavens. :)

Just where you turn it over, I believe. They’re only potential cards until you collapse the waveform and actualise them by drawing them.