What's the point of the Rat Market now?

I know it’s not supposed to be economical anymore (and it sure isn’t!) but like… what’s the point now? You can’t even grind mirrorcatch boxes there in the mid lategame now???

Once you hit the point where the niche uses of the 312 echo items have been met like what’s left to use it for now? This is a genuine question as I quite enjoyed the rat market and would ideally like to find some new use for it.

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You still could sell your items here with good profit margin. Just not as much as before.
It might be the best source of Tears (which you need awful lot for some achievements).
It might be the most efficient source of Justificande coins (for railway builders), albeit a random one.
Other than that… hard to tell right now.


Oh fun! So when I liquidated all the 4th city coins I grinded for a Noman tattoo, I was completely wasting them. And no one told me.

(…I’m genuinely baffled by this particular move by the devs. NO ONE complained about the Rat Market as it existed. It was fine. But now because of drastic and wholly unasked for intervention an obscene number of players were screwed out of months & months of effort.)

Could you provide even single example? People lost no ingame value. They just were forced to convert through bone market (or other means) rather than Diamonds.


No one said that Tears would no longer be buyable or that Fourth City Echoes would no longer be sellabe. That was only said about Fabulous Diamonds and Crackling Devices. So I’m not sure what someone would have “told you”

I definitely have heard at least one person complain that every grind is either Ratket-based or deliberately suboptimal. Waiting for a rare cash-out week is not exactly a fun mechanic


What about the Rat Market being set to close/change dramatically, and then declaring open season on cashing in everything you ever saved for it… implies that you should keep saving?

Clearance sale reads as: going out of business. Act now.

Waiting for a rare cash-out week is not exactly a fun mechanic

…And you realize what game we’re talking about, right?


They… were very clear in both the blog and on the forums, which you’re active on. I’m sorry you got screwed but this one’s definitely a little bit of a reading comprehension issue, not them not communicating well.

This is what I keep coming back to. You aren’t wrong, but also like… there’s a lot about this game that’s grindy and for a lot of us the grind is fun and rewarding! I kinda think Thoon said it best there.


If the grind is fun and rewarding, to what part of the grind do you refer? The crunch? The navigation? The number going up? The particular storylet when you get told to wash your feet?
Everything is still available in the game.
And don’t get me wrong, I also don’t understand the reasoning for the changes that were implemented. Or I don’t see how the changes help to reach the outlined vision for the rat market. I understand the outrage about the changes even less, though…
But maybe that’s a me-problem. Don’t understand a lot of things these days.

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I know that :p I’m just saying that for me removing an extremely crunchy mechanic because it’s “not exactly a fun mechanic” falls flat as reasoning since like… no, it’s not objectively fun, but there’s plenty of people who did enjoy it for what it was.

I’m not even saying it should have stayed that way tbh. I just think that’s really flimsy reasoning.

my opinion as a neutral “never used ratmart” party is that your both making good points and that I’m glad your being communicative instead of arguing angerly, but that while I think the ratmart update was not at all well hundled, it was kinda necessary. Do I have much ground to stand on about this? No, as said I didn’t use ratmart, so please do take m opinion with multiple grains of salt. However, as someone who enjoys “sub-optimal” grinds and values verity, I certainly don’t enjoy the idea that all optimal grinds are ratmart grinds.

So in conclusion, my personal stance: neutral.

I mean that’s kinda bullshit buddy. There’s still optimal grinds. They’re just incredibly tedious, boring, require a specific profession and don’t cycle every week now. Like spider pope needed a nerf. Brass lollipops need a nerf. Rat market maybe needed a rework but the idea that it somehow got rid of optimal grinds and made suboptimal grinds better is unfortunately very false. If it had I’d be VERY in favor of the rework.

Again though, like the grind diversity SUCKS right now. Like REALLY badly tbh. There needs to be some reworking done for sure on a lot of this, not just the Rat Market.

But honestly none of that was even what I was asking, haha, I just wanted to know what a reliable use for Rat Market is now that it’s changed so drastically. I thought the new grind might be for early to mid lategame players to get mirrorcatch boxes but apparently not!


…but you can just get one easily from ranting about light/darkness in the first GHR station, no? That’s how I got mine.

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I know nothing about this but eventually you end up needing a good deal of them. Jericho Locks is great for it, once you have resources to trade there readily available, but it doesn’t combo with quality grinds (especially for Docks favours/renown).

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Like… can’t you just sit there and adjust the lighting by making impassioned speechs for Light and Beauty untill you get enough rare success?

That’s a card based grind, so it’s not as easy as all that, and on top of that, the rare success is really rare, like 1-2 percent probability rare. Combine that with the card based randomnesss, and it can easily take days to get one Mirrorcatch Box. Also, the first railway station is still not even approaching Early-Midgame.


Ohhh, okay, yeah, that explains that, thank you and sorry.

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I got all my Mirrorcatch boxes from Waswood, had to use up a lot of actions.

I do remember at the Rat Market you can occasionally get filled Mirrorcatch boxes of a certain hue once in a while, cost 3125 Rat Shillings.

Regarding diamonds, I suggest that an opportunity card for a gem trader, similar to the Wine trader, be added to the deck:

I am not sure if the price of various other consumables on the Rat Market’s Bazaar changed after the update. For example, a Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits cost 60 Rat Shillings now.

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Right; this was changed though. That’s what I thought the new for funsies rat grind might be, but you now need to have mirrorcatch boxes and you simply pay the fee to have the box filled with the hue on offer which… I’m not gonna lie, I kindof hate!

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So you kind of just went off of vibes instead of words? That’s fine I guess, but you can’t claim that no one told you how much of your stuff would be redeemable at full pre-change value, because they did.

And specifically Fourth-City Echoes, since they already had a bonus of 0%, couldn’t possibly have lost value because of the new bonus cap.


I sold some items in new ratket. Got usual ~30% profit margin (organza and rel things), plus it does not cost actions anymore. What is strange, only limit I see in qualities is 8000 Echoes is items sold to ratket. Is that hard limit they were talking about? Or soft limit for +30% profit?